Reusing HPE ML350e gen8 v2 chassis and parts


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Aug 30, 2019
This is a bit of a multi-genre question, hopefully I'm in the right forum :)

I'm running an HPE ML350e gen8 v2 as a home nas/container/everything server but i'd like to save on power consumption and cut down noise. I wanted to build a new server, but realized that the case and drive cages are pretty decent still, so...

Is there a chance that i can reuse the psu's with a different brand of motherboard? I know way too little to have any expectations in this area. Even if i can, is it even a good idea? They are decently efficient 460W units so would be nice to keep.

What about the HP SAS backplane power connectors - are they standard?

Will my current HP H240 HBA controller work in other brands of motherboards? How about the HP drive cages and their SAS backplanes? My assumption is yes, but "enterprise" gear has surprised me before.

Hopefully there shouldn't be other issues, outside of having to do some diy part fitting.