1. A

    SuperDoctor5 on ProxMox VE v5.x: failed install

    Supermicro SuperDoctor® 5 | Supermicro Server Management Utilities | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc. Trying to install SD5 in a Proxmox build. The installer goes through with no errors but it never gets installed. I've installed SD5 many times on my XenServer host. Any ideas??
  2. A

    Proxmox VE "noob" build Ceph question

    I'm looking to get my feet wet in the Proxmox world... Chassis: SuperMicro 2027TR-H72RF CPU: Xeon 2x E5-2620 per node RAM: 128GB per node SSD o/s: 2x SuperMicro SSD-DM064-PHI per node SSD Ceph: 6x Samsung SM863 or Intel S3710 per node Networking: 1x Mellanox ConnectX-3 dual port 56g + 2x 1gig...
  3. Patrick

    How-to Guide Create a Proxmox VE 5.0 All-in-One with Docker

    This guide has how to create a KVM/ LXC virtualization host that also has Ceph storage and ZFS storage built-in. The same host will also have access to bare metal Docker-ce containers using Portainer as a GUI management. Video: Main site post: Create the Ultimate Virtualization and Container...
  4. I

    Proxmox + Storage

    Hey, So I've built my first Proxmox VE cluster. Ive been mainly a Mac and Windows guy and recently missed out on a job because my Linux was rubbish, So I'm diving in to train and so I first started with Unraid I liked it it was easy and intuitive but I needed 2 servers as It was cheaper to buy...
  5. O

    custom nas

    I need a new NAS system. now i use an old qnap TS210 as a nfs/smb share for data transfer and backup. i have a custom proxmox server that backup on this qnap, now i need to share nfs storage on other machine for using shared-storage for virtual machine. i make some test and when i backup or...
  6. Patrick

    Proxmox VE 5.0 and Docker with a Web GUI

    Heading off to sleep, but I think I have a project tomorrow that people are going to be interested in. We have had threads on Proxmox v. Docker and periodic threads on why not Proxmox and Docker. For a home lab proof of concept I now bring you: Docker running on Proxmox bare metal with a web...
  7. vl1969

    Proxmox ZFS pools under mergerFS, I wonder if anyone done that before ?

    as the subj. says, can it be done and how? I have been planning to rebuild my home server with Proxmox VE 4.4 but as I have a single server, hardware wise, I need it to be a VM server AND a file server. reading up on ZFS lead me to conclusion that while it is a nice robust FS it has it's...
  8. O

    "Mobile" server

    i have some crazy idea, i would build my new home server proxmox infrastructure with 1 (or 2 node) powerful laptop (es. DELL e6420 i5/i7 and 8 or more gb of ram) and a dedicated raid nas. pro: - ssd disk - battery as a perfect backup ups - vm machine can work in local or via nfs share (raid...
  9. O

    Valid alternative to C2000 ?

    i try to change replace my avoton C2750 mainboard that work how proxmox 4.x hypervisor any suggestion? possibly mini-itx because my case are mini. i monitoring model /J1900/N3150/N3170 etc CPU because is interesting TDP but have less performance respect C2000. (cpu passmark comparison) I'm...
  10. vl1969

    use case evaluation for pfSense on Proxmox setup

    Hello everyone, as the subj. says I am trying to get opinions and maybe some help setting up a router replacement box. I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p Desktop - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz which I got specifically to build a router/firewall for my home. have 3 1Gb NIC ports. on builtin and...
  11. Patrick

    Proxmox ERROR: migration aborted storage does not exists

    Here is one that I think you will find to be extremely interesting. I was moving one of the old WordPress VMs from one server to another and moving data from ZFS to Ceph. Moving ZFS to Ceph completed successfully. Once on Ceph (the shared storage pool in the cluster) I tried moving it to a...
  12. E

    What drive configuration & FS for a home server using Proxmox and BTRFS (hopefully)

    Hi all, I'd love to run a Proxmox setup for my home server and really like the flexibility that BTRFS seems to offer for my personal files and media, but I know that BTRFS isn't great with VMs (by default) nor integrated into Proxmox. So I'm wondering whether I can do some sort of mix of ZFS...
  13. Patrick

    New Series: SMB Service Provider Architecture

    One of the new series I am working on: SMB Service Provider Architecture. This is going to be: pfSense firewall/ router Proxmox VE hypervisor/ storage node (may have ESXi too) FreeNAS storage (backup and shared storage) Getting it all to work and etc. Opening this thread for feedback.
  14. kroem

    Ceph right for my needs? (Keeping a in sync backup on remote location...) (pve-zync vs ceph?)

    (This turned out to be a long thread start...sorry...) Im redoing my servers at home and looking to maybe redo the storage too. Today I run ESXi on two hosts and run like periodic backups to external storage, because I never really found a way to do it properly. (VMs backup via Unitrends). ...
  15. Patrick

    Xpenology on Proxmox bounty

    Running out of time this week, I tried getting Xpenology on Proxmox setup today and failed here: I want to have an Xpenology instance on a Proxmox server at home. If you can make a step-by-step guide for me to get this working I have $25 for them via PayPal and I am happy to give the guide...