1. E

    CSE-847 Fan Noise Woes.

    Finished my upgrade to a CSE-847 thinking I could throw all my disks into one unit, use one MB, and max the ram and be in media storage heaven. Well, I didn't think things though, filled the unit up, turned it on and found the fans screaming their way into my ears. I've tried various...
  2. U


    I have several Supermicro SuperServer 5017C-TF that I would like to consider using to build a simple cluster of 3-4 nodes. It's a long story!! I'd like to try to get this mini-homelab style project working and assess the feasibility quickly, otherwise I'm going to add these servers to the...
  3. S

    Do quiet high pressure fans for a home server exist?

    I've got a full-length 4U server case, so I've got plenty of room to macgyver it and get any size of fans to work somehow, but I need to both create decent suction to pull air over my hot-swap bays and cool what will probably be a big passive AMD EPYC cooler. I can't seem to find anything to...
  4. B

    Replacing PWS-721-R1 Power Supply Fan with a Silent One?

    Hi, Don't know if anyone would know, but is it possible to replace the PWS-721-R1 PSU (in a supermicro case & mobo) with a quieter one? I've attempted shoring pin 17 and it does not seem to be working, so looking to get a quieter fan... but I am not sure if the power supply will allow that - or...
  5. M

    iStarUSA D-400L-7 anyone? Or, yet another 4U chassis recommendation thread

    I've gone back and forth on home server cases more times than I care to admit. Every time I switch I promise myself, this time it's permanent. I haven't kept my promises. :) My current home server is housed in a Supermicro 825 (2U) series chassis. As much as I like SM stuff, there are two...
  6. L

    EU [UK] FS: Supermicro SC836 SuperQuiet Server / X9SCL+-F / 32GB DDR3 ECC (SOLD)

    SOLD. ------------ This is pretty much a perfect FreeNAS file server and has been serving as such reliably in my homelab. Consists of a SC836 case from circa 2008 or so which had everything overhauled a few years back with 4 PIN PWM SuperQuiet fans (FAN-0104L4), a SuperQuiet 920W PSU and...
  7. L

    New 1U pfSense build - Can't decide on hardware

    I'm working on a new pfSense build to replace a SuperMicro 1U D525 build (which of course, doesn't have AES-NI support and will therefore be incompatible with future pfSense releases). I've decided on the SuperMicro SC505-203B as the case because of the front facing I/O. Comes with a PSU...
  8. B

    Quiet Rackmount Server

    I recently got a full 42U rack for my home server and networking and want to replace my existing tower server to a rackmount server. I was initially looking at Dell R7X0 and R5X0 series servers but I have heard some conflicting comments about noise and power consumption. I do not need it...
  9. B

    WTB: 12U Soundproof Quiet Server Rack

    Looking to buy a 12U quiet server rack. I would really like a Ucoustic Active 12U rack, or something that offers similar noise reduction and thermal performance. I am downsizing from my 24U NetShelter CX quiet server rack. I would be willing to trade with someone also, if someone is looking to...
  10. B

    FS: APC Netshelter CX 24U (SOLD)

    I am selling an APC Netshelter CX 24U. This quiet 19" server cabinet is in excellent condition! Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Price is $1750. Would prefer local pickup in Dallas, TX and payment in cash. I can also ship the server rack via Navis Pack and Ship for $900 to the...
  11. Larson

    WTB: Fractal Design Define R5 case

    Fractal Design Define R5 case for my new home/office server, preferably the default black, no window.