1. L

    Minisforum MS-01 PCIe Transfer Rate With Nvidia RTX A4000AFF GPU

    With a Nvidia RTX A4000AFF GPU installed, Debian 12 is reporting this in the boot log: Does anyone have a suggested fix for this issue? Below are some PCIe data.
  2. M

    Nvidia CMP 100HX (CMP100-210) Tensor cores working?

    On the Nvidia CMP 100HX or the other name CMP100-210 12Gb are the tensor cores disabled or not? I want to use it as an accelerator for LLM (mistral 7b medium uncensored), and it is much more usable if those cores are not fused out. It is only 12Gb but with hbm2. Have anyone any info about theese...
  3. B

    2 x Nvidia M60 to one Win10 VM, respectively to one Linux VM possible?

    Hi guys, is this kind of thing possible? Why? For rendering, mechanical models in Solidworks (etc), CFD modelling, I would like to have two of there or similar babes teamed up and smashing the waiting time.... Also why? I got one PowerEdge R730(2U) as a gift from my last employer a while ago...
  4. U

    Automotive A100 SXM2 for FSD? (NVIDIA DRIVE A100)

    I recently found a new A100 listing on eBay. The fact that it really does appear to be an SXM2 model is what really caught my eye (plus the very cheap price for an A100). Has anyone heard of this? The PCIe DRIVE A100's documented on TechPowerUp so I wonder if anybody's tried this before on any...
  5. M


    NVIDIA RTX A5000 24GB 4DP Graphic Video Card for sale. In a good condition, no major or notable physical defects/damages. Performs great as well. Price: 1000 USD / 1400 CAD Shipping: free local pickup (Canada / Toronto), 100 CAD for Canada and 150 USD for the US. Payment method: cash for local...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] RTX2070 not detected on Supermicro X9SRL-F

    Hello, I have been trying to get the RTX2070 to work on my server. No luck so far. Graphics card doesn't show on lspci. I have a clean install of Proxmox on spare ssd for testing purposes. UEFI boot is enabled. Tested also with Ubuntu live. Specs: -Supermicro X9SRL-F (currently latest BIOS...
  7. A

    [SOLD] Supermicro CSE-847 36-bay chassis, SAS3+4x NVME, 1k28w SQ PSU, X10DRH-CT mb, 2x E5-2640V4 CPUs (20/40 cores), 256gb ECC DDR4, & more

    Proof: I present to you, the beast! I am downsizing with my 2nd child on the way. This has been lightly used in a homelab environment, running 24/7 for the past ~2 years. The noise is surprisingly good with this having all aftermarket fans and quiet PSU. Still gets good static pressure. I had...
  8. Z

    US - WTB: DDR4 ECC - 2666 or better 32GB dimms

    Looking for 1-2TB+ of 32GB DRR4 ECC 2666 or better. DM what you got and prices. Please have 128gb or more available, bulk if possible. Shipping to Michigan - 49002 zip.
  9. P

    First time help

    Let's start by saying that if I'm in the wrong forum please let me know so I can ask this question in the right place. This is the first time building a home server and I would like it to be a file server, plex, and home assistant machine. Is there an OS that would best be suited for this...
  10. C

    NVIDIA PNY T1000 8GB GPU, 40G Mellanox ConnectX-3, 2x Dell Precision 3650 Workstations (GPU compatible + In Warranty!)

    Dell Precision 3650 Tower Workstation $1200 quantity: 2 8 core Xeon W-1370 / 24GB DDR4 / 256GB NVME with Windows 10 + 12TB HDD + **Dell warranty** valid through **3/09/2025** (see bottom for more specs) Buy both $2350 NVIDIA PNY T1000 8GB $375 quantity: 1 Plays Elden Ring on Ultra at 1080...
  11. pututu

    Closed. WTB [US-CA]: Nvidia Tesla P100 PCIE

    Got one. Thanks. Looking to get one Tesla P100 PCIE version. Either 12GB or 16GB version is fine. Please send me an offer. Estimated price: $350 obo. Thanks. PS. Pls no ebay links.
  12. K

    VMWare ESXI - Ubuntu Server 20.04.03 with RTX3070 - GPU Passthrough broken

    I have an EPYC/Supermicro server build with the below specs running ESXi 7.0 U2 and have been using GPU pass through to provide a 3070 to my Ubuntu Server VM. This has worked flawlessly for about 6 months until a few days ago when the GPU spontaneously is no longer recognized by the Nvidia...
  13. L

    NVIDIA A6000 vs A40

    Hey everyone, I am just about to order some new GPU servers and am faced with the choice whether to get the 8 * A40, or 8 * A6000 in a 4U server chassis instead. Has anyone of you got any experience comparing the two for such 8 GPU builds? Is there an inherent advantage of one over the other in...
  14. L

    Mellanox (NVIDIA) NIC reliability & support contracts

    I generally buy Intel NICs but am looking to buy some ConnectX-5 NICs (new, not EBay) for the first time for use in a new TrueNAS box. While the Intel NICs have "limited lifetime" warranties and unlimited access to firmware/software updates, it appears the ConnectX cards only have a 1 year...
  15. T

    AI/Deep Learning/Machine Learning/HPC Build

    Hi all, I am interested in building a workstation or server that can tackle the above tasks and have a few GPUs knocking about. I have read numerous guides online, but most tend to advocate GTX/RTX and desktop hardware etc. I am in a relatively uncommon situation as I am an IT broker (primarily...
  16. C

    GPU Support X8DTI-F

    Hi All, New to the forum pages here, so I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I currently have an X8DTI-F board with two intel x5660's and about 40 or so GiB of ram running FreeNas. I was looking to add a Tesla K10 for video encoding/plex streaming, but couldn't find support for the...
  17. L

    2-Slot NVLink Bridges for 8 * RTX 2080Ti DL Server

    Hi All, I am currently thinking about adding SLI-Bridges to an 8 RTX2080 Ti build in a Supermicro SuperServer 4028GR-TR for deep learning applications. NVLink bridges available for the RTX series only come in a 3/4-slot spacing, which is too wide in a server setting. Looking at the NVLink...
  18. B

    Renewing my DL hardware.

    Hi fellas. I'm in the process of renewing my deep learning hardware, and particularly the GPUs. My host machine has 40 x16 lanes and 3 slots in 16x/16x/8x, so I think I will leave it untouched. Presently, I work with two 1080TIs. Now, to achieve a good price/perf ratio when it comes to buy...
  19. T

    Rack server for machine learning - multi-user GPUs

    Hi, I have built and used successfully a home server for machine learning with two GeForce GTX 1060 (6Gb)s. I am now looking to invest in a rack server to run some models and research further, but I am quite stuck. In general, does anyone have a suggestion for a mid/low-range rack server of...
  20. Patrick

    8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB PCIe Monero Mining Speed

    Since we already did the NVIDIA Tesla P100 16GB SXM2 Monero mining speed, I figured I would burn-in the 8x Tesla V100 system for 15 minutes with this before benchmarking. Using the same Docker container for both. Here are the results. [2019-01-06 02:11:22] accepted (153/0) diff 100001 (65 ms) |...