C6100 single node ATX psu

Ryle leigh

New Member
Mar 28, 2017
Hey everyone, I recently bought a c6100, with 3 nodes.

I'm only using 2 of the nodes.

I've seen a thread on here with someone getting a single c6100 node running on an ATX PSU

This is something i'd like to attempt, but i don't know what sort of problems i'll run into, or how much of the original chassis as to be involved ?

As my C6100 doesn't even load past bios if I removed the fans...
How do you bypass this on a single node?
How would I connect up HDDs
How would i even turn it on!

& what connections would I need to change ?

Please any information is appreciated or if you've got links to a thread where someone has said how theyve achieved this.. I've searched but haven't found one..

Thank you !