1. C

    NVIDIA PNY T1000 8GB GPU, 40G Mellanox ConnectX-3, 2x Dell Precision 3650 Workstations (GPU compatible + In Warranty!)

    Dell Precision 3650 Tower Workstation $1200 quantity: 2 8 core Xeon W-1370 / 24GB DDR4 / 256GB NVME with Windows 10 + 12TB HDD + **Dell warranty** valid through **3/09/2025** (see bottom for more specs) Buy both $2350 NVIDIA PNY T1000 8GB $375 quantity: 1 Plays Elden Ring on Ultra at 1080...
  2. Z

    WTB: Dell Precision 3550 / 3551 Laptops

    Looking to buy a few for my startup, (i7, 1080p) Dell Precision 3550 / 3551 or newer 3560. Thanks!
  3. K

    FS: 128GB PC3-12800R, Skreens, Dell T7910 Workstation + More.

    I am cleaning up the house a bit to support some new upgrades, so I have the following items for sale, I'll post them on ebay in a week or so if there is no interest here. $4900 - Dell Precision T7910 Workstation (extremely quiet) - Dual E5-2650 v3 (2x 10 Core 2.3GHz Processors w/ HT) - 64GB...
  4. J

    Dell Precision T5600 - $565 used - good deal?

    Hi! Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I am considering getting a used Dell Precision T5600. It has 2x E5-2670 and 32GB ram. It has no hdd or ssd, as I want to get that myself anyway. I have been quoted $565 as the best they can do. Does that sound like a decent price? -J