(Server) HW for virtualization (w/ EPYC2?)

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Ujo Igor

New Member
Feb 21, 2020
Hi guys,
I am not experienced in server HW so I am asking for your help. Sorry not so smart asumptions/ideas, feel free to correct me.

Requirements for HW (workstation/server):
- base OS Linux
- will run as host for virtualization of numerous VMs:
- 4 Linux VMs all the time
- 5-10 Win VMs occasionally (workstations+servers simulating AD)​
- system stability and reliability is very important
- big plus of mobo would be:
- fast M.2 slots (ideally 2) for disks
- possibility of attaching 2+ GPUs (like GAINWARD GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Phoenix 11GB)
- really not sure it makes sense to combine with other requirements, but would be nice​
- plus would be support of non-ECC desktop RAMs (ECC being slower and more expensive)
- is this a stupid idea?​
- location: server room with AC, can be in rack or standing on the floor
- and now the worst - HW needs to be purchasable in Czech Republic (can be checked on https://www.heureka.cz/)

So I think it looks like I need rather server-grade HW, powerful CPU with a lot of cores (how many?) and a lot of RAM (I expect 128GB).

From my point of view, obvious winner in perf/cost is AMD Epyc, e.g. new Rome 7002 gen for SP3 socket (EPYC 7452 or 7352).

For mobo I had a look at some products and not sure what to choose:
- manufacturers with worse rep:
- Gigabyte GA-MZ32-AR0
- bad reviews (problems with RAM, firmware and support) -
- https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-MZ31-AR0-Socket-SlimSAS-Motherboard/dp/B077BKKJXZ#customerReviews
- review is for older MZ31-AR0, I could not find for MZ32-AR0
- not sure Gigabyte would improve much, on top of that they seem to have some delivery problems:
- better manufacturers (?):
- Supermicro
- for 7002 there is single mobo, small no. of PCIe ports for GPU:
- Supermicro H12SSW-iN
- looks interesting​
- ASRock ROMED8-2T
- looks really good
- not available in Czech Rep.:(

- any suggestion for reliable 7002 Epyc mobo?
- with PCIe sloty (at least 2x x16 3.0), M.2 (and maybe non-ECC RAM support)?
- do mobos for Epyc 7000 support also the new 7002 AMD processors?
- is some other solution better? AMD is not a must but Xeons are expensive
- are there some extra complications expected when assembling server HW (versus desktop PC)?
- does it even make sense to combine server reliability with GPUs?

Thanks for any help!