1. R

    (SOLD) Intel Optane P4800X 375GB HHHL

    Have two Intel Optane P4800X available. Both are 375GB, HHHL add-in card form factor with low profile bracket. I do have these posted for sale elsewhere but have reduced price for STH. Both have light write usage (not that it matters for Optane!) and were pulled from datacenter environment...
  2. svtkobra7

    diskinfo -wS truncates [prohibiting slog testing funtime]

    Can a kind soul advise why when running diskinfo -wS /dev/nvdx ... It truncates output @ 256 kbytes: diskinfo: AIO write submit error: Operation not supported And doesn't continue to 8192 kbytes as per usual? I have a smorgasboard of different M.2 drives I wanted to bench (this being one quick...
  3. N

    Motherboard choise for storage server?

    Hello Everyone on this amazing forum. I cannot thank you enough for all the help I've already gotten from this truly fantastic community, but I do need a little bit more help finding the correct hardware for my needs. I've gone away from the idea of making a combined workstation/nas/leisure...
  4. P

    What NVMe works on Supermicro X10SDV boards?

    Hey guys, first timer here but have been lurking for a while. I'm hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on NVMe drive compatibilty with the m.2 slot. My board (X10SDV-4C-TLN2F) fails to detect both my 970 EVO and a Transcend 220S drive. In BIOS I put the m.2 oprom in EFI mode...
  5. R

    Dual M2 on X11SCH-L4NF and RAID NVMe booting

    Hi, I've been trying to get a RAID array created on the dual M2 NVMe drives installed on my X11SCH-L4NF mb, but it appears this is not possible on these boards (a bit late now I've got it sat in my lab!). Has anyone had similar experience with SM RAID, and my second question would be why do...
  6. A

    Seagate Nytro 5000 1920GB@$200

    https://www.newegg.com/seagate-nytro-1920gb/p/0D9-0032-00028 These are datacenter-grade 22110 nvme with power loss protection. Why are they so cheap, where's the catch?
  7. svtkobra7

    Thoughts on ESXi 7.0 Boot Drive (Samsung 970 EVO Plus or WD SN750), please? (for my specific use case)

    I'd love some thoughts on what is the better ESXi 7.0 boot drive, the Samsung 970 EVO Plus or WD SN750, both @ 500 GB. Specs seem quite similar and just prefer to toss the matter out to the pros (which I am NOT). Please let me know - after review of my constraints - if I'm completely barking up...
  8. L

    Mux needed for AOC-SLG3-4E4R / AOC-SLG3-2E4R?

    I'm interested in building a storage server and using a few AOC-SLG3-4E4R / AOC-SLG3-2E4R cards to connect to a bunch of NVMe drives. Per this Supermicro page, AOC-SLG3-4E4R, AOC-SLG3-2E4R (and all the other cards without a PCIe switch) require a mux for more than one card on same PCIe bus...
  9. gb00s

    EU CLOSED - WTB: Looking for 1x 3.2TB+ or 2x 1.6+TB PCIe NVMe/SSD - Price max 350EUR

    I bought a brand new SanDisk ioMemory 3.2TB SX350 on eBay recently for less than 350EUR and had the chance to work with and test it for some time now as storage for VM's and databases. I'm totally happy, if not super happy, with the performance and how it works out in Proxmox and I'm therefore...
  10. A

    NVMe PCI-E Adapter Card w/ PLX

    Hello. I have a server based around a SuperMicro X9DRi-F. Sad story about it is that the motherboard lets you bifurcate the lanes in the BIOS, but SuperMicro support says that just because the BIOS lets you do it, doesn't mean it works (they recommended the X10 or newer). I have a couple of the...
  11. W

    Does HP Thin Client T630 support NVMe?

    I have a Thin Client T630 which I want to use as a web server, so I was wondering what ssd to buy for it. Does it support NVMe or is it only SATA? Is there a way to find out before buying one?
  12. A

    How NVMe servers deliver PCI to the drives?

    How do the servers like this 7232P https://www.thinkmate.co/system/rax-qn24-12e2 with 24x NVME(each is 4x pci) and 1 CPU, connect the drives to the CPU? Do they use some kind of breakout boards for nvme? It it possible to assembly DIY >16 disk all-nvme storage right now and what cards may i need...
  13. A

    Looking for advice on 4TB NVME SSDs for workstation use.

    Hello all, I was wondering if I could get some suggestions/recommendations on some 4tb NVME SSDs. I'm a graphic designer by trade and plan on using my computer for profession/business use. I often deal with very large file sizes and intensive workloads, so I need something that is realible and...
  14. A

    How to create a bootable NVMe RAID 0 on EPYC 7601 (H11DSi-NT rev. 2.0)?

    BIOS doesn’t show any RAID option. So, is it a “software only” option? Why did they miss EPYC? (as THREADRIPPER has an option)
  15. H

    Quad Port U.2 card?

    Hi, I'm sure I'm not the only who is looking for such a solution: I'm looking to purchase 4 U.2 drives and hook them into a Threadripper based motherboard (I didn't buy any motherboard yet, still planning). Surprisingly, the only card I found is the Supermicro AOC-SLG3-4E4R (and the 4E4T...
  16. Bjorn Smith

    EU Obsolete

    Hi, Looking to buy another SuperMicro AOC-SLG3-2E4, since I just bought two extra u.2 drives. If you have one lying around and are willing to sell it cheapish - PM me. Thanks
  17. C

    New to building home server-X10SRM-F BIOS questions

    First post here, so here it goes. I'm building my first home server this week, mostly for Plex. I've built many PCs but never a server grade machine. So, my options for W10 OS install is my 64GB Satadom or Toshiba 1TB m.2 NVMe. Is there an easier one to load onto via Rufus (USB)? Do I need...
  18. A

    NVMe storage server on a budget

    I'm looking to build/buy a high-performance NVMe storage server for virtualization purposes. I need a server with at least 8 hot-swappable nvme (or with storage, adaptable to nvme drives, u.2 maybe?) that does not break the bank(prefferably, under $10K without the drives) Plain nvme...
  19. G

    Use Intel P4600 NVMe 2TB as both SLOG and L2ARC

    Hi, We are planning a new virtualization deployment for a customer. Virtualization hosts will be VMware 6.7 and storage array will be a shiny new Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 which has an Intel P4600 NVMe 2TB (fixed configuraton from our provider, I can't chage that). I'm planning to make 2...
  20. J

    NVMe M.2 SSDs in U.2 enclosure

    Will NVMe M.2 form factor SSDs placed in an U.2 2.5" enclosure perform similar to their U.2 counter parts? And can they be used with the Supermicro's NVMe server lineup? Any enclosure recommendations?