Anybody need a PB of storage?

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Sep 18, 2020
Sure, a bunch of disk shelves and refurb drives could be cheaper but it'd take up a lot of space and power. This jbod seems like a solid deal at $25K for 1PB of storage. I'm not sure who would need it, maybe someone mining filecoin or siacoin or something like that.



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Aug 11, 2016
Just my opinion but cost-wise i dont see this as good approach in building jbod storage,

I've bought empty hgst 4u60 several years ago and i've only been buying hdd's when
- i need to expand storage,
- A drive failed,
- sold out of warranty drive
while waiting for bigger capacity hdd to appear.

But of course it depends on the use case, for my case i never need more than x tb per year so this scenario is more feasible for me.

For me buying all storage at once like this doesnt make sense cause
- hdd capacity keeps growing, higher capacity per slot is more economical, power consumption-wise and depreciation factor /drive
- the warranties countdown are running on the drives youre not using. So unless you fill them all at once you are wastig warranty on unused drives.

Just my 2 cents, again it depends on the use case.


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Oct 10, 2015
Ya know... I am kinda inclined to agree with @denywinarto ... but I have to admit- the pics are pretty impressive on how nice and neat that whole installation actually is! the idea of that same model with the 15.36tb SSD storage... now that would be something special!

Of course,, I have a 15 yr old who is addicted to Tivo shows at the moment, due to COVId restrictions. Likely, he would find some way to set up a remote iScsi method to save unpatched streams and fill it up faster than I could reformat! :0)
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Jul 21, 2017
Of course,, I have a 15 yr old who is addicted to Tivo shows at the moment...he would find some way to set up a remote iScsi method to save unpatched streams...
I think it's time to have the wfh talk with him about how to contribute to the cause. ;)
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Feb 10, 2021
and am reading their documentation

"The enclosure runs on an input voltageof 200 - 240 VAC and consumes ~1000W of power under typical conditions. It requires a maximum of~1250W at full load."

assume that works fine for non north americans home labbers, but might be a problem for north american ones

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Aug 9, 2019
While most NA households run predominantly on 120v, most modern housing also has 220v or 240v to power some of the larger appliances (clothes dryer,central air, pool pump, etc) in addition.

But 1250w is like leaving using a hair dryer... Left on all the time. Probably only a bit quieter as well!


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Feb 10, 2021
oh, I agree that they can use 220v, they just dont have access to it everywhere. Heck in my parents 1950s era home, we actually have a 220v outlet (angled prongs) in the dining room area, presumambly for when it was built it was meant to power a window AC. I dont think in the 50 or so years my parents have been in te house they have actually plugged anything into it (and who knows if it even works).

but to be honest, many home labbers are probably running more than 1KW sustained (i.e. 3-4 rack mount cases with hard drives might push that).


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Mar 30, 2017
Weight: Product with 102 HDDs: 262lbs

This thing weighs as much as an entry level gun safe. At least you'll be able to disassemble it to move it to the final location. I'm in agreement with @denywinarto though - it's really cool to see 1PB in such a compact package, but totally impractical unless you actually need all that storage right now. I run Define R6 with 12 drives for 100TB usable storage right now managed through snapraid/drivepool, works very well for me, really quiet compared to your typical server case, much smaller compared to your typical server case, runs really cool, very cost effective to upgrade, relatively cheap to run (300W when encoding blurays, under 200W otherwise), provides me with all the storage I need right now and as bigger hard drives come out I can always upgrade. The only downside is it's a pain to physically swap hard drives, but I only swap/upgrade hard drives once a year at the most so it's a trade off I'm willing to make.