Enterprise wifi APs - API access to logs or current hooked up devices?

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Mar 2, 2016
I was trying to help a guy out with his new Enterprise setup, that he wants for a 150 people office.

I now have way more info so posted a more correct post, apologies!

A pro will set up the router and all the Wifi APs for him, once the brand is chosen.

They are considering using Cisco, Aruba, Extreme Networks and Ruckus.

One of his demands apart from the usual stuff is that he wants a semi-live overview of the devices hooked up to each wifi AP, to see how many are approximately where in the building, when.


He wants to do this with a REST API calling script that every X seconds calls the wifi APs and gets the MACs hooked up and just counts the unique devices there; He does not care about specific devices, just unique ones at this point in time, so MAC spoofing etc does not matter, but data export via scripts does, GUI is no good.

Ruckus supports REST API access to the wifi APs to get the logs out in a file, if I read this right,


.. _seems_ to be able to do so via XML API, but I could not find the direct "gimme a list of who is hooked up to this (wifi AP) atm"

And then again, a hard no from an Aruba guy,

Extreme Networks,

Looks like it works here,


It's hard to figure out if Cisco can do it, as I found nothing on it on google or their forums.

Someone I talked to said Cisco Prime Infrastructure might be a way and then some long workaround thing, but not direct support as above?


Is this survey correct in assessment and that only EN and Ruckus can provide the needed API export of logs or at least who-is-on-this-AP-atm?