1. B

    Looking for VM development workstation software combo ideas

    Hi, I've been using a combination of Mint 17 as a host with VirtualBox running my development VM's including my every day Windows 10 workstation that I need for my daily duties at work. The downside I face is my Windows Vm degrades in performance over a matter or 24 to 48 hours, to the point...
  2. Harry P. Nyce

    GPU Passthrough ESXi 6.5 - nVidia Quadro 2000

    So i'm now roughly half a week into my second attempts at troubleshooting GPU passthrough. I've researched information on VMware's site, as well as this great thread: Troubleshooting GPU passthrough ESXi 6.5 Unfortunately, i just cannot seem to figure out where i'm going wrong and was...
  3. Harry P. Nyce

    Update custom (Cisco) ESXi 6.5 image [Exception]

    Please help a neophyte attempting to learn a thing or two about a thing or two, by enabling me to update my ESXi 6.5 custom Cisco image with the latest two (2) patches. Current custom Cisco version: ESXi 6.5.0d (2017-04-18) 5310538 Need these two updates: ESXi 6.5 U1 Express Patch 4...
  4. G

    iSer Driver for VMWare 6.5

    Hello all, Just noticed this on Mellanox site today - iSer driver for VMWare 6.5. http://www.mellanox.com/page/products_dyn?product_family=29 There is a new tab called 'iSer Download'. Seem there's support for ConnectX-3 Eth drivers as well. Thanks Gurvinder
  5. Patrick

    VMware ESXi 6.5u1 with Intel Atom C3000 Series Denverton

    Just tried the latest VMware ESXi 6.5u1 ISO and the VMware-ESXi-6.5U1-RollupISO.iso with the Intel Atom C3000 series "Denverton" using onboard 10GbE: Since U1 was released about three weeks ago, it looks like there is going to be some time where one needs to slipstream new Intel drivers into...
  6. marcoi

    troubleshooting vmware

    Hi All, I been working on my storage for home server. While working on it, i been upgrading vms, patching servers firmware, etc. Now one of main server, my windows server 2012 r2 essentials vm is hanging. Seems fine for a few hours then it just completely hangs. I need to reboot the host to...
  7. T

    VMUG Advantage promo

    Hi all I know here's a number of people related to vmware. I'm about to pull a trigger on VMUG advantage, just because of evalexperience. There's a VMUG meet in Wisconsin, May 25 and I wanna attend it, but I wanna try NSX before that. Job interview coming :) Sooo... Does anyone know where I...
  8. realtomatoes

    Working ESXi on Ryzen

    gents, a user on reddit just managed to boot up ESXi on ryzen. says all he did was disable SMT on bios. appreciate if ryzen owners could confirm that? thread here.
  9. C

    HP ML350e G8 Server - CPU Option Opinions - Should I?

    Hi All, I currently have an HP ML310e G8 and whilst its a good server it is bottlenecked by the fact it only supports 32GB DDR3 UDIMM RAM and I use it as a ESXi host. The processor is a E3-1220 V2 (Quad Core no HT) and I have 2 of these servers running max ram and loaded with 4 x 3TB drives in...
  10. Patrick

    [Workaround] Foreman VMware Provisioning: mac value is blank!

    Had this fun one today where I was provisioning a Ubuntu VM on ESXi as a Rancher node. While provisioning I got an error "mac value is blank!" I still have not fixed this but a workaround seems to be finding the MAC address in a VM and using that. Foreman will recognize the MAC. VMware will PXE...
  11. N

    Playing with NFS4.1 Multipathing on Synology

    When creating a new NFS datastore I noticed that VMware only supports v3 and v4.1. Unfortunately Synology only officially support NFS v4 and not 4.1. I was poking around my syno and the kernal they are using does in fact support 4.1. By making a simple edit I am able to enable this...
  12. U

    Getting HP G7 hardware status to show in vCenter

    Hi all, I've added an HP DL380 G7 to my homelab and installed the latest HP ESXi 6.0 update to the server. Also added it to my vCenter 6.5 appliance. The server shows up and everything looks peachy, however the hardware status tab under Monitoring just shows "No host data available." I can't...
  13. D

    Help setting up vSphere/vCenter Cluster & Vsan

    Hi I've been reading through the website for quite sometime now. and this is my first time joining and posting on this forum. (recommended by someone) I need some help and guidance setting up a vSphere Cluster, im not well verse in Vmware products as this is my first time setting up them. The...
  14. R

    FS (TX): 22U VMware/SmartOS lab

    Thought I would see if anyone was interested in this lab setup before I go to eBay with it. HP/Compaq 22u rack Cisco 2970 - $75 3x Dell R610 II - $250/ea 2x X-series @ 2.8Ghz 96GB SAS6/i (non-RAID) iDRAC Enterprise 1x SMC 2U - $1,000 2x X-series @ 2.8Ghz 48GB On-board LSI is RAID w/ No JBOD...
  15. RandyC

    vSphere 6.5 released.

    VMware Announces General Availability of vSphere 6.5 - VMware vSphere Blog
  16. S

    Wondering if I'm crazy or this VMware setup is possible....?

    To put this question bluntly: I am trying to run an add-to-cart service for a product that is in high demand and low supply. I do not want to outsource proxies and cloud storage/servers to other companies, I rather do it myself. I'm not super experienced with servers but I've taken a CISCO...
  17. marcoi

    Help -setting up 2nd dhcp for vms using pfsense

    I'm currently using sophos UTM home edition for my home network. Being free it has limited 50 IP address. So I'm setting up my home dev esxi box which will have various vms running for work related tasks. I setup pfsense on esxi with two nics. One goes to home network, other is internal switch...
  18. Patrick

    OS X on VMware Workstation 12 Pro

    I purchased VMware Workstation 12 Pro and figured @chune @Marsh @RyC and @T_Minus we could move the discussion from the other thread here.
  19. P

    HCI Servers Build... Starwind VSAN or VMWare vSAN?

    Hey Everyone, I'm hopefully going to build a few HCI node servers, with this chassis: Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 2U | 6028UX-TR4 I'd like to do 3 nodes, hyperconverged with a VSAN software. 2 E5-2680v3 128gb DDR4 2 in RAID 1(Storage Spaces Mirror) Samsung 950 Pro 512gb M.2...
  20. E

    High performance AIO

    I'm currently evaluating the possibility to create a NAS/SAN (iSCSI/NFS) to share between 3 lab servers (all HP ML310e Gen8 v2) with an upcoming 10 Gbps network (ConnectX-2 NIC connected to a shared DLINK DGS-1510-28X). As I would like to have some services "always-on", my goal would be to keep...