1. RamGuy

    Dell PowerEdge R610, replacing Dell PERC H700 with something compatible with VMware ESXi 8.x?

    I have a Dell PowerEdge R610 server for LAB usage. As VMware ESXi 6.7 went end-of-life in October 2022, I decided it was time to upgrade. Instead of going with VMware ESXi 7.x I went straight to ESXi 8.x. The upgrade itself wasn't too difficult, have to workaround some unsupported CPU warnings...
  2. G

    Backdoors VMware ESXi servers to hijack virtual machines

    Source: BleepingComputer Link >> New malware backdoors VMware ESXi servers to hijack virtual machines
  3. J

    10G fiber link between VMWare and TrueNAS Scale

    I’m trying to configure a 10Gb fiber link between my two ESX and my TrueNAS Scale. I configured all my IP address correctly (subnet/netmask) but I’m unable to ping the destination interface. As the connection are direct between both machines, vlan is not configured. My first idea is to think my...
  4. John Burns

    Vmug membership group buy

    Cross posting this from Reddit/ William Lam’s blog 2021 VMUG Advantage Community Group Buy They are gauging interest in a bulk purchase of vmug memberships. Benefits include non commercial use VMware licenses, training, etc.
  5. R

    H710 Mini not working ESXi 7.x

    I have this card VMware Compatibility Guide - I/O Device Search Dell 6Gbps SAS HBA Adapter (think its been flashed with IT firmware if that matters) which seems to be having issues in ESXi 7.x . The device and its disks dont seem to be recognized. When I used the vanilla esxi image the card...
  6. A

    Which direction to take on a multiseat setup // VMWare vs Linux

    I am trying to figure out a way to set up 2 seats on one computer. I know it is possible but I have a really hard time to figure out what is the best way for my use case, what are the benefits or what are the trade-off. Here is what I would like to do: a 2 dynamic attribution of resources seats...
  7. Sleyk

    Full List of ALL Unsupported Devices in ESXI/VMware 7.0!

    This guy in England found the whole treasure trove of unsupported devices in the new 7.0. All 735 of them. Full List: ESXi 7.0 Unsupported Hardware You can also read his blog post here: ESXi 7.0: The Unsupported
  8. S

    Is Napp-IT-all-in-one ready for use with ESXi 7?

    Was wondering if anyone has tried running Napp-IT-all-in-one under ESXi 7? (or any ZFS based VM for that matter) Been reading reports of people saying that popular LSI based cards are not longer working in ESXi. Since with Napp-it we run in passthrough mode to the VM and we don't need the...
  9. R

    IBM ServeRAID M5014 / LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i replacement for VMware ESXi 7

    Home server: ASRock H97M Pro4 motherboard IBM ServeRAID M5014 RAID card with LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i 12.15.0-0189 firmware and BBU 4 x 3TB WD Red hard drives in RAID 1+0 2 x 512GB Crucial MX100 SSDs in RAID 1 VMware ESXi 6.7u3 In anticipation of a clean install of ESXi 7, I've picked up another...
  10. J

    vSphere 7.0 and 10Gbe

    I have a homelab setup that consists of a box running FreeNAS serving iSCSI to 2xDL380e Gen8's. I've been using "MT26448 [ConnectX EN 10GigE , PCIe 2.0 5GT/s]" cards, these were ConnectX-2 HP branded single SFP+ port cards. They will not function in ESXi 7.0 as they function as a "legacy"...
  11. Alfa147x

    Affordable 10GbE+ for point to point between two VMware hosts ($100)

    I'm looking for options to connect two VMware ESXi, 6.7.0 machines with the most out of the box compatibility with the host systems. I am considering a Chelsio T520 for 10Gbe but would like to explore any higher throughput options for TCP/IP and vMotion for the same price ($50-100 per card)...
  12. T

    Low Power Storage Solution

    I have a number of LP Dell R630 machines with 2.5" disk slots. I would like to have some shared storage based on the lowest power possible using high capacity spinning drives. My idea was to start with 4 x 2 TB or 4 x 3TB drives since I can't see initial requirement being over this (home lab...
  13. D

    Warning about LSI/Avago/Broadcom controllers (and other hardware) in ESXi

    I have to be careful about what I say here, but if you read between the lines here I think you will understand what I'm getting at: VMware plans to deprecate vmkLinux APIs and associated driver ecosystem - VMware vSphere Blog So anything without a native vSphere driver ***MAY*** not working in...
  14. T

    Occasional OmniOS iSCSI disconnect from VMware

    I use a VM with OmniOS r151024ap and napp-it v. 18.01b as a storage server for a VMware 6.0u3 cluster. Around 30 VMs use 8 iSCSI LUNs for storage. It is mostly very stable, but about twice a year the storage VM stops responding to iSCSI requests from ESXi hosts. After an incident, vmkernel log...
  15. V

    Migrating aging HP workstation to ESXi 6.5U2 for Plex/other-tasks - WWYD?

    Hi guys, I'm needing some help here as I've been putting this project off for way too long. I have a 5+ year old i7 based HP workstation running Windows 10 that I've been using as a catch-all server for all of the random home server tasks that I need. It is running Plex, Milestone Xprotect...
  16. J

    Chelsio T422-CR Half working..

    Hello, (Mods, please move this if in wrong category) I have 2x Chelsio T422-CR NICs installed in my esx hosts. Both hosts are on the same patch level of 6.5. I have installed 6.5 Chelsio T5/T4 VIB and all interfaces appear. I have set both adapters to esxi mode using CLI tool. Now...
  17. AveryFreeman

    Crap iperf3 performance in OmniOS?

    Hey, so I just set up vmxnet3 drivers in OmniOS new install, 151028b on ESXi 6.7U1. Went to test throughput to see what the difference between the E1000 and vmxnet3 drivers were like, so I fired up iperf3 on pfsense as a server, and sent the most basic test from the OmniOS VM as a client...
  18. A

    ZFS 20 x 8TB Mirrored pool (40 drives)

    We are considering a ZFS Storage Server for our VMware VSphere 6.7 Environment. Dell's SAN solutions do not appear to be price competitive. I'm open to other enterprise supported solutions. ZFS provides minimal vender lock-in and gives us a lower cost to expand by adding 24 drive or 60 drive...
  19. svtkobra7

    ESXi Storage Architecture Question [Intel P3700]

    I have a very simple ESXi AIO server functioning as a firewall (pfSense) and storage server (FreeNAS), which also hosts a half dozen or so VMs, and during the winter months it serves as a space heater, too. :) I hopped on a deal last year and bought 2 Sun F40 Flash Accelerators, passed them...
  20. svtkobra7

    VMware Workstation | Guest Isolation

    I have an issue using VMware Workstation that has bothered me for a while (OK, that is an understatement, it drives me nuts), but until a recent "project" required continuous copy / paste from my workstation to VMs accessed via VMware workstation, I never attempted to resolve. So finally I...