1. J

    Proxmox passthrough to Freenas

    Hi I was wondering if any experts could tell me what I was doing wrong? Note: I am aware that passthrough is an experimental feature in Proxmox VE and that some purist will not like the FREENAS running in a VM. But trying to make a all in one test system ala Patrick. Following this I managed...
  2. S

    AMD Epyc - performance impact of runing 4 channel memory instead of 8 Channels

    Hi All I have a client who is buying a 1U single socket Supermicro server with an Epyc 7351P 16 Core processor. The application is as a small Proxmox host, running Debian VM instances for clients. The intention is to run about 40 VM's at 128GB of RAM (32GB modules), but retaining the option...
  3. D

    Windows performance on Proxmox - sanity check

    Hello STH forum, I have a question about running Windows on Proxmox because this is giving me a bad time so far. I'm asking here at STH first because it seems to me there is more technical knowledge on STH than on the Proxmox forums. Some relevant specs of the box I'm running this on: Intel...
  4. K

    Getting SMART data from ZFS disks in Proxmox

    Hi there - I'm using an LSI SAS9211-8I to pass through two disks via Windows Server 2016 to Proxmox (old identical 500GB drives - I'm new to Proxmox and I'm testing things out before I start importing production data) and I'm having a difficult time getting SMART data from the drives. I used...
  5. EluRex

    PVE nodes- Supermico H11SSL-C & EPYC 7401P in progress

    Build’s Name: RCluster (30 nodes) Operating System/ Storage Platform: Proxmox VE 5.1 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7401P Motherboard: Supermicro H11SSL-C Chassis: RMC3116-670-HSE with SAS3 expander Drives: (16) Seagate ST6000NM0034 SAS3 6TB RAM: DDR4 2666mhz ECC Reg 64GB x4 and 64GB x8 Network Cards...
  6. WeekendWarrior

    Proxmox/Ceph Distributed System - Advice Sought

    I am planning a Proxmox/Ceph installation and would appreciate some advice on performance aspects of such a system. My question seems to concern Ceph but that will be installed within the context of Proxmox usage. My goals are to have "many" servers (at least by SMB standards) running...
  7. A

    'guest-fsfreeze-freeze' Proxmox

    Hi, I was wondering if someone else has had this issue before? Been trying to backup the Vm but after 1 hour it starts backing up but on the log shows Not sure if its because it FreeBSD running pfSense 2.3.5 because tried and i would get () Task viewer: Backup Output Status Stop INFO...
  8. J

    affordable (little) proxmox home server

    Hi everyone! I am looking for an affordable Proxmox home server; do you have any suggestions? Currently, I am running mainly two VMs: a pfSense and a FreeNAS. PfSense acts as firewall between LAN and modem, while FreeNAS acts as home NAS by handling 2x6TB passed-through hard-disks in mirroring...
  9. K

    Recommended Virtualization Solution?

    Hi! We just got two new DELL servers in the office with the following specs: - 2TB Disk Space (using RAID 5) - 192GB RAM - 2x 8 code Intel CPUs each (32 cores each) And we're now discussing which virtualisation solution would be the best to host multiple different environments (a kubernetes...
  10. vl1969

    [CLOSED]Setup and use Ceph on single node Proxmox? A little crazy idea?

    OK , before anyone starts "This is crazy" rant here here me out. I know this is not what it was designed to do. but just want to get some feedback on possibility. From everything I have read so far, it seams that it is theoretically possible to setup Ceph on a single node, and still have the...
  11. L

    ASRock J4205 Low Power Pi replacement

    Build’s Name: PVE FrankenServer Operating System/ Storage Platform: Proxmox CPU: Pentium J4205 Motherboard: ASRock J4205-mITX Chassis: Supermicro 1u Drives: 120 GB SSD RAM: 8 GB Kingston DDR3L 1600 Add-in Cards: N/A Power Supply: Mean Well NES-100 / PicoPSU -80 Other Bits: ELEGIANT DC 12V PWM...
  12. Patrick

    Proxmox VE 5 with Intel Atom C3000 Series Denverton

    Confirming that the Proxmox VE 5.0 image (PV 4.10.17-19 kernel) does work out of the box with the Intel X553 / X557 NICs from the Intel Atom C3000 series codenamed Denverton:
  13. DavidRa

    Dell 8024F, Multicast for Proxmox

    Now that Proxmox 5 is out and live, I figured I'd build a test cluster on my lab environment to see if it is any easier/better than my previous attempts. I have run into a snag though. According to the Proxmox documentation, the preferred environment for clustering includes multicast for the...
  14. EluRex

    PVE Cluster using UNAS 810A

    This is a long thread and lots photo. Basic goal is create a home lab and also a home nas environment + home media hub My Network Diagram My network Equipment My first build of the node is using UNAS NSC800 Chassis with Intel I7-6700T with ASRock C236 WSI. I was a bit disappointed due to...
  15. M

    Home server architecture thoughts?

    In this thread, I posted pics of my recently-rebuilt home server. Now that the hardware part is done (maybe?), I'm thinking it's time to revisit the OS/software side. So I'm soliciting feedback. I don't think anything is really broken, but mostly non-optimal due to having grown up...
  16. Jeggs101

    Proxmox VE ZFS Send/ Receive Error

    Second day I've gotten this: COMMAND: zfs send -i s3610/vm-101-disk-1@rep_quickbooksbak_2017-05-19_08:00:01 -- s3610/vm-101-disk-1@rep_quickbooksbak_2017-05-19_08:20:01 | ssh -o 'BatchMode=yes' root@ -- zfs recv -F -- hansel-nvme1/thinbackup/vm-101-disk-1 GET ERROR...
  17. R

    Help me refine my multi-headed virtualized workstation

    I want to build One Computer To Rule Them All. I plan to have a multiheaded setup, with one pair of monitors, keyboard + mouse each Windows and Linux, running in VMs. Windows will be used for gaming and graphic art projects, Linux for data science/bioinformatics, so performance is important. I...
  18. A

    SuperDoctor5 on ProxMox VE v5.x: failed install

    Supermicro SuperDoctor® 5 | Supermicro Server Management Utilities | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc. Trying to install SD5 in a Proxmox build. The installer goes through with no errors but it never gets installed. I've installed SD5 many times on my XenServer host. Any ideas??
  19. A

    Proxmox VE "noob" build Ceph question

    I'm looking to get my feet wet in the Proxmox world... Chassis: SuperMicro 2027TR-H72RF CPU: Xeon 2x E5-2620 per node RAM: 128GB per node SSD o/s: 2x SuperMicro SSD-DM064-PHI per node SSD Ceph: 6x Samsung SM863 or Intel S3710 per node Networking: 1x Mellanox ConnectX-3 dual port 56g + 2x 1gig...
  20. Patrick

    How-to Guide Create a Proxmox VE 5.0 All-in-One with Docker

    This guide has how to create a KVM/ LXC virtualization host that also has Ceph storage and ZFS storage built-in. The same host will also have access to bare metal Docker-ce containers using Portainer as a GUI management. Video: Main site post: Create the Ultimate Virtualization and Container...