HP DL380 Does Nothing After Post

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Jun 16, 2020
Hell everyone, I went to upgrade my DL380p from Ubuntu 19.04lts to 20.04lts. Once I needed to reboot, the server came back up and I watched it through the remote console, it hit 100% on the initial screen then just went blank. I saw the post codes on the bottom of the console and post did complete but I cant get any network access, or any visuals whatsoever. I asked a family member to hook up a monitor, since I am remote, and it was also blank.

Progress pic where video goes blank after:
Not really sure what to try here, I will be heading that way today I think to troubleshoot in person.

I dont think it gets much further past the first initial screen since the on board 4x 1Gb NIC does not initialize according to the iLo. And according to the logs, the only error I see it post error 1785 which I think is normal since I control my raid in the OS.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

EDIT: I did a little more digging and found out the GPU, a P2000 is taking the iLo remote console output as well so thats why I am losing it after everything is brought up. But still no idea why my server is not booting in to the OS, which I will find more information when I head there tonight.
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