1. AveryFreeman

    Good source for quiet replacement fans for enterprise network switches?

    Hey, so I have purchased a few old enterprise switches, they have a great feature to price ratio and can be had for next to nothing. Unfortunately they are to loud for most people to be used in office settings where the switch is in the same room as workstations, etc. I have a D-Link DGS-3427...
  2. T

    Entry Servers on XEON E platform

    Hello sth people! That's my first post here. :) I am looking to replace my R710 and because I need single core power, I want Xeon E2186G or E2176G. Right now my only option is Dell Precision 3930 which is not server OS supported by Dell. Does anyone know when the 3 big brands will release this...
  3. M

    HP Comware 5 - Community Private VLANs

    I was wondering how do you implement community private VLANs on a switch (HPE FlexFabric A5800) running Comware 5? The current configuration looks like: HP A5800 g1/0/1 <-> g1/0/25 Cisco Catalyst 3750E <-> VMware vSphere Virtual Distributed Switch Cisco config: vlan 50 name...
  4. J

    10Gbe Home Fibre Network

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to setup a home fibre network today however I have encountered a problem. The network looks like this: Chelsio N320-E --》Ubiquiti MMU SFP+ Tranciever --》 SC - LC MM Fibre Cable -- HPE 5406zl(J8436A - SC X2 transciever) The problem I've got is I can't establish a...
  5. EluRex

    Where to download latest HPE bios?

    Where to download latest HPE bios for ML10-Gen9? file: ML10_Gen9_BIOS_1.10_Windows.zip size: 7330959 B SHA256: db900e082f4a6ebd7cd067a0e29f56f1bc9e36f71421c89e7f c554227ad2628d
  6. L

    HPE Procurve gear still worth it for a home lab?

    I have a home lab and work lab and use HP Procurves (2810 and 2530 mainly). Since HP's policies of paid firmware updates, splitting HPE and HP and their apparent decline in support service what vendor are most of you here using for your home labs?
  7. J

    FS: HP Moonshot M710 Server Cartridges

    I recently stubbed my toe on an HP Moonshot that one of my colleagues thought would make an excellent door-stop (crazy, right?), so I opened it up. Now I'll admit, it's an EXCELLENT door-stop, but we sent most of it for scrap soon after my vehement cursing ended. Here's what I pulled from the...
  8. Patrick

    HPE The Machine

    I thought I would share this one and see what people thought. Somewhat interesting/ scary is that I had the video open and sent a picture to someone almost at the same moment HPE is using to promote the video: Any thoughts or comments on the design? Here is the video from HPE Discover 2016:
  9. Patrick

    Hello HPE Moonshot - Initial installation impressions

    Managed to receive a 200lb pallet at the data center loading dock today. The HPE Moonshot has arrived. It is a CS100 performance starter kit. Specs 15x cartridges with quad nodes each with AMD Opteron X2150, 64GB iSSD, 8GB RAM 2x 180 port switches 2x QSFP+ uplink modules 1x Chassis module 4x...
  10. Patrick

    Reference Material HP / HPE Moonshot Unofficial Reference Guide

    Similar to what we have for the Dell PowerEdge C6100 and Dell PowerEdge C6220, starting a reference list for the HP / HPE Moonshot. These are fairly complex modular systems so here is a list of parts. Please do share if you find more information/ items not listed. Cartridges (See reference...