[SOLD] Supermicro CSE-847 36-bay chassis, SAS3+4x NVME, 1k28w SQ PSU, X10DRH-CT mb, 2x E5-2640V4 CPUs (20/40 cores), 256gb ECC DDR4, & more

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Oct 27, 2019
I present to you, the beast! I am downsizing with my 2nd child on the way. This has been lightly used in a homelab environment, running 24/7 for the past ~2 years. The noise is surprisingly good with this having all aftermarket fans and quiet PSU. Still gets good static pressure. I had it next to my kitchen and my wife tolerated it ha.

I am looking to sell the entire beast with sas3+nvme expanders + rails + mb/ram/cpu/nvme combo + pcie cards.

The price is $1300 + shipping; the U.2 drives are separately priced.

Supermicro Case CSE-847 36-bay chassis SAS3/NVME
  • SAS3 expander backplanes, BPN-SAS3-846-EL1 & BPN-SAS3-826-EL1-N4
    • 4x NVME SSD U.2 PCIe 3.x ports (or SATA/SAS3 if you plug in regular drives)
  • 2x NVME PCI-E cards & cables to enable NVME on the rear NVME/SAS3 backplane
    • Bought these cards and cables new from Supermicro in 2021
  • 1x SAS3 2-port internal to external port adapter with cables to hook up external JBOD
  • 4x fans replaced with quieter supermicro variants
    • 3x original fans will be included in box, since the chassis takes 7 (i run it with 4 to keep noise down)
  • 1x 1k28w SQ super-quiet PSU
  • 2x rear hotswap 2.5" sas3/sata3 ssd
  • 32x standard caddies & screws included
  • 4x tool-free 2.5" caddies (for nvme drives)
  • 4x internal sas3 backplane cables
  • Rev B (newer) inner and outer Supermicro rails
  • Front cover with lock/keys (keeps kids from popping drives out)
  • adequate packaging to support the beast
+ Supermicro mb/cpu/ram combo:
  • X10DRH-CT dual cpu motherboard w/ bifurcation
  • 8x 32gb ECC DDR4 2133mhz RDIMMs (HMA84GR7MFR4N-TF)
    • 8 slots free
  • 2x E5-2640V4 2.4ghz CPUs, 10/20 cores each for a total of 20/40 cores
  • 32gb Supermicro SATA3 SATADOM (used to boot from nvme drives)
  • 2x 2U Supermicro 2U active HSF with quieter fans
  • 1x LSI 3008 SAS3 2-port HBA, low-profile, with cables

NVME U.2 SSD drives (separately priced - make offers):
  • 2x HGST SN200- 6.4tb NVME SSD U.2 drives (HUSMR7664BDP301), used (90%+ life remains) - 3DWPD resiliance
    • Separately for $350 each
  • 1x HGST SN630- 4tb NVME SSD U.2 drives, new w/ ~3 yrs warranty (100% life, only tested for a week or so)
    • Separately for $200
  • 1x Intel Optane 900P- 280gb NVME SSD U.2 drives, (99%+ life remains)
    • Separately for $150
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