1. P

    HPE R1N26A Composable Fabric FM 3180 25GbE Switch

    Anyone have experience with these? I'm eyeing a new in box one, but not sure if I need a subscription, licenses, or anything else to use it. I'm hoping to plug it in and it work out of the box. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. D

    Same HDD dropping from system and ZFS on HPE DL380 Gen9

    I have a homelab rack setup with a few servers and my HDD NAS server is having an odd issue and I can't easily pinpoint if the issue is the controller, the slot, or the HDD itself. Problem The same HDD in drive bay 1 will be removed from the system. I don't see it drop in system logs but I see...
  3. D

    HP Q6Q68A LTO-8 30750 MSL SAS Drive Firmware

    Hi team, anyone can share the latest (last??) HP Q6Q68A LTO-8 SAS Drive Firmware? More specifically "LTO_30750_SAS_P381_MSL.frm" Thanks! PS: This is a good reason to move away from HPE to others like IBM => HPE paywalls firmware while others remain open
  4. D

    HPE Aruba AP-515 latest firmware

    Hi team! I am looking for latest firmware for HPE Aruba AP-515 "ArubaInstant_Draco_8.11.1.1_87111". Anyone can share one? Thanks!
  5. E

    Both ports on Mellanox ConnectX-3 FDR/EN have the same PCI function ID | HP 649282-B21

    Hi, I recently started to use the HP Mellanox QSFP+ cards (both 649282-B21 and 764285-B21) but I'm facing the issue that both ports on the NIC have the exact same PCI address (even the same function id). I wanted to use them for a VPP router but this does not work as DPDK can't handle this edge...
  6. G

    EU WTS - HP Smart Array P440 4GB FBWC + Double wide sas cable (raid)

    Hey! Recently got this off the bay, I've since found a different solution so Im looking to pass this one on. Part numbers: 749797-001 792356-001 50€ + shipping cost to your location. (Ships from Sweden) Paypal or SEPA.
  7. G

    EU [EU-PT]HPE DL20 g10

    Just found it and someone here might actually enjoy this for the price . I couldn't find it in the the other countries version of the fnac webstore. https://www.fnac.pt/mp18953655/Servidor-Hewlett-Packard-Enterprise-ProLiant-DL20-Gen10-Metalico A g10 server even if lowest spec possible for 520...
  8. A

    HPE Microserver Gen10+ v2 - updated guide?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to build an unraid server in the HPE Gen10+ and have noticing a new version has arrived with pcie 4.0 and the Pentium G6405 / Xeon 2314 processors. Since there are a host of new CPUs made available in Q3 2021 and the STH guide is from 2020, I was wondering if anyone had...
  9. N

    UK FS: Homelab Clearout: 256GB DDR4 ECC, 2x EPYC 7551, Supermicro Heatsinks & SAS2 Backplanes, Accessories

    All hardware is in perfect working order and has been tested fully prior to selling. All items shipped via insured next day delivery. Will ship outside UK, but you may need to pay import charges. All serial numbers will be noted down and boxes recorded being packed for both our protections...
  10. SecCon

    Old machine, old NIC, modern alternatives?

    My HPE Proliant DL380 G7 works very well, I have upgraded CPU's and I have no issues with performance, also having 144GB DDR3 RAM on it. But when looking at NIC's I wonder if there are any more recent alternatives to, example, NC550SFP, which is a 10GB 2 ports SFP+ card. From 2013 as it seems...
  11. Z

    FS: SOLD

  12. R

    HPE NS204i-p in a non HP

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have any experience with the HPE NS204i-p in a non HP system, specifically an Intel S2600STBR motherboard? Thanks Ray
  13. W

    Firmware update for HPE LTO-7 drive.

    Hello, all. Posting here since I did not find a separate category for LTO drive, but they are distantly related to HDD's so I hope this is ok. I have an HPE LTO-7 tape drive and I am trying to update firmware on the drive. Since I have HPE warranty on my servers I thought that this will take...
  14. W

    FS US-CA 2x HP EliteDesk 800 G5 SFF i5-9500 3.0GHz 16GB RAM 512GB NVME

    For sale refurbished HP EliteDesk 800 G5.512Gb NVME m2 drive. There is space for one more NVME drive on the motherboard.No CD drive. Power cord, keyboard and mouse included. Windows 10 Pro.Under HP warranty until December 2022. $550 shipped continental usa Timestamp
  15. S

    Basic help / step by step to convert home network to L3 / vlan routing

    I hope I'm phrasing the question right. I've got a configuration in place right now, and I want to reconfigure, but the terms and concepts are confusing me a bit. I only sort of understand the concept and I'm trying to learn this stuff and apply it to my setup. At the moment, my inter-VLAN...
  16. T

    HP ProLiant DL380 iLO4 NAND Flash

    I am new to the forums so forgive me if I have misplaced this thread. I recently had a "FREE" DL380 fall into my hands that had been in some less than ideal operating conditions. I figured it couldn't be too difficult to repair and I was mostly correct. I was able to clean up the system board...
  17. O

    HPE Microserver Gen 10 plus - Customizing Discussion

    So I recently purchased the Gen 10+. I had a few thoughts/ideas/questions beyond what is discussed in the STH article on customizing this server. ________________________________________________________________ First thought (tested): Can I use a PCIe cable adapter to M.2 nvme, and install an...
  18. D

    HPE custom ESX 7 gen8 sl230

    Anyone know of a custom image for the gen8, sl230s blades? I was able to get up to 6.7 but cannot find an update path to 7. On the HP site, it is mentioned that 6.7 is not supported but obviously, that doesn't mean it won't run so maybe someone here knows of a version that will. Thanks.
  19. A

    EU WTB: 2-slot ("gpu") riser for DL380p gen8

    Exact part no. 662525-001 Shipping to EU, Slovenija Only the riser card is needed. Please contact in DMs, in case you know any EU supplier that has these please do link them in the replies, I searched for any but all I found was US / CA. Thank you in advance.
  20. J

    HP 5120 and CX4 Nic for IBM x3850 x5

    First of, I know CX4 is old and generally not the thing around these forums :) But since I got a bunch of HP 5120 EL switches thrown at me, all with 2 port CX4 10GbE modules installed and cables too, I really need the best advice/recommendation I can get, for a ethernet NIC with CX4 port(s) I'm...