Ubiquiti access points 15% off at Newegg for newsletter subscribers!

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by sfbayzfs, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Coupon code for subscribers only: EMCXEEX26

    While 15% isn't amazing, there was discussion of how higher end Ubiquiti APs such as the UAP-AC-HD sell for almost new prices in the FS/WTB area, so this is a good chance to snag some APs at a good price, especially since the higher end ones don't get discounted much! Newsletter subscribers only, max discount of $100 per order, and it might end sooner than the 17th if too many people use it (usual newegg coupon disclaimers apply)
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    Makes for a good deal on new equipment with Free Shipping and no tax for many. I bought my US-16-XG switch with a similar coupon (10%) from Newegg.
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    Sadly, the UAP-AC-PRO doesn't seem to be included in this sale. The best price new for that is on their ebay store: $120.
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