1. H

    X99-WS/IPMI: FRU & VGA Priority

    Hi, I’ve bought an used X99 WS / IPMI MB. It seems to work mostly fine. After an initial struggle on restoring the IPMI/iKVM password I’ve managed to login on it. Then I’ve discovered something I’ve never seen on my old DELL servers with iDRAC: FRU Information. After some research I’ve got that...
  2. yesoos

    ASUS KRPA-U16 full BIOS dump request

    Hi, I need full (256mb) bios chip dump for that motherboard , best to be pre-release version 0301 or first release 0302 (because I use ES Rome Epyc) but any newer could be also good . If any of you could provide maybe I could resurrect my mobo . 1000x Thanks
  3. S

    Help with ASUS Z10PC-D8/SAS LSI3008 to IT Mode

    Hi, I recently purchased an asus z10pc-d8/sas motherboard which came with an LSI3008 based on board SAS controller. This was originally in IR mode and I needed it in IT mode - So I grabbed the LSI firmware files from this ZIP 9300_8i_Package_P16_IR_IT_FW_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows and proceeded...
  4. D

    Experience with Thermals: 1U 10-16x 3,5 inch drives (drawer-style) server chassis

    Hi, I am currently planning several storage-intensive servers and stumbled over these 1U servers with 3,5 drives stacked in a 3x4 to 4x4 matrix inside the chassis. I found several manufactures for that which are all quite similar: As I can see, Supermicro, Asrock Rack, ASUS and Tyan are...
  5. M

    X299 & 7980XE

    With no luck in selling locally, guess I'll try here. 1 x x299 Asus Extreme Omega (2 month old with invoice.) 580€ ex. shipping 1 x 299 Asus SAGE WS (All accessories included and invoice.) 240€ ex. shipping 1 x 7980XE Custom Cobber IHS 1000€ (missing 5 smd 402 capacitors, but has been...
  6. Z

    FS: PRICE SLASHED / RACK PC / Intel 4790k / ASUS Z97-Deluxe / 8GB / SSD+ BONUS

    Hello, Just decommed a rack PC and replaced it with a NUC (for anyone that doesn't know, I made a post about the NUC7i7 and how its GOD mode, love them!) Anyway, I'll ship this in the case or will take the parts out if anyone wants. I always include a free BONUS item (Tablet, SSD, HDD, cell...
  7. C

    ASUS P9D-? and Broadwell Support (Xeon E3-12xx V4)

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with running the Xeon 12xx-V4 in ASUS P9D server motherboards. I have a P9D-C/4L and I am considering Xeon V3 or V4's, but only the V3's are on ASUS' CPU support list. There is a BIOS update that mentions adding Broadwell support. But, I can't find...
  8. U

    EU WTB: ASUS ASMB4-iKVM IPMI management kit

    As per title, if anybody has any they want to sell please let me know!! Thanks!
  9. E

    Motherboard will only boot after a CMOS reset?

    I've visited this site a bit recently, but I haven't made an account and posted until now. In the last few weeks, I have gotten the parts for and breadboarded a custom Workstation PC. The PCPartPicker list is at Extreme Workstation Build - evanzolman's Saved Part List - Xeon E5-269... -...
  10. B

    EU FS: Intel Xeon CPUs, DDR4 ECC, Mobo

    Items location: Greece ( Europe ) Shipping: Worldwide Shipping Method: According to Buyer's preference Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin/Ethereum/Monero/Zcash Item List: 2* Intel Xeon e5-2680 v4 ES2 ( QHV7 ) 2.2GHz 14c/28t ( 2.3GHz All Cores ) = 320 euro each piece 1* Intel Xeon...
  11. MiniKnight

    Amazon selling ASUS X399 with "Wife for future..."

    Lol before they fix this: ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME AMD Ryzen Threadripper Motherboard: Computers & Accessories Screenshot: Guess who's shopping Threadripper?
  12. K

    Supermicro SC836 casing with ASUS motherboard

    Hey guys, My work was throwing out hardware they didn't need and I managed to grab a Supermicro SC836E16-R1200B chassis, 10x 1.5T and 4x 1T Seagate disks. My plan here is to migrate my existing ZFS pool (6.2T used) to a new pool consisting out of 1 RAID-Z2 on the 10x 1.5T to be used as storage...
  13. H

    EU ASUS Z10PE D16 2x LGA 2011-3 389.99 eur

    Hey, Just bought two from this guy. He has one left (same product, different listing what I bought. This item was opened for photoshoot). ASUS Z10PE-D16 2x LGA 2011-3 Gift Box from Germany New (other) (90SB03M0-M0UAY0) | eBay
  14. chriscambridge

    Will Xeon E5-2683V3 OEM 2 Stepping work with Asus X99 Deluxe (not U3.1) Mobo?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone knows if the Xeon E5-2683 V3 OEM [2 Stepping] will work with the Asus X99 Deluxe (not U3.1) Motherboard? Please note that both are LGA-2011-V3, so I do not mean compatibility in that regards. The Chip is stated as OEM not ES/QS, and the Motherboard is the non U3.1...
  15. C

    Help with an Asus Z10PE D16 WS and Asus support

    I recently purchased an Asus TS700-E8-RS8 server barebones which contains the Z10PE-D16 WS motherboard from newegg. I attempted to install two, retail Broadwell E5-2630 V4's in it, however it will not work with both CPU's installed. Each CPU works fine in a single CPU configuration. I've done...
  16. P

    ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS problems with 2x E5 2698 V4 ES CPU QHUZ

    Good day... i am trying to build a 2x CPU setup with below mentioned Hardware installed in a test rig: Asus Z10PE-D8 WS Bios version 3304 2x QHUZ 2.0Ghz 20 Core ES2 cpu´s. 2x Noctua CPU coolers 1x GTX770 4Gb 4x Crucial / Micron modules (ct2k16G4RFD4213) 1GB DDR4 - 2133 RDIMM 1,2V CL15 before...
  17. T

    ProLiant DL180 gen 9 vs custom build with Asus Z10PE-D16

    Hi, My Supermicro X9SAE died so I need a new server. I'm debating whether to build a new server or buy the HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen 9. My primary use for this server is as a vmware esxi server hosting pfsense, solaris, and a couple of Windows, OS X, Linux and FreeBSD vm's. I'm mostly doing web...
  18. M

    IBM M1015 with ASUS motherboard

    Hello, I just want to confirm my suspicions: I received an IBM M1015 with the intent to flash it to IT mode and use it with an ASUS P8Z77-v Deluxe. However, I believe it to be DOA because it cannot be found with "megarec -adplist" command and it shows that no controllers can be found. I have...