1. R

    Anyone still using Dell C6100?

    Ive purchased a used C6100 for a very good price. I've read alot on these forums for this server. I'm a bit late to the game but it will still serve me quite well for what I need. I'm having issues, though, with VT-D. Has anyone succeeded in fully enabling VT-D? Everything suggests it should...
  2. Q

    Retiring C6100, what replacement?

    I have a Dell C6100 that I am looking to retire out of my OpenStack home lab. I am looking at putting in a replacement and I am thinking a Dell R820 might be the goto for this, anyone have thoughts to share? The L5640's don't support AVX and the new software I need to run requires it + 2.4GHz...
  3. F

    Dell C6100 original raid controller esxi issue

    Does the C6100 original raid controller support ESXI 6.7? I would like to setup 3x hdd as RAID 5 and configure virtual flash(256GB PCIE SSD) on the blade. Is it work on Dell C6100 with ESXI 6.7? If yes, I can buy the hardware for it. As I know, the original raid controller is not intel software...
  4. B

    9265-8i Desktop and Dell C6100 Testing Cachecade for Photo Editing

    Just wanted to start a blog on this in case anyone has any tips or questions. Moving from Intels onboard IRST to an LSI 9265-8i with 1GB ram cache and planning a 512GB Cachecade for workstation use. Goal is to be able to flip quickly through photos stored on a hard disk array as fast as I can on...
  5. R

    C6100 ATX PSU help

    I’m trying to get my C6100 to run from my Atx power supply, I have the 5v to 12v booster, and a pack of both the microfit connections. My questions are; For the microfit 0430-251200 you need 6 grounds, which can be taken directly from the PSU. 1 12Vsb connect which is made by putting PIN 9 to...
  6. P

    Maximum SATA disk size for use with Dell XX2X2 RAID controller?

    What is the maximum size of SATA disk that will be recognised by a Dell XX2X2 RAID card for the C6100 blade server? I gather this is a version of an LSI MegaRAID controller. I'm putting a system together based on second hand Dell C6100 servers running a mix of VMware and Xenserver (on...
  7. R

    C6100 Fan speed / FCB

    (tldr at bottom) I'm currently using my C6100 as my 'desktop PC' and as you all know.. The fans on them are very powerful and quite loud. Sometimes after the C6100 has been running for about an hour or so... the fans will drop down to 1/4 or 1/2 speed.. and the noise will be 'bareable' So I...
  8. J

    Ceph on C6100

    Hi, Looking for a little advise with people who has used Ceph a little more than myself! I have just purchased the following equipment 2 x Dell C6100 4 Blades in each consisting of 2 x L5640 96GB RAM 2 x 10Gb NIC Mez Cards (Waiting to be delivered) The model has 12 x 3.5" drives. I am...
  9. djbon2112

    Canada WTB - 1 or 2 C6100 nodes (of L5520 or better variety)

    Looking to buy one (or possibly two for the right price) C6100 nodes. I've been running with 3 for some time having bricked one when I first got the system in 2013, but now I find myself needing the fourth (and a spare)! It will compliment three existing L5520-based ones (not AMD) in a TY3...
  10. R

    Dell C6100 i7 CPU compatibility

    Hi I have a C6100, and I was wondering on one of the nodes... if I changed the BOTH CPUs to i7 920 (still LGA 1366) should they both be compatible ? Intel i7 920 have CPU benchmark of about 4500.... I could also get 2x xeon E5645 that have a CPU benchmark rating of about 6500 If I was...
  11. spyrule

    What hard drive caddys that will fit a C6100 LFF chassis ?

    I'm trying to find 10-12 3.5" Hard drive caddies for a C6100 chassis however, it seems eBay wants crazy amounts per empty sled. However, I have found deals on other Dell chassis sleds, and I'm wondering if they will fit. I know the stock sleds are Dell 8TV68 / T305P sleds, but I'm wondering if...
  12. R

    C6100 CPU compatibility?

    I've got a C6100, and i'm trying to upgrade one of the nodes. They currently have 2x e5506 I bought a W3520 and a E5645 I tried putting the W3520 & E5645, the screen stays blank and doesn't boot. I then put a E5506 in CPU 0, and W3520 in CPU 1. Still not boot I just tried booting with 1x...
  13. R

    C6100 single node ATX psu

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a c6100, with 3 nodes. I'm only using 2 of the nodes. I've seen a thread on here with someone getting a single c6100 node running on an ATX PSU This is something i'd like to attempt, but i don't know what sort of problems i'll run into, or how much of the...
  14. R

    C6100 'cluster' with ESXi?

    I've bought a 3 node C6100, and have installed vmware esxi 6. I have 16gb ram, and 2 quad core processors per node How would I create a Virtual machine, where I can use the power of ALL of the nodes, instead of just the one?
  15. N

    Reference Material Link to Dell PowerEdge C Bios, FW files

    I stumbled on this link Dell PowerEdge C | Latest Firmware which has different versions of BIOS, BMC FW etc for C6100 as well as various newer Poweredge C systems.
  16. RandyC

    Dell C6100 used for openstack cluster.

    I have a C6100 that I want to setup with Openstack. The only decision holding me back right now is HDD / SSD choice. Should I get some inexpensive 2TB HGST drives that have been dumped on ebay recently? Or should I get 8 Intel DC S3500 drives? (Or should I get a mix of both?) Does anyone one...
  17. D

    Dell PowerEdge C8220 Build and Questions

    Does anyone have experience working with the Dell C8220 motherboard outside of a server unit? I tried to do a search, but only came up with one thread tagged with C8220. I picked one up recently with the hopes to use it as an overkill PC. Kind of an experiment to get my feet wet with server...
  18. N

    What GPUs fit into C6100 sleds?

    Anyone had any luck installing gpus on c6100s ? I'd prefer NVIDIA gpus but I'm open to options. I'm trying to build out a cheap tensorflow environment. Thanks
  19. P

    Can two dual-node C6100 be combined into single four-node C6100?

    I love C6100 but it was configured for two nodes only, which I knew before buying it. What I didn't know is how eager I will be to add two more nodes. I looked at list of parts that will be needed for two more nodes and it wasn't pretty. Then today it kinda hit me, can't I just buy another...
  20. DavidRa

    How-to Guide C6100 - Fixing broken BMC / IPMI

    WARNING: Running the following procedure with the wrong BIOS or BMC ROM files can, and PROBABLY WILL permanently brick your node. Running the commands below can permanently brick your node ANYWAY if you look at it the wrong way. To continue, open Notepad or another text editor. Create a new...