HPE Microserver Gen 10 plus - Customizing Discussion

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Dec 10, 2021
So I recently purchased the Gen 10+.

I had a few thoughts/ideas/questions beyond what is discussed in the STH article on customizing this server.


First thought (tested):
Can I use a PCIe cable adapter to M.2 nvme, and install an ssd to the iLO riser board. Nope, but i guess worth the $20 cable to try.

-to elaborate further...I tested this as an attempt to use it as a boot device. The drive was not picked up by the BIOS or ESXI. I might revisit this now that I have TrueNAS installed on a VM, in the off chance that it is picked up....and also might make a USB bootable windows just to see. However, I am fairly positive this will never work, and definitely not as a boot device.

Cable/Adapter I tried:


Second thought (anyone willing to try?):
A major concern with the article was power, and being careful to not exceed the limitiations of the 180w external power supply. I have scoured the interwebs, and can't find anyone who even mentions this...could I swap the PS for a more powerful one?
There seems to be 230w power supply available for HP gaming laptops. Anyone willing to test this? Looking at you Patrick Kennedy! (Pretty Please) ;)

Off brand I found:


My Current Setup:

-HPE Microserver Gen 10+
-stock Xeon E-2224
-Stock 16GB RAM (single stick)
-HP E-208i Raid controller in PCie x16 slot
-3x Seagate IronWolf 6TB/7200rpm (Storage for TrueNAS / share)
-Sabrent USB 3.2 Type-C Enclosure for M.2 PCIe NVMe
-Samsung 970plus 500GB M.2 NVMe (ESXi Datastore for VM's) (***Note: command F*ckery required to add usb ssd as datastore on ESXi)
-USB 3.2 Thumb Drive (ESXi Boot device)
-TrueNas installed on ESXi VM/external ssd datastore

Planned upgrades:
-Crucial 64GB (2x32)
-extra 6TB drive added to array if/when needed
-Future Windows Desktop install on ESXi VM (when i get around to purchasing a license)

If possible I would like this thread to stay open for future discussion about the HPE MS G10+
Feel free to criticize me, question me, etc. Looking for advice and trying to help others.


Dec 14, 2021
It is a shame that the pcie slot isn't dual purpose - pcie cards and iLo. I use mine with unRaid for DR but haven't tried anything fancy. So i'll be watching you try and make things work.