1. M

    WiFi Planning and Optimization on the Cheap?

    I currently have Ubiquiti wireless in my house, two WAPs: U6-Pro and AC-Pro. The controller is running on a Proxmox LXC container. Everything works fine as far as I can tell. However, I stumbled across this thread, Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative? and got a bad case of upgrade-itis...
  2. C

    WiFi add-in for AMD workstation

    I am putting together a workstation based on the ASUS Pro WS WRX90E-SAGE SE (Threadripper 7000 Pro). The board does not have WiFi on-board, but the end user is wanting to use WiFi. I am finding a variety of options on the internet, but I have some uncertainty regarding compatibility, and what...
  3. ViciousXUSMC

    Best WAP right now that is not super over priced with modern tech (Wifi 6e or 7)

    My never ending network journey. The one part I keep upgradding the most is my wireless access points. Of everything I have had so far, my favorite/best has been the Ruckus R510 and Ruckus R710. They had amazing signal quality, performance, management, etc. I recently sold both my R710 ($45...
  4. M

    cisco 1850,2800,3800 domain B (US) on E (Europe)

    It seems these APs in B domain is considerably cheaper than E domain, even including shipping costs and customs tax. I am trying to understand the difference (only indoor use), in terms of legal use of RF bands. Looking at wikipedia : For 2.4 Ghz: B (north america) does not allow channels 12...
  5. bryan_v

    [FS] 3x Wifi6 4x4 TP-Link AP with 2.5GbE PoE uplink - $175/unit

    Selling my sealed 3 TP-Link EAP660 HD Access Points. Never ended up installing them and moving to a smaller house. Price: $175 USD SHIPPED per unit (or pickup in Downtown Toronto) Power: PoE or included AC Adapter Uplink: 2.5 GbE Antennas: 4x4 Standard: 802.11ax Business/Enterprise Grade More...
  6. Vidmo

    [FS] Ubiquiti UniFi products, (2) UniFi AC HD, (1) UniFi nanoHD

    Making some upgrades to the home network and selling the below. All in excellent working condition and have been de-provisioned, set back to factory defaults. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD...
  7. A

    Ruckus R750 ZoneFlex Access Point 901-R750-WW00 $449.99

  8. N

    Whitelisted WiFi card for Thinkcentre M900

    I have same i5 6500T Thinkcentre M900 like in this article. https://www.servethehome.com/lenovo-thinkcentre-m900-tiny-project-tinyminimicro-guide It came without WiFi card, can you recommend me which card model I can install in it other than "Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260" that comes...
  9. R

    Enterprise wifi APs - API access to logs or current hooked up devices?

    I was trying to help a guy out with his new Enterprise setup, that he wants for a 150 people office. I now have way more info so posted a more correct post, apologies! A pro will set up the router and all the Wifi APs for him, once the brand is chosen. They are considering using Cisco...
  10. Z


    Open box MIST AP41. Got it from going to a IT conference and have no use for it as we are all CISCO. FS: $SOLD USA only
  11. A

    FS: Ubiquiti Unifi Stuff - 2x US‑48‑500W, 2x UAP‑AC‑HD, 2x UAP-IW-HD, US-8-150W, 2x UAP-AC-M

    Making some changes to the home network and selling the below. Located in SE PA 19067 - close to Princeton, NJ and Philadelphia. Willing to travel a bit to meet part way. Shipping is possible, but prefer local. Items: [Sold] Qty 2 US‑48‑500W 48 Port 500W POE Switch...
  12. M

    WiFi connetion for ESXi 6.x/7.x

    as above. due to cabling constraints, my server can only connect to the internet via WiFi (currently an Intel 8260AC). - Can I use my current setup to setup ESXi 6.x/7.x (not the workstation edition) - OR maybe I need something like this? (DAP‑1522 - Xtreme N Duo Wireless N Access Point) I'll...
  13. R

    WiFi card compatibility with HP T630

    I have an HP T630 thin client, although it doesn't come with a WiFi card, the specs published on HP's site say that the machine is compatible with the following cards WiFi/Bluetooth combo cards: - Intel 8260 - Intel 3168 I was wondering whether it is possible to use it with newer cards, such as...
  14. O

    Home/Garden WiFi

    Hello, I am new to networking and want to learn more and heard you help with that stuff here? I am looking to install wifi in to my garden, but I am not sure what to use. I would like something that can work in conjunction with an AP inside my house as well. I was looking at Ubiquiti airMAX...
  15. T

    Wifi ac router with 8port gigabit POE/POE+

    Hi! Does somebody know such wifi router? -8port gigabit POE/POE+ with 802.11ac wifi with external antenna connector I know, i can do this with 2 separate device, i looking for "one chasis" solution.
  16. F

    Wireless networking with seamless handoff

    Hi all, I have a house where the router is located in the basement, and there is a big slab of concrete above it, so we don't get good signal on the first and second floor. As a stopgap measure, I've set up a Powerline network with spare equipment that I had laying around. It works, but it has...
  17. sfbayzfs

    Ubiquiti access points 15% off at Newegg for newsletter subscribers!

    Coupon code for subscribers only: EMCXEEX26 While 15% isn't amazing, there was discussion of how higher end Ubiquiti APs such as the UAP-AC-HD sell for almost new prices in the FS/WTB area, so this is a good chance to snag some APs at a good price, especially since the higher end ones don't get...
  18. I

    Small pfSense compatible box w/ wifi

    As an experiment, I set up a pfSense VM in ESXi 6.5 to connect an isolated virtual network to my server's NIC. It worked very well for that purpose, and I eventually started using it as an OpenVPN endpoint. Now I'd like to ditch my Linksys E4200 for a small, dedicated pfSense box that can act as...
  19. M

    Wireless (WiFi) Access Point Rec?

    I'm in the market for a wireless access point, looking for some recommendations. First, I only need an access point, not a full-on router. Routing duties are handled by a separate pfSense system. This is for residential home use. I try to do wired whenever possible, certainly for anything...
  20. U


    Hi everyone, We want to update our post and provide $100 discount on the 64GB LTE Chrombook to everyone. Happy holidays! Deal #1 NEW 2013 FACTORY REFURBISHED GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK PIXEL 12.85" DUAL CORE 1.8GHZ I5 4GB DDR3 32GB SSD WIFI CHROME OS! *Intel Core i5-3427U processor (Dual Core 1.8GHz)...