1. G

    New NAS build - is M1015 still king?

    Is the M1015 still the best bang for buck for NAS builds? In 2014 I purchased and still use an M1015, now that I am building a second NAS while keeping the original still online I am wondering if I should buy yet another M1015 or if there may be something better/newer? My use case: Linux...
  2. E

    Proxmox 6.4-13 + zfs + oom

    tl;dr - I'm running Proxmox 6.4-13 on a system with 2x e5 Xeon procs, 128gb ECC ram, with a rust array of approximately 50tb. My issue is, proxmox continuously kills 2 of my containers for OOM conditions, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to solve this. Oddly, it almost seems like...
  3. M

    Server Noob attempting first TrueNas-ProxMox-AutoRipping Machine Server Builds

    Hello, I need some help on a project that I am working on. I apologize for the length, but I wanted to be thorough. Background: I am a CCNA guy, server noob, who works in IT and through my job, I was able to acquire a lot of free decommissioned equipment from various data centers and server...
  4. R

    First Proxmox/TrueNAS Core build advice for home server with low utilization

    I'm building my first Proxmox/TrueNAS Core box as a low utilization, single-user home server and hoping to get some advice on my setup. The plan is to have TrueNAS Core hosted in a VM and have an HBA passed through to that VM for the 6x4TB drives to be setup as a RAID-Z2 vdev. I will have a...
  5. B

    Small office network planning in WFH land

    Not quite sure if this is the right section to post this in - I failed to locate posting guidelines in the forum. Please redirect if I am off course here. We are a small media company adjusting to a primarily WFH reality and with the powers that be deciding to make this change permanent...
  6. M

    TrueNAS native vs TrueNAS under Proxmox

    In general, if a filer OS (such as TrueNAS/FreeNAS) natively supports virtualization, why would one run that as a virtualized guest under a hypervisor OS (such as Proxmox), rather than natively? For example, The Proxmox VE KVM-based All-in-One with FreeNAS: why couldn't that be simplified to...
  7. T

    Help! proxmox webui not reachable via 10GbE ?

    Preface: I am not a linux/unix guru, but I can figure things out and googlefoo for the most part... I've only added the components of my network that are valid for this post. Configuration: *Server 00 2x Xeon E5-2678V3, 256GB ram, Intel 540-T2 10 GbE, Intel I350 2x 1GbE and onboard 540-T2 GbE...
  8. gb00s

    Proxmox Android App

    Link: Proxmox Virtual Environment – Apps bei Google Play
  9. D

    Optimize Write Amplification (ZoL, Proxmox)

    Hi, I've setup a Proxmox-Hypervisor and got a total write amplification of around 18 from VM to NAND flash. Can someone hint me how to improve this? Server setup: Supermicro X10SRM-F, Xeon E5-2620v4, 64GB DDR4 2133 ECC root drives: 2x Intel S3700 100GB (sda/sdb, LBA=4k) mirrored with mdraid...
  10. vl1969

    [solved]Zfs on Linux Bootable rpool setup(Proxmox 5.3)

    Hi everyone, Haven't been here for a while. Have a strange question , maybe? I have a Proxmox 5.4 server setup on ZFS. The setup is as follows: A system is on 2 SSD in mirrored pool And around 16 HDDs of various sizes in mirrored pools based on disks size. Like I have a pool with 2T disks. A...
  11. Z

    Finishing New Server Build : Time for SAS HBA IT mode card

    Hi, I'm in the process of finishing a new server build for proxmox virtualization. The system is running memtest to check if I'm safe with those memory sticks, and so far so good, finishing 7th pass with 0 errors so far. At the moment, my new server build goes like this: - motherboard...
  12. T

    Networking Services don’t auto-start on boot up - Dell R720 w/ proxmox (Warning: Beginner User)

    I’m working on a home server project using a Dell R720 to serve as a NAS, PLEX server, and torrent grabber. This is my first server ever and my first experience in networking, server hardware, and Linux. Because of this, I do not know how to carry out the three functions listed out above so I’m...
  13. Z

    New build for a VM server

    Hi There, I'm posting this message in the hope that here I find some opinions, tips, alerts on building a new server. It's a loooong message, so please bear with me, I really need opinions to make an edutated choice. My intention is to build a server for a (very) small company, in order to...
  14. Q

    R820 / H310 "Adapter at Baseport is not responding"

    I posted this on Dell's community as well but no responses as yet. So I think I have a serious problem that I need any help I can get. I don't know if the H310, the SAS cables, the enclosure, or the drives are bad. I will explain. I purchased a re-purposed R820 with an H310 and 10 1TB...
  15. P

    Proxmox server with separate unraid storage box, is it possible?

    Hi, new to forum and looking to get some answers. I currently have a supermicro sc933 server with dual xenon x5650 that is used in unraid with 50tb of storage (with about 15tb used).I recently bought a supermicro sc836 with dual e5-2640v2 to do some learning about vms. I was thinking about...
  16. D

    NVMe performance on IBM x3650 M3

    Hi, On my IBM x3650 M3 server (model 7945K3G) I added two Kingston SSD A1000 M2 with 960 Gb of capacity (the exact model is SA1000M8/960G A1000) mounted into two M.2 PCIe adapter ( I'm using Proxmox...
  17. V

    Migration from ESXi to Proxmox

    Hi. How to migrate VM from Esxi 5.5 to Proxmox VE 5.4-3 VM > 100 (Windows, Linux) Manually is a very long time (is there a way to automate migration?
  18. G

    Help getting Connectx-3 working in SR-IOV under proxmox-ve.

    Hi Folks Need help getting SR-IOV (inifiniband) to work with Proxmox-ve. I’ve installed MLX_OFED_LINUX ver 4.3- installed on both the host (proxmox ve 5.4-3 and the guest (ubuntu 18.04). I’ve enabled SR-IOV in the firmware of the card, SR-IOV on MLX_OFED Driver and go the point of...
  19. arglebargle

    (Proxmox VE) Persistent automatic nag-removal script

    Hey all, I got annoyed manually patching the PVE web gui javascript to remove the "unlicensed node" pop-up across half a dozen machines every time there was an update, so I automated the process. Then I realized I could make pre/post install dpkg hooks for it so it'll fire every time the source...