C6100 ATX PSU help

Ryle leigh

New Member
Mar 28, 2017
I’m trying to get my C6100 to run from my Atx power supply, I have the 5v to 12v booster, and a pack of both the microfit connections.

My questions are; For the microfit 0430-251200 you need 6 grounds, which can be taken directly from the PSU.
1 12Vsb connect which is made by putting PIN 9 to DC-DC booster.
But how do i make the other 5 12V connections - there is only 2 available on PSU - or do i use a junction box for the extra connections?

For the other molex miligrid
What is “PWR-BTN” ? What number pin is it on the ATX PSU, as PIN 16 is the PS-on

Thanks for any replys - please let me know if this is correct