1. A

    Someone here willing to share an EEPROM dump of their Intel i350 based SFP NIC so I can fix mine?

    Hey everyone, I also posted this on reddit and got a promising response but since this might also be interesting for this community and to increase my chances of succeeding, I decided to try my luck and also post this here. The backstory goes like this: On the quest to build a low power pfsense...
  2. C

    Two Intel NICs and neither are recognized

    I’ve bought two different intel Pro/1000 NICs, and no matter what I’ve tried I can’t get them to show up. The BIOS doesn’t see them, and Linux lspci doesn’t either. They are pic-e x4 cards. I’ve tried changing the slots, I’ve poked around in the BIOS to see if there was some setting I could...
  3. K

    100 Gbe NIC recommendations ?

    Hello, At this moment I use 2x HP servers, DL360p G8 and DL380 G9, both with HP 649283-B21 40G NICs... They work fine as ethernet adapters on pfSense without flashing etc... But now I need some decent PCI-e x16 100G NICs for another servers which ill use at 40G (no 100G switch) but I hope to...
  4. L

    Mellanox (NVIDIA) NIC reliability & support contracts

    I generally buy Intel NICs but am looking to buy some ConnectX-5 NICs (new, not EBay) for the first time for use in a new TrueNAS box. While the Intel NICs have "limited lifetime" warranties and unlimited access to firmware/software updates, it appears the ConnectX cards only have a 1 year...
  5. L

    EU [FS] Intel LGA3647 Xeon Gold, Platinum and motherboard [Updated 2022 March 17 ]

    CPU's Intel Xeon Gold 6138P 3x 800€ 600€ Very specialised, make sure Your MB supports it Intel Xeon Gold 6144 QS 1x 400€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6146 QS QN7C 1x 600€ 500€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6148 QS 1x 300€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6242R SRGZJ 2x 1400€(2200€ for pair)...
  6. J

    HP 5120 and CX4 Nic for IBM x3850 x5

    First of, I know CX4 is old and generally not the thing around these forums :) But since I got a bunch of HP 5120 EL switches thrown at me, all with 2 port CX4 10GbE modules installed and cables too, I really need the best advice/recommendation I can get, for a ethernet NIC with CX4 port(s) I'm...
  7. J

    FS: 1x Intel X710-DA2

    This is somewhat of a repost of my post on reddit but maybe somebody here wants the nic before I put it up on eBay. It's a X710-DA2 with full height bracket with latest FW applied which was just pulled out of my system yesterday (hence the timestamp from yesterday / my username on reddit sans...
  8. A

    Chelsio nic goes down after ~5 minutes

    Hi, I got two used Chelsio 110-1160-50 T520-CR nics off ebay. One of them seems to work fine. The other works as expected, but after about 5 - 10 minutes, suddenly goes down. That is to say, in Freenas it reports as “down” in the interfaces menu, and in Windows it shows “Network cable...
  9. nerdalertdk

    EU Intel x550-t2

    Hi guys and girls found this guy that’s selling intel x550-t2 cheap he accepted two for 80£
  10. nerdalertdk

    What 2.5GBase-T Netword card

    Hi STH Just got new switch and it have some 2.5gbe ports, what nic can you guys recommend?
  11. D

    FOUND: Dual or Quad Port 1GigE PCI NIC

    I am building my first PFsense box and am looking for a cheap but compatible NIC. Low profile bracket is preferred, but not required. I have Paypal or G Pay.
  12. H

    looking for suggestion regarding 40Gbit home networking

    It's quite hard to believe, but I couldn't find any information about creating a 40 Gbit home network. My issue is simple: I live in a 3 room apartment. Since I need the 40 Gbit connection between the rooms, a DAC solution is out of the question - since the distance between the rooms is approx...
  13. T

    Dual 10GBase-T port PCIe v3 network adapter

    I have a need to upgrade to 10GE some servers based on Supermicro X10 motherboards which currently have built-in 1GE ports. What would you recommend as reasonably priced pcie v3 network adapter which would support two 10GBase-T ports ? Been looking for two days on ebay for network adapters...
  14. Kei-0070

    Solarflare SFP+ 10Gbe cards

    I've seen the odd thread that suggests that the 7122 model is pretty good. Most of the models I've found are listed as: SF432-1012-R2.0 S7120 SF329-9021-R7 I'm guessing these are cards from OEMs like dell/IBM etc. Does anyone have any experience with any of these models?
  15. K

    Break out cable and connectx NIC

    Hello, Does a break out cable which is known to work with connectx 5 should work out of te box without furteher setting (like ethtool) ? I am referring to a 100 GB cable with 4 x 25 ends, which connects a dual port connectx-5 nic to I40E . Or does it require setting or flushing firmware with...
  16. U

    ACPI Initialization boot error (78)

    Hi, I've got a problem with Supermicro X11SCM-LN8F motherboard booting when I'm attaching PCI-E NIC card ST2000PEXPSE. The boot stuck on ACPI Initialization (78). Is there something I need to change in BIOS setup? Many thanks.
  17. M

    EU FS: 2x 10GBase-T 10GbE DualPort Ethernet (RJ45 copper, QLogic BCM57810)

    Hello, I'm selling a bundle consisting of TWO QLogic BCM57810 dual port copper ethernet RJ45 NICs. They have driver support for Windows 10, Windows Server 2008/12/16, linux and VMware ESXi also. The cards are in a perfect working condition. But be aware that the fans are not the most silent...
  18. L

    purchase completed

    Bought one. Thank you all for your time.
  19. M

    Poor network speed on WS2016

    hello, my server has very poor networking speed when copieng files from a SMB share on the server to a client. The operating system is a freshly installed Windows Server 2016. The server uses a I350 T4 NIC and has two I210/I217 LM NICs onboard. The client runs on Windows 10 and has 2 I210 NICs...
  20. K

    Startech Intel X540 RJ45 dual port nic

    Hello, Does anyone here have an experience with the following StarTech 2-Port PCI Express 10GBase-T Ethernet Network Card - with Intel X540 Chip: 2-Port PCI Express 10GBase-T Ethernet Network Card - with Intel X540 Chip My question is this: I need it for a desktop, which means that I need a...