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    EU [WTB]-[CZ] Barebones (2U 12x3.5")/(3U 16x3.5")/(4U 24x3.5")

    Hello, I'm looking for a barebones server that can be either 2U (with 12x3.5"), 3U (with 16x3.5") or 4U (with 24x3.5"). I am a student from the Czech republic and I am interested in server technology. I have a small home-lab because of that but my CSE-823TQ-653LPB is not enough for me and I...
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    Component Recommendations for Proxmox Homelab with TrueNAS and Various Applications

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of setting up my own homelab and would greatly appreciate your recommendations and advice. Below, I provide the details and requirements of my project: Goals and Essential Requirements: Homelab Server with Proxmox: I want to create an environment to learn...
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    [FS][US-TX] 3x Dell PowerEdge R730 768GB - $900

    For sale are 3x PowerEdge R730 2U servers Each server has 2 Xeon E5-2690v4 CPUs Those are 14 core, 28 thread clocked at 2.6GHz 24 sticks of 32GB DDR4 ECC for 768GB of RAM in each server. 2400MHz RDIMMs (Samsung) They have 8x 2.5" drive sleds Doesn't come with drive sleds (only blanks) but...
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    [Need advice] Looking for a cheap server to replace raspberry pi 3b+

    Sorry if this is not the right place to ask for this. I'm new here, and I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker. I don't have a big budget for this, so I was thinking on something for 150 bucks or less. Do you have anything on mind that can fulfill this purpose? The raspberry...
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    [FS] [US-MN] (SOLD) Tyan B7106T70EV12HR Scalable Server / 12LFF + 2SFF / 2x Xeon Silver 4110 / 32GB RAM / 64GB NVME

    SOLD Selling a Riverbed Steelhead branded Tyan B7106T70EV12HR server. Pictured with and without the bezel on. This server supports 12x 3.5" LFF Drives and also 2x 2.5" drives in the back. This server is barely used, it is very clean inside. The server was originally a Riverbed Steelhead...
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    Advice for custom virtualization / plex server build

    I currently have a Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF (Intel Core i5-4590 3.3ghz cpu (no gpu/igpu), 32gb ram) running as a Proxmox virtualization server. I also have a Synology RS822+ fileserver that also hosts Plex. I'm out of resources on the Dell, and I want to take the Plex pressure off my file server...
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    Minisforum - Intel NUC KVM/libvirt replacement

    Hello, all. I hope this is the best place to post this question. I'm new to the forum. Here's the deal. I have an old Intel NUC I have had for a couple of years I am afraid could die at any moment. It currently is running Red Hat 8 with KVM/libvirt hosting a few virtual machines and is also my...
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    [SOLD] [US-SoCal] Supermicro 1U Server, motherboard, Mellanox cards, other misc.

    Hey everyone! I have this server just sitting, not being used so I'm trying to sell it for money for my current server project (Isn't that how it goes?). It's a Supermicro 119-7 Chassis, 8x2.5" bays, PSU's and onboard battery backups work. Has Two Xeon E5-2650 V2's, and 256GB RAM, DDR3 1600...
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    SOLD [FS] [US-MN] Dell PowerEdge T640 18 LFF 3.5" Server / 384GB DDR4-2666 / 18 Trays / 2x 750W PSU / IDRAC Enterprise / H330 HBA (Flashed to IT Mode)

    SOLD Selling a Dell PowerEdge T640 18LFF 3.5" server. This is a homelab dream server with 18 LFF 3.5" bays for massive storage potential. Has 9 PCIe slots (less one for the HBA) for all your GPU, NVME cards, etc. These towers run nice and quiet also. This comes fully populated with trays as...
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    [FS] [US-MN] Dell Precision 7820 / Xeon Platinum 8259CL / 96GB DDR4-2666 / 2TB NVME / Nvidia P1000

    Selling a set of workstations I put together to test the VRM modification needed to run these platinum CPUs. Everything works great, I'm also running these on my own server. Surprisingly they pull less idle power than my 6138 CPUs. These are very quiet also, which is a nice bonus! The tower...
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    2024 AM5 Server builds (limited motherboard overview)

    Hey all, With great interest I read all 7 pages (though probably only 3 useful) about the AM5 offerings. To keep the spirit of the thread (less so on the original post) going, a new thread to have some discussions about server idea's offerings for the AM5 platform. Which should be interesting...
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    [FS] [USA-MN] Dell PowerEdge R730XD 26SFF (4x U.2 NVME) / 2x E5-2630L V4 / 256GB RAM / 2x1G & 2x10G Port / 2x 1100W PSU / Drives Available

    Selling a Dell PowerEdge R730XD with the U.2 NVME enablement option. Built this to mess around with some U.2 NVME drives I got, but now I’m moving them into production and no longer need this. Updated and diagnostic tested. I have some SAS drives listed below that you can add in as well. If...
  15. P

    [FS] USA - NJ: Custom NAS/Unraid parts; Pelican rolling case

    (Moved this to the correct subforum) It was time to upgrade so that means it's time to pass on some hardware. This is a great kit of hardware that has served me well and would set someone up nicely to start their homelab. I'm located in 08861 (Perth Amboy, NJ) and prefer an in person meet vs...
  16. S

    I ****ed up the server

    Hello people, I assembled new components for the server and a problem arose for components intel xeon silver 4314 ×2 supermicro x12dpl-i6-b dimm ddr4 64 gb 3200mhz samsung [M393A8G50AB2-CWE] after assembly, an error appears at startup and simply does not go further, tried to disconnect the old...
  17. U

    Low Power server

    Im looking for suggestions for a low power server. Im currently using a HP DL360 G9, but need to upgrade due to high power consumption. This is for a ESXi host.
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    Supermicro AS-2015HS-TNR Review - Suggestions

    Patrick -- Suggestions looking over your detailed review of this fantastic 1P SM Server: It would be incredibly helpful to get system dbA noise levels at the front of the server, both at idle and full boar along with the FAN model installed. Some of these new SM 1P servers now have two FAN...
  19. Prophes0r

    New Contender for the cheapest 4U full depth rack chassis? [$110 USD shipped?] [RACKOWL 13 Bay 4U Server Chassis]

    Note on Updates: I will be updating this OP as I get the units in to provide pictures and my opinion on them. They are scheduled to arrive on the 26th of October. Update 1: Less than 30 minutes after posting this they arrived? What? How? They appear to be real too. Nothing jumps out as wrong...
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    Looking for a quiet ATX compatible 4U rack case.

    I am trying to find a 4u rack case to move my old computer to. My problem is that the computer will be pretty mouch always on and it will run in the room I sleep in. Because of that I need a case, that will be as quiet as possible while housing an ATX motherboard, ATX psu and a GTX 1070 founders...