Proxmox server with separate unraid storage box, is it possible?

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Aug 19, 2019
Hi, new to forum and looking to get some answers.

I currently have a supermicro sc933 server with dual xenon x5650 that is used in unraid with 50tb of storage (with about 15tb used).I recently bought a supermicro sc836 with dual e5-2640v2 to do some learning about vms.

I was thinking about running my docker container applications currently on unraid (radarr, sonarr, plex, nzbget, nextcloud) to proxmox vms/containers. I paid for the full license of unraid and want to utilize it if possible.

so my questions are:

  1. should I install proxmox and migrate my docker containers to proxmox containers? if so, I wanted to use my domain I setup through dedicated pfsense box (r210ii) to give out domain for these services.

  2. should I use unraid just strictly as a storage box to transfer my downloads from proxmox to unraid and if so how do I go about doing this so once downloads are completed, they are moved to unraid locations? are there any guides, a I am completely lost??
  3. I have Intel X52-da2 cards I plan on using to connect the 2 server, would that work to transfer files from proxmox to unraid server?
  4. what are your suggestions if this is not the right path?