epyc rome

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    amd epyc rome on h122ssl-c random crashes

    Heres the story: Ive got a server with the h122sl-c mainboard and AMD EPYC 7262 as cpu, it has 4x8 gig of ram in 4 lanes. It also has 2x8TB Seagate drives as Raid 1 in the SAS controller and 2x990 Samsung pro as nvme on board. This got shipped without any heatsink. Zippy redundant server psu...
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    (Server) HW for virtualization (w/ EPYC2?)

    Hi guys, I am not experienced in server HW so I am asking for your help. Sorry not so smart asumptions/ideas, feel free to correct me. Requirements for HW (workstation/server): - base OS Linux - will run as host for virtualization of numerous VMs: - 4 Linux VMs all the time - 5-10 Win VMs...
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    mini-itx 28c and dual 100GE

    Just finished my raptor extreme project. intel platinum 28c, mellanox connectx-5 dual 100GE nic in a custom sff mini-itx case: Imgur silent, powerful, and not ugly!!! jp next project: epyc rome 64c, supermicro proprietary mb, pcie 4.0, mellanox connectx-6 dual 100GE pcie 4.0 nic in an even...