1. Alfa147x

    Ebay Seller - Lenovo SA120 w/o sleds for $180 + Shipping

    Hi all, Lenovo 70F1 001UX THINKSERVER SA120 Tested for Power only NO HDD | eBay This seller has a Lenovo SA120 without the HDD sleds for $180 + Shipping. Not sure if this post is allowed but I wanted to give folks an opportunity to pick up a 6 Gbps SAS disk array. I'm not sure if they have...
  2. A

    FS: (5) 10TB WD EasyStore Hard Drives purchased recently - $156.50 each + actual fees

    I have (5) 10tb shucked WD EasyStore drives - 2 purchased from Best Buy and 3 purchased from WD directly. All were shucked with care, tested, and unused. I can put them back in or keep them separate. I paid $156.50 each after hawking deals. Just looking to get that back or I'll return them...
  3. C

    Noob questions about an HGST 4u60 JBOD

    Hello :) I have a total of 30 10tb wd red pros that have been hooked up directly to my server's motherboard with sas cards->sata cables, and sata piggyback power in two rosewill lsv4500 cases. There is no external jbod unit, just disks connecting directly to the host and consumer grade psu. For...
  4. D

    Pitstop's ssd jbod tower?

    16 bay 2.5" SAS / SATA External Enclosure - J1606S Anyone bought this? Cant find any review or any comments about this.. I'm interested cause i'm looking for all ssd rack.. and it seems like theres very little affordable options.. The size is also ideal, not much bigger than regular pc casing..
  5. N

    Clarification on Expander use with JBOD

    I'm building my own JBOD case using a cut down rack case, and 3x Supermicro M35T racks installed which are all SATA connections (5 per M35T - so 15 total requred) I thought you could have breakout cables from 8088 to 8077 with more than 4 SATA connections but that doesn't seem to be the case...
  6. BeTeP

    Xyratex SBB enclosures and compatible controllers

    If some of you did not know, Xyratex Technology Limited was a UK based storage solutions company founded by former IBM Data Storage Systems division managers who bought out IBM's HDD factory in Havant (Hampshire, UK) when IBM decided to quit that line of business. The managers paid pennies on...
  7. L

    Molex Power and Current

    Hi there. I have one big ol JBOD with the following inside: 4x M28SAB which take 2 Molex connections each. 2x Intel RESCV360 which take one Molex each. 1x M14TQC So, 11 Molex connections. I also have a modular power supply which has 4x peripheral plugs for Molex/ SATA. The obvious idea...
  8. P

    EU WTB: 60+ bay JBOD

    Hey all, Looking for a 60+ bay (4U) storage JBOD to purchase. I've been looking at the HGST 4u60, but most existing deals seem to be in the US and adding VAT + shipping usually makes these too expensive. The JBOD would be used for backup, so don't require alot of performance, so SAS2 would work...
  9. L

    Build: Fast and Bulbous on OsX in 9U (In Progress)

    Build Name: Fast and Bulbous (Multi-chassis hybrid) Operating System/ Storage Platform: OsX / OpenZFS on OsX Since this functions as one complete entity, I will keep everything in one place. It's in the last stages of completion, so more will be added as it all gets pulled together including...
  10. D

    Hitachi DF-F800-RKAKS (+Y1KAS) as JBOD

    Hello there, I would like to use the following setup: Hitachi DF-F800-RKAKS with Enclosure Control Unit model: Y1KAS (p/n 3282443-A) connected to a Windows 2012 server (HP DL360e Gen 8) with SAS9207-8e (IT mode) using a K1BS cable (p/n 3276137-A) and I don’t get any progress. During the post...
  11. D

    Cheap SAS (*Right Angle*) SFF-8087 to 4x SATA breakout cable LOTS

    At this price it's worth buying a handful, as long as the lengths (20", 24", 28", & 31") will work with your setup. I personally have 1M cables coiled up and velcro-ed together in one of my short depth cases, so these will work for at least that application. H/T @Rand__ for his post...
  12. S

    Any other vendors of JBOD chassis like supermicro?

    The title may not be fully correct, but basically what I'm trying to find is another vendor similar to Supermicro that produces chassis for DIY type builds. I'm looking at adding 2.5" JBOD storage to my existing home file server, and while this might sound dumb, the way something looks has some...
  13. P

    JBOD controller

    Hi, I’m having troubles searching on internet SAS HBA controllers that allow me to configure my hard drives in JBOD mode. I searched for the LSI 9211-8i to be a good card but it is not well explained how to configure it to work in JBOD mode. What I need is that my drives are treated as a singole...
  14. P

    Storage Server and JBOD

    Hi, I'm building a custom rack mount storage server (it's my first time) and I choose a Chenbro RM23612 chassis (6GB/s backplane with 3 mini-sas ports) for this. For this build, I need my hard drives to show as one to the OS and I don't need redundancy: on internet I found that JBOD should be...
  15. B

    2x 2U Controller Nodes for Storage JBOD

    Hi, i am in the process of scaling out my Storage Space. I figured out that i want to use a 2 Node HA Setup for a SAN Build. I already have 2 4U JBOD Chassis with drives which are connected to a single node atm. My Goal is to get two servers designed for being a Storage Controller. I have the...
  16. J

    Help with building JBOD for R815

    Hi all, I picked up 4 x Poweredge R815 servers at auction. They came fully loaded - 4 x Opteron 6276, 256gb ddr3, PERC H700, QLogic QLE8242, 2 x 1100w PSUs, etc. I am very new to working with servers and have some basic questions for a build I'm considering. Firstly, this is mostly just a...
  17. A

    Cheap DIY JBOD short depth enclosures in Europe?

    Looking for a chassis that I can work in for a DIY JBOD DAS... in Europe (UK is OK too though I prefer EUR shops because of the rates). It must be short depth since I have maximum 47cm between posts front/back in my cabinet. 2U, 3U is fine.
  18. G

    Devices "available" for ZFS

    Hello Everybody, Like I mentioned in a previous thread I want to use ZFS for my personal storage. I found a cheap deal for a Hard drive storage which supports JBOD. My question, Does this JBOD storage have to support ZFS or not. technically it should not matter, I think.
  19. sfbayzfs

    Culprit: slightly bad LSI card - was: SC847 45-bay JBODs rear backplane issues - anyone else?

    Edit / Conclusion: These errors were intermittently being logged against drives in a SAS expander JBOD for writes only due to a mostly good, but partly bad port on an LSI SAS9206-16e card running IT mode P20.00.07 firmware: mpt2sas_cm1: log_info(0x31120303): originator(PL), code(0x12)...
  20. E

    Current suggestions for DIY JBOD enclosure power board?

    Hi Guys, I have a 4U chassis with 24 bays for 3.5" drives currently, but it is short depth at only 550mm. With the hardware raid controller and SAS expander I have, the area for the mobo is pretty cramped, and I am thinking of offloading the compute part of the machine to a seperate chassis...