I just upgraded to a Chelsio T6225-CR and don't know if I should set up iSER and if VST in ESXi could enable 25GbE "interconnect" on vLAN switch?

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Sep 18, 2020
I've been using my onboard network ports on my server but happened to stumble upon a good deal for this converged NIC. It supports 25GbE but also 10GbE, I'm not sure if I do virtual switch tagging if my actual switch would just handle the trunking between the different vLANs and not actually route the limited 10GbE speeds on the external switch. In my head, the vLANs are configured with virtual switches so the NIC I have installed should know to route between itself, right??

Also, this card seems fancy and has support for iSER which I guess is iSCSI but hardware accelerated and routes data straight to a virtual machine's RAM. I have ZFS with iSCSI and SMB shares in a trueNAS VM right now, not sure if ZFS works with iSER well or not. There's some other stuff this T6225-CR card can do but really just the 25GbE and iSER seem like options to implement. I'm more into local storage so if any wizard here can enlighten me it'd be great help! :)