Chelsio T422-CR Half working..

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    I have 2x Chelsio T422-CR NICs installed in my esx hosts. Both hosts are on the same patch level of 6.5.

    I have installed 6.5 Chelsio T5/T4 VIB and all interfaces appear.

    I have set both adapters to esxi mode using CLI tool.

    Now after doing this, I have 1 card where Both the 2x 10Gbe Ports work and 2x 1Gbe ports work.

    The other card, both 10GBe light up, but on the ethernet side. one nic is down, the other comes up 100 half.

    Ive checked my switch, done see any errors or ports getting shut down. Verified firmware on both cards, and even upgraded them both.

    Has anyone ever had any experience with these cards? There's quite a lot of CLI stuff that easily could have been set by a P/O. I would like to factory reset the 1 card if possible.



    Also, there are 2 troubleshooting steps I have NOT taken yet, but will later today.

    1. Swap cards between hosts, see if issue follows.
    2. Replace ethernet cables / try different switchport.

    Other than that, any advice would be super appreciated.

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