1. O

    Home/Garden WiFi

    Hello, I am new to networking and want to learn more and heard you help with that stuff here? I am looking to install wifi in to my garden, but I am not sure what to use. I would like something that can work in conjunction with an AP inside my house as well. I was looking at Ubiquiti airMAX...
  2. T

    Wifi ac router with 8port gigabit POE/POE+

    Hi! Does somebody know such wifi router? -8port gigabit POE/POE+ with 802.11ac wifi with external antenna connector I know, i can do this with 2 separate device, i looking for "one chasis" solution.
  3. F

    Wireless networking with seamless handoff

    Hi all, I have a house where the router is located in the basement, and there is a big slab of concrete above it, so we don't get good signal on the first and second floor. As a stopgap measure, I've set up a Powerline network with spare equipment that I had laying around. It works, but it has...
  4. sfbayzfs

    Ubiquiti access points 15% off at Newegg for newsletter subscribers!

    Coupon code for subscribers only: EMCXEEX26 While 15% isn't amazing, there was discussion of how higher end Ubiquiti APs such as the UAP-AC-HD sell for almost new prices in the FS/WTB area, so this is a good chance to snag some APs at a good price, especially since the higher end ones don't get...
  5. I

    Small pfSense compatible box w/ wifi

    As an experiment, I set up a pfSense VM in ESXi 6.5 to connect an isolated virtual network to my server's NIC. It worked very well for that purpose, and I eventually started using it as an OpenVPN endpoint. Now I'd like to ditch my Linksys E4200 for a small, dedicated pfSense box that can act as...
  6. M

    Wireless (WiFi) Access Point Rec?

    I'm in the market for a wireless access point, looking for some recommendations. First, I only need an access point, not a full-on router. Routing duties are handled by a separate pfSense system. This is for residential home use. I try to do wired whenever possible, certainly for anything...
  7. U


    Hi everyone, We want to update our post and provide $100 discount on the 64GB LTE Chrombook to everyone. Happy holidays! Deal #1 NEW 2013 FACTORY REFURBISHED GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK PIXEL 12.85" DUAL CORE 1.8GHZ I5 4GB DDR3 32GB SSD WIFI CHROME OS! *Intel Core i5-3427U processor (Dual Core 1.8GHz)...
  8. M

    Need to control Bara-metal ESXi from Wi-Fi

    Hello, I am planning to create a home lab on my PC. My plan is to install a bara-metal Virtualization OS(e.g. ESXI or XenServer) on my PC and try to control them from my laptop via Wi-Fi. The Problem that I do not want to use any physical switches, I want to create a hotspot from the PC to...