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    ASRock Rack GENOAD8X-2T/BCM spec confusion

    Hello folks! I'm considering buy the ASRock Rack GENOAD8X-2T/BCM to pair with a AMD EPYC 9754 for my homelab. I've found the review from STH site (btw, thanks STH! Awesome review and show that this board seems very versatile!) and also read the manual to the end and one thing is not matching to...
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    Stable AM5 motherboard suggestions for server purposes

    I am planning to use ECC RAM with 128gb, and AMD 7950x3d or AMD 7900. It can be ATX as well. I will put the server in a datacenter.
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    [USA-OR][H]Silverstone ST1000-PTS, GSkill 32GB DDR5 RGB kit, Kingston 16GB DDR5 SODIMM kit [W]PP, cash

    All prices negotiable. All prices negotiable. All prices negotiable. All prices negotiable. All items ship Fedex 2-day or USPS FREE in USA. Outside USA cost depends on location. Paypal G&S or local cash (Portland, OR) BRAND NEW FROM FACTORY Silverstone ST1000-PTS 1000W 80Plus Platinum...
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    ROMED8-2T LAN Ports Not Working

    Hi all. I'm completely new to server builds and just built my first PC. It's based on the ROMED8-2T with an Epyc 7302P. 128 GB RAM (32x4). I have a 2TB SSD. 2x1TB M2 SSDs. 12TBx6 HDDs that will ultimately be in a raidz2 config. Noctua cooler. Corsair 750 power supply. Housing is Fractal Design...
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    Gigabyte mz32-ar0 rev 3. graphics cards wont show up

    tearing my hair out here. I've got both a 5700xt and a 7900xtx that wont show up. I've tried every slot it will fit in, and also the others with a pcie riser card and none of them get either card to show up in lspci. I've plugged and unplugged all the power cables dozens of times. I've tried...
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    [FR][WTB] Asrock h310m-itx/ac

    Hey all, I am currently looking for this kind of card at a good price, or equivalent, please contact me if you have this on hand.
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    delete this thread

    Please delete this thread.
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    Booting Poweredge T420 MOBO without control panel?

    Hello, I've been into the PC building scene for about a decade now, but I recently acquired my first server-grade parts: a Dell Poweredge T420 motherboard with 2 xeon processors. Since I only have the motherboard, I don't actually possess the necessary control panel that plugs into the header...
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    ASRock Rack ROMED16QM3: available where ??

    Anyone have any info on this mb? Is this MB only available in Europe? ASRock Rack ROMED16QM3
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    Help me choose motherboard for NAS

    Hi, I am building a NAS server that will run TrueNAS Scale. I have 3x Ironwolf 8 TB HDD that will be set in RAID Z1 with some additional caching SSDs. And now the question. I need a motherboard for 9100F that will have 6xSATA ports, 2xM.2, support for ECC RAM (I will have 32Gb at the beginning)...
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    Removing DIMMs from slots with only one clasp / retention clip

    Until this week, every motherboard I've encountered has DIMM slots with two clasps (one on each end). Removing DIMMs is pretty easy because pressing on the two clasps usually releases the DIMM on both ends. I just encountered my first motherboard where the DIMM slots only have a single clasp...
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    EU I search for a Asus Z10pa u8

    Hello, if someone has an z10pa u8 i would buy it, i would take the 10g-2s as well if someone has this Note: i life in germany and i am 16yr old and search for it since i am 15 xdd, soooo please did someone have this and would sell it to me, Have a great christmas day!
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    FS US NYC old server components WTB/WTT SAS HDDs

    WTB/WTT: Looking for 10x 8/10/14T SAS HDDs: show me your helium drives! Post 2020-1-1 manufacture year preferred. FS: Rebuilding my lab with server grade stuff so I'm selling my old stuff. CPU AMD Ryzen 5600x: bought new from microcenter on Oct 2021, no embedded graphics, you can use it with...
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    Supermicro M12SWA-TF PCH fan noise

    Rumor has it the Supermicro M12SWA-TF PCH fan is really noisy. Has anyone found any good solutions for this? Can the fan be swapped with a Noctua? Or maybe use the existing fan with an LNA resistor to slow it down a bit and rely on good case cooling? Thanks!
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    Intel W580 vs C256

    I need to get a server board and CPU for a home server (storage, plex, etc). I am looking at two different board options. Should I go with a W580 or a C256 motherboard (and obviously the corresponding CPU)? And why? TIA!
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    Supermicro H12SSL-i does not boot

    Hi, I Just have received my new Supermicro H12SSL-i MB to build my home server. Unfortunately seems that my system is broken as I am not able to start the machine. After I turn on the power supply the LE1 LED blinks quickly until the LEDM1 (BMC) starts to blinks quickly and then if off. The BMC...
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    (SOLVED): AsRock Rack E3C246D4U High MB Temp

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased the AsRock Rack E3C246D4U motherboard. I'm running it with the following hardware: - Kingston 16GB ECC RAM - Intel Core i3-9300T CPU / Alpine 12 Passive CPU Cooler - Seagate Ironwolf Pro 8TB - WD Red Plus 10TB - Intel D3-S4510 480GB SSD - WD Red SN700 NVMe...
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    GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 REV 1.1 with Epyc Rome / Milan

    I have a GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 rev 1.1 and I figure the only diffrence between the revisions of the board is the size of the SOP8 flash for the bigger BIOS. I bought some MX25L25645 flash chips to replace the original one and just... flash the revision 2 or 3 BIOS onto it to make Rome or even Milan...
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    Trying to build my new server, should I wait?

    I have dual E5-2697 v2 now but the single core performance just too low and multiple core adds up the power consumption is worst than A single i9-12900K, and unfortunately my case single core performance is significant, so I am wondering if there is something will go terribly wrong that I don’t...
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    Hi All, I'm selling a SUPERMICRO X11DPH-i. This came directly from Supermicro in exchange for my original motherboard which had bent pins and was faulty. The motherboards is a revision 1.10. SALE PRICE: EUR 500.00 including shipping in the EU. Payment PayPal or bank transfer only. Prices on...