1. O

    HPE Microserver Gen 10 plus - Customizing Discussion

    So I recently purchased the Gen 10+. I had a few thoughts/ideas/questions beyond what is discussed in the STH article on customizing this server. ________________________________________________________________ First thought (tested): Can I use a PCIe cable adapter to M.2 nvme, and install an...
  2. D

    HPE custom ESX 7 gen8 sl230

    Anyone know of a custom image for the gen8, sl230s blades? I was able to get up to 6.7 but cannot find an update path to 7. On the HP site, it is mentioned that 6.7 is not supported but obviously, that doesn't mean it won't run so maybe someone here knows of a version that will. Thanks.
  3. A

    EU WTB: 2-slot ("gpu") riser for DL380p gen8

    Exact part no. 662525-001 Shipping to EU, Slovenija Only the riser card is needed. Please contact in DMs, in case you know any EU supplier that has these please do link them in the replies, I searched for any but all I found was US / CA. Thank you in advance.
  4. J

    HP 5120 and CX4 Nic for IBM x3850 x5

    First of, I know CX4 is old and generally not the thing around these forums :) But since I got a bunch of HP 5120 EL switches thrown at me, all with 2 port CX4 10GbE modules installed and cables too, I really need the best advice/recommendation I can get, for a ethernet NIC with CX4 port(s) I'm...
  5. G

    EU [WTB] HP DL380P Gen8 686570-001 12bay LFF cage assembly

    Looking to buy the whole front end with cables and backplane and the top cover/access panel ( looking to do and 8sff to 12 lff conversion) . Would need it shipped to portugal . This is literally something you can take out of an old broken 380p lff server. If you have caddies I am willing to buy...
  6. N

    Formatting Hitachi 600GB SAS drives

    Hi, I recently got myself a few of used Hitachi HUC106060CSS600 drives for my home laboratory. The problem is that they come from Netapp server and probably are formatted differently. My main server, HP DL380 G6 with P410i doesn't even try and just spits out orange light, Fujisu Primergy RX300...
  7. A

    HP MSM760/MSM730 premium license

    Hi, now that the HP MSM series is totally EoL there's no official way to acquire a premium license even if I wanted to. Is there an alternative way to still unlock the features requiring a special license?
  8. J

    HP 656089-001 using QSFP+ breakout cable with x4 SFP+ to HP NC523SFP cards?

    Hi all! I'm attempting to use these apparently coveted (and cheap) HP/Mellanox cards for a switchless, high-speed homelab configuration. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I ordered everything... however, I'm just now realizing after purchasing the equipment that it may not...
  9. C

    HP DL380 Does Nothing After Post

    Hell everyone, I went to upgrade my DL380p from Ubuntu 19.04lts to 20.04lts. Once I needed to reboot, the server came back up and I watched it through the remote console, it hit 100% on the initial screen then just went blank. I saw the post codes on the bottom of the console and post did...
  10. X

    HPE Smart Array idles at 65C

    Is this like normal or is this HBA not operating as it should? This machine is completely idle right now. I suspect this isn't normal. But this is my first experience with HPE anything, and also my first 1U, so I have no basis for comparison.
  11. S

    Reusing HPE ML350e gen8 v2 chassis and parts

    This is a bit of a multi-genre question, hopefully I'm in the right forum :) I'm running an HPE ML350e gen8 v2 as a home nas/container/everything server but i'd like to save on power consumption and cut down noise. I wanted to build a new server, but realized that the case and drive cages are...
  12. F

    Updating firmware for HPE-rebranded Seagate XF1440 without a Linux Live CD

    I have a HPE-rebranded Seagate XF1440 NVMe drive with model number VK001920KWDUH. Its preinstalled firmware is HPK2. I can find HPK4 on HPE site, but they only provide a Linux-based updater for this version. I don't want to burn a Linux Live CD for doing this, so I tried to extract and replace...
  13. AveryFreeman

    Good source for quiet replacement fans for enterprise network switches?

    Hey, so I have purchased a few old enterprise switches, they have a great feature to price ratio and can be had for next to nothing. Unfortunately they are to loud for most people to be used in office settings where the switch is in the same room as workstations, etc. I have a D-Link DGS-3427...
  14. T

    Entry Servers on XEON E platform

    Hello sth people! That's my first post here. :) I am looking to replace my R710 and because I need single core power, I want Xeon E2186G or E2176G. Right now my only option is Dell Precision 3930 which is not server OS supported by Dell. Does anyone know when the 3 big brands will release this...
  15. M

    HP Comware 5 - Community Private VLANs

    I was wondering how do you implement community private VLANs on a switch (HPE FlexFabric A5800) running Comware 5? The current configuration looks like: HP A5800 g1/0/1 <-> g1/0/25 Cisco Catalyst 3750E <-> VMware vSphere Virtual Distributed Switch Cisco config: vlan 50 name...
  16. J

    10Gbe Home Fibre Network

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to setup a home fibre network today however I have encountered a problem. The network looks like this: Chelsio N320-E --》Ubiquiti MMU SFP+ Tranciever --》 SC - LC MM Fibre Cable -- HPE 5406zl(J8436A - SC X2 transciever) The problem I've got is I can't establish a...
  17. EluRex

    Where to download latest HPE bios?

    Where to download latest HPE bios for ML10-Gen9? file: ML10_Gen9_BIOS_1.10_Windows.zip size: 7330959 B SHA256: db900e082f4a6ebd7cd067a0e29f56f1bc9e36f71421c89e7f c554227ad2628d
  18. L

    HPE Procurve gear still worth it for a home lab?

    I have a home lab and work lab and use HP Procurves (2810 and 2530 mainly). Since HP's policies of paid firmware updates, splitting HPE and HP and their apparent decline in support service what vendor are most of you here using for your home labs?
  19. J

    FS: HP Moonshot M710 Server Cartridges

    I recently stubbed my toe on an HP Moonshot that one of my colleagues thought would make an excellent door-stop (crazy, right?), so I opened it up. Now I'll admit, it's an EXCELLENT door-stop, but we sent most of it for scrap soon after my vehement cursing ended. Here's what I pulled from the...
  20. Patrick

    HPE The Machine

    I thought I would share this one and see what people thought. Somewhat interesting/ scary is that I had the video open and sent a picture to someone almost at the same moment HPE is using to promote the video: Any thoughts or comments on the design? Here is the video from HPE Discover 2016: