1. A

    EU WTB Quiet 2U/3U/4U with rails, hotswap caddies and powersupply(es)

    Hello everyone I'm looking to buy a rackable chassis to migrate my NAS. I don't have a strong preference on the size, but it should accomodate for a regular mATX motherboard and two low profiles cards (I'll install an X570D4U in it). The chassis is meant to be installed in its closed rack in...
  2. U

    [FS/FT] [US-SoCal] Supermicro 1U Server, motherboard, Mellanox cards, other misc.

    Hey everyone! I have this server just sitting, not being used so I'm trying to sell it for money for my current server project (Isn't that how it goes?). It's a Supermicro 119-7 Chassis, 8x2.5" bays, PSU's and onboard battery backups work. Has Two Xeon E5-2650 V2's, and 256GB RAM, DDR3 1600...
  3. Prophes0r

    New Contender for the cheapest 4U full depth rack chassis? [$110 USD shipped?] [RACKOWL 13 Bay 4U Server Chassis]

    Note on Updates: I will be updating this OP as I get the units in to provide pictures and my opinion on them. They are scheduled to arrive on the 26th of October. Update 1: Less than 30 minutes after posting this they arrived? What? How? They appear to be real too. Nothing jumps out as wrong...
  4. G

    How can I make this SATA backplane fit my chassis?

    I purchased a chinese 4 port hotswap chassis from taobao. The backplane that it came with is faulty and makes my linux system unstable (disks directly attached to my motherboard work just fine). I purchased a different backplane and upon eye inspection and see in the photos below; the original...
  5. R

    Urgent help and advice needed please, power supply suffered massive failure and now some of my drives are gone

    THANKFULLY, this wasn't my main server but it was a secondary server that I back the main one up to and it needs fixed ASAP. It was a 4U Rosewill server (RSV-L4412U), using a Gigabyte ATX board and a Seasonic power supply. It's been humming along for years with zero problems and then today, the...
  6. A

    [SOLD] Supermicro CSE-847 36-bay chassis, SAS3+4x NVME, 1k28w SQ PSU, X10DRH-CT mb, 2x E5-2640V4 CPUs (20/40 cores), 256gb ECC DDR4, & more

    Proof: I present to you, the beast! I am downsizing with my 2nd child on the way. This has been lightly used in a homelab environment, running 24/7 for the past ~2 years. The noise is surprisingly good with this having all aftermarket fans and quiet PSU. Still gets good static pressure. I had...
  7. A

    Mini-ITX with 4x NVMe (front load) Looking for a mini-ITX chassis with 4 front load NVMe? ` Does it exist?
  8. D

    Rack server chassis advice

    I'm looking for a cheap 4U server chassis with space for 16-24 internal 3.5 hdds. I don't need hot swap or anything fancy like that, just space for my current 14 drives, some future proofed expandability, and my graphics card (hence 4u). Does anyone know of any good alternatives? I'ld also like...
  9. AveryFreeman

    Supermicro 826 backplane in 825 case, anyone tried it?

    Hey, I'm stuck with a Supermicro CSE-825TQ-R540UB case, and I just got a new motherboard for it, and now I'm realizing there's only the TQ-style backplanes available for it, I can't upgrade it to a backplane with a SAS expander (for multipath) I was wondering if anyone's tried to put an 826...
  10. N

    AU [WTB] 2U or 3U chassis

    Hi all, I'm building my first rackmount server (planning a Xeon Silver 4208 and Supermicro MBD-X11SPL) but I'm struggling to find a decent (and reasonably priced) chassis here in Australia. I've been looking at the Supermicro CSE-825TQ but shipping from the US increases the cost to around $825...
  11. E

    CSE-847 Fan Noise Woes.

    Finished my upgrade to a CSE-847 thinking I could throw all my disks into one unit, use one MB, and max the ram and be in media storage heaven. Well, I didn't think things though, filled the unit up, turned it on and found the fans screaming their way into my ears. I've tried various...
  12. C

    WTB: Accessory Kit for U-NAS NSC-800 Server Chassis

    I know this is a long shot, but from eBay I brought a U-NAS NSC-800 Server Chassis, but it did not include the accessory kit (screws, PCI riser, standoffs and mounts for SSD, etc) So this case is completely unusable for me until I can find the accessory kit. Pics included for reference...
  13. P

    AMM Firmware - IBM Blade Center - 8852

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice, I've been task with getting an IBM Blade Center's fan working this has led me down a path which I am hoping I can get some advice on. Issue we have a fan that failed at our LIVE site on an Blade Center H we replaced the fan with a new one but it reported...
  14. F

    Looking for Non Supermicro Chassis for x9dr3-ln4f+

    As in title has any body fitted one of these to a non Supermicro Chassis? I already have my X10DRX is a Xigmatek Elysium and it has oodles of room but larger sized chassis seem to be increasingly hard to come by. Someone mentioned the Phanteks Enthoo Pro which I know I can get here - I live in...
  15. P

    Something better than Norco?

    Our SAN, for a small video post production facility, uses two Norco enclosures. It's homegrown, and works well, except the enclosures are a problem. When we first built this setup a while back, one of the enclosures came from an auction and one for free from a friend of mine clearing out a...
  16. L

    Looking for 8+ bay hot swap chassis.

    Hi there, I'm in the market for a chassis with 8+ hot swap bays. Currently have my eye on RSV-L4412, but this chassis is just massive! Hoping for something a touch smaller, if possible, maybe 3U, around the same price point ($229.99 CAD). Any suggestions?
  17. L

    Where do I look for short depth ATX chassis?

    Where do people typically look for short depth ATX rackmount chassis? I mean in general - are there any websites where you can just specify expected depth range, U height, number of HDD cages etc? I tried with Server Case UK but their search engine really stinks and eg. if you choose 480mm depth...
  18. S

    FS - Chenbro 4U EATX chassis + extras

    I'm in Northern Virginia and have a Craigslist ad going for this one. Thought I'd post it here in case there is anyone locally that might be interested. I have a Chenbro 4U server chassis that was used for a couple of project builds. The chassis will fit EATX motherboards (it previously had a...
  19. J

    recommendations for silent nas chassis - 10+ drives?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a silent chassis with space for minimum 10 drives, but preferably 15+. (3.5 inch) m-atx would be perfect. -j
  20. A

    Help Identifying This Caddy

    So I saw an ebay auction for a Supermicro 847 server. One interesting thing about it is they use a really different hdd caddy from what usually equipped by supermicro. Cisco UCS C240 M3 2x 6-Core Xeon E5-2620 2.0GHz 64GB RAM No HDD Please Read | eBay Looking at those pics, we can see the...