HPE Microserver Gen10+ v2 - updated guide?

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Oct 24, 2022
Hi folks,
I'm looking to build an unraid server in the HPE Gen10+ and have noticing a new version has arrived with pcie 4.0 and the Pentium G6405 / Xeon 2314 processors. Since there are a host of new CPUs made available in Q3 2021 and the STH guide is from 2020, I was wondering if anyone had tested this new generation.

I'll be running 4 x 7200rpm 16TB disks, alongside the Synology E10M20-E1 10gbe / nvme pcie card and 64GB of ram. With this configuration I was wondering what kind of CPU I'd be able to squeeze into the power envelope of the 180w PSU.

I've been looking at 2 processors.
E-2378G - 8C/16T with integrated GPU 80W TDP
E-2378 - 8C/16T no GPU 65W TDP

Server will mainly be used for storage and Plex / NZB dockers. Does having the iGPU matter considering the server can't handle intel quick sync anyway? If so - can I support the G version given my other components?



Sep 25, 2020
Hi @ald0s,

I can't answer your specific questions, but will say that configuration is pretty maxed out. My HPE Gen10+ Microserver Proxmox build has 4 flash SSDs, an NVME drive, 64GB ram and a E-2236. It idles about 30W and rarely gets over 110W at the wall, although for stress testing it peaked about 140W.

If this is for home use, be sure to account for the acoustic profile. This server is not anywhere close to silent by my standards even just with fan noise. The fan is noticeable at 15% and is attention-getting at anything over 25%. So it is definitely a tradeoff between noise and temps.

7200rpm drives are downright noisy echoing around in that chassis. I ended up forsaking capacity for quiet, since my server is in my living space.