1. L

    P4801X NVMe secure erase - how long should it take?

    I just ran a Secure Erase command on a P4801X 100 GB NVMe SSD. I was surprised that it took close to 3 minutes with both Parted Magic's utility and the Intel Memory and Storage Tool. Both tools reported success. Does it usually take this long? Thanks in advance!
  2. I

    [FS][US-VA] QNAP TS-453B NAS + 10GB & 2x NVME

    Selling a QNAP TS-453B, used in a smoke free home, working, only pulled the drives and did a reset. I did install and is included the QNAP QM2 (2P10G1T) 10G ethernet card with the two NVME slots and the NAS power supply. Will hold four 3.5" drives, all trays are included. If you want more...
  3. W

    Firmware for HPE Samsung PM1725B

    I just got my PM1725B and was looking around for updates. Does anyone know if there are there any HPE firmware updates? The HPE part number is P09770-003 and model number is MZ-WLL3T2B. From what I can see, HPK2 is the most recent firmware - can anyone confirm this? Thanks for the help.
  4. AveryFreeman

    Questions about OCFS2: How to span local partitions, journaling, lvm2-lock, clvm, etc.

    Hey, curious about how to get distributed volumes to span several devices. Unfortunately haven't seen much literature about this. I'm actually using Ubuntu instead of Oracle Linux, but the setup procedure appears virtually identical. Here's what I'm following, which seems to be the best...
  5. T

    reasons for SATA SSD over NVMe?

    Hello, are there any reasons to prefer SATA TLC SSD over NVMe TLC SSD? I have to replace my storage discs in my PC. One of the HDD in the Storage Spaces Mirror is dying. There is no heavy load on this storage. Manly read access. And mainly archived data. Basically, the data I want to have...
  6. C

    Dual EPYC 7742 H11DSi-NT Build

    Build Name: Big John OS: Fedora 33 Server (RIP: Centos) CPU: 2x AMD EPYC 7742 MB: Supermicro H11DSi-NT RAM: 16x NEMIX 8GB DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) ECC Registered RDIMM HD: 2x Micron 9300 Pro 3.84TB NVMe GPU: 4x NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080 Founders Edition Case: Mountain Mods U2-UFO Gold Digger Case...
  7. T

    TrueNAS HBAs: SuperMicro AOC-SLG3 4E4[x] [redriver] or [retimer] w non-SM MB: (Dell or Gigabyte).

    Looking for a 16-lane HBA for TrueNAS to connect 4x x4 U.2 NVMe drives that's: • Inexpensive • Isn't a bottleneck... • FreeBSD compatible (TrueNAS HCL) • Compatible with NON-SuperMicro hardware (Dell PowerEdge or Gigabyte MB) I'd been advised to look at these SuperMicro HBAs, but don't...
  8. A

    Samsung 983 DCT m.2 Read Speed

    Hello, I purchased four Samsung 983 DCT m.2 NVMe drives and their performance leaves much to be desired. While Samsung says that they should reach 3000MB/s read and 1400MB/s write, I don't reach those speeds. I'm mostly concerned with read speed as these are meant to be holding my VHDs on...
  9. X

    FS: 6x 3.2TB Oracle MZWLK3T2HCJL (Samsung PM1725) U.2 PCIe NVMe Enterprise SSD

    I am selling 6x 3.2TB Oracle MZWLK3T2HCJL (Samsung PM1725) U.2 PCIe NVMe Enterprise SSD Selling each for $280 shipped via USPS Priority Mail (US48 ONLY) Payment: Cash App, Venmo, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Zelle, PayPal + fee (2.9%), Cash (Local) I am located at 94583 (USA) my trader feedback...
  10. A

    NVMe M.2 boot drive w PLP

    Looking for a NVMe M.2 boot drive with PLP. 128gb is plenty fine. What's everyone using these days?
  11. R

    USB 3.2 Gen 2 to U.2 NVMe SSD Adapter

    Did you guys see this U.2 to USB yet? interesting...
  12. G

    Boot from NVME on Dell Poweredge 11G or 12G using Clover on Internal SD or USB

    I want to use a couple of NVME M.2 drives on PCIE board in my T620 with Ubuntu UEFI boot (ZFS install). I understand the 12G Poweredges do not support NVME boot but I believe I can use Clover on a bootable internal USB or SD card? Anyone with experience with this? Topic for a Youtube video?
  13. C

    EU [FS] Brocade ICX6610-24p | Optane 900p 280GB PCIe | Samsung 3.2TB PM1725a |ntel P3700 1.6TB U.2

    Hello, i want to sell a few things. So here is a list: Brocade ICX6610-24p - one PSU - need to sell it cause of the to high power drain - 330€ Intel Optane 900p 280GB PCIe HHHL - 14TBW - 220€ Samsung PM1725a 3.2TB PCIe3x8 HHHL- High Endurance drive 29.2PBW ( 0,044PB used) - 6200MB/s read...
  14. A

    SuperMicro SYS-1028U-TNRTP+ NVMe issues

    SuperMicro SYS-1028U-TNRTP+ NVMe controller is via the 1U Riser card: AOC-URN2-I2XS Both NVMe drives do not show up in the BIOS. Trying to figure out how to troubleshoot this. Any ideas?
  15. R

    (SOLD) Intel Optane P4800X 375GB HHHL

    Have two Intel Optane P4800X available. Both are 375GB, HHHL add-in card form factor with low profile bracket. I do have these posted for sale elsewhere but have reduced price for STH. Both have light write usage (not that it matters for Optane!) and were pulled from datacenter environment...
  16. svtkobra7

    diskinfo -wS truncates [prohibiting slog testing funtime]

    Can a kind soul advise why when running diskinfo -wS /dev/nvdx ... It truncates output @ 256 kbytes: diskinfo: AIO write submit error: Operation not supported And doesn't continue to 8192 kbytes as per usual? I have a smorgasboard of different M.2 drives I wanted to bench (this being one quick...
  17. N

    Motherboard choise for storage server?

    Hello Everyone on this amazing forum. I cannot thank you enough for all the help I've already gotten from this truly fantastic community, but I do need a little bit more help finding the correct hardware for my needs. I've gone away from the idea of making a combined workstation/nas/leisure...
  18. P

    What NVMe works on Supermicro X10SDV boards?

    Hey guys, first timer here but have been lurking for a while. I'm hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on NVMe drive compatibilty with the m.2 slot. My board (X10SDV-4C-TLN2F) fails to detect both my 970 EVO and a Transcend 220S drive. In BIOS I put the m.2 oprom in EFI mode...
  19. R

    Dual M2 on X11SCH-L4NF and RAID NVMe booting

    Hi, I've been trying to get a RAID array created on the dual M2 NVMe drives installed on my X11SCH-L4NF mb, but it appears this is not possible on these boards (a bit late now I've got it sat in my lab!). Has anyone had similar experience with SM RAID, and my second question would be why do...
  20. A

    Seagate Nytro 5000 1920GB@$200

    https://www.newegg.com/seagate-nytro-1920gb/p/0D9-0032-00028 These are datacenter-grade 22110 nvme with power loss protection. Why are they so cheap, where's the catch?