1. M

    dell T7600 82WXT motherboard; power supply

    I've acquired a T7600 motherboard that I was hoping to put some cpus I have into, but I'm struggling to find any info on the power pinouts for this motherboard. Theres a 24 pin and a 20 pin power connector, does it need both or can it run on just one, is the 24 pin standard atx? (it does seem...
  2. AveryFreeman

    Grease in peripheral slots?! Who would do such a thing??!!! Board hosed?!?

    Dude, So I bought this server by some people that admittedly said they knew nothing about it. It was advertised as a motherboard, but they said it came with everything. So I ordered it, curious about what I might find. When I get it, I open it up and look at one of the slots and I notice this...
  3. J

    R720 - iDRAC cannot initialize (MB replaced)

    Hi, Few weeks ago, I tried to update my system via WM Ware OMSA. After 3 hours of ... nothing happening anymore, I restarted server. Since this time, the server display on boot "Alert! iDRAC not responding." and reboot. At second reboot, I'm still having the error but the server boot. (FAN are...
  4. C

    BMC reporting 3.3v down to 2.8v when disks are OFF

    Hi there, I have a very strange problem with a new NAS install. I had a Supermicro A1SAi for 5 years before I got the Intel AVR54 bug, which Supermicro absolutely refused to fix. For that matter I decided not to buy a new Supermicro motherboard. Anyway, just to say that the 6 disks (2 SSDs and...
  5. S

    EU [CLOSED] WTB: Supermicro X9DRT-HF (or compatible) motherboard/node

    Like I wrote here, one of my nodes has broken pins in the cpu socket so I am looking for a replacement. Best offer I got from ebay was 130 euro plus 20 euro shipping costs (to the Netherlands) for a X9DRT-HF+ node which I think is too much.
  6. D

    EPYC 7001 in a ASUS KRPA-U16?

    Hello, Been lurking for awhile hope someone can help with this. I have been hunting for a EPYC single socket board with 16 DIMM slots and the only one I can find that is actually available for purchase is an ASUS KRPA-U16. I already have a 7551P that I would like to use so my question has...
  7. AveryFreeman

    Anybody seen a Supermicro board not recognize hard drives/SSDs before?!

    Hey, I got a new board recently to upgrade my oddball UIO case server, it's an X10SRW-F, which is like a WIO form factor X10SRL-F My BIOS is rev 3.22 (latest) and IPMI Redfish 3.9 (also latest - just updated both last night) I was really excited to set this board up and retire my X9SPU-F, but...
  8. D

    FS: SuperMicro X11SCH-LN4F - Brand New Direct from Factory

    I had to RMA a broken X11SCH-LN4F and ended up buying another to not incur any downtime. SuperMicro sent me back a brand new board. The latest UEFI (v1.5) is flashed and the RMA team tested the new board. Retail box included. This...
  9. N

    Motherboard choise for storage server?

    Hello Everyone on this amazing forum. I cannot thank you enough for all the help I've already gotten from this truly fantastic community, but I do need a little bit more help finding the correct hardware for my needs. I've gone away from the idea of making a combined workstation/nas/leisure...
  10. S

    Retailer/supplier recommendations/lists

    Hi! So having come to building a small home server/lab for some basic things, and reading a lot online, I'm finding it hard to find places to shop for primarily server spec/designated parts. My usual friends (in the UK) ebuyer/scan don't really have server parts - I'm finding motherboards...
  11. R

    FS: Intel S2600CW2SR board with dual 8 core Xeons, 64GB RAM, and LSI 9361-8i RAID card

    Have an Intel S2600CW2SR board with dual 8 core Xeons, 64GB RAM, and LSI 9361-8i RAID card. Looking for $320 and I'll pay shipping. Ok, so the processors are E5-2670V3 2.30Ghz 30MB 12-Core. The board form factor is SSI EEB 12" x 13" I have a picture, not sure how to insert. I can E-Mail if...
  12. G

    WTB - Gigabyte GA-7PESH2

    Hi all, hoping someone has one available ready for V2 xeons. I'm Paypal ready. I do have a Quadro P2000 as trade bait if that helps. Edit - found one, thank you!
  13. U

    (Server) HW for virtualization (w/ EPYC2?)

    Hi guys, I am not experienced in server HW so I am asking for your help. Sorry not so smart asumptions/ideas, feel free to correct me. Requirements for HW (workstation/server): - base OS Linux - will run as host for virtualization of numerous VMs: - 4 Linux VMs all the time - 5-10 Win VMs...
  14. B

    EPYCD8-2T Serious issues

    Hi mates. I think that my EPYCD8-2T failed on me (at the worst moment, of course). My plight started 2 days ago, when I added the fourth GPU. The board did not boot properly (no screen output), and after the usual 30/40 secs, the power draw skyrocketed at almost 300W. No ssh server running, so...
  15. P

    Superchassis CSE-505-203B a + M11SDV - compatibility issues?

    So I ran into a bit of an embarrassing issue yesterday - it seems like Superchassis CSE-505-203B (despite Supermicro's claims) isn't really fully compatible with their EPYC 3000 motherboards. As you can see in the attached images, the IO panel seems not to support the layout of their...
  16. R

    EU FS-Fujitsu D3348 B1X, lga 2011-3 C612 Motherboards in refurb condition

    For sale are two Fujitsu D3348 B1X Motherboards. They were in rough condition with physical damage to some components that i was able to repair, replace or work around with the help of a working reference-board. What you see is what you get, all repairs and damages that i know of are visible in...
  17. U

    ACPI Initialization boot error (78)

    Hi, I've got a problem with Supermicro X11SCM-LN8F motherboard booting when I'm attaching PCI-E NIC card ST2000PEXPSE. The boot stuck on ACPI Initialization (78). Is there something I need to change in BIOS setup? Many thanks.
  18. M

    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    I recently purchased some X9DRD-LF systems. I have got them fully updated and am using an m.2 to USB SATA adapter as a boot device. I had the devices attached to the external USB ports and they are operational as a boot device for ESX. (much better than USB flash drive performance) I finally got...
  19. A

    WTB: X10QBL-4 motherboard

    Hello! Anyone looking to sell the X10QBL-4 / X10QBL-4CT motherboard, please DM me.
  20. Y

    Questions about BMCs and Baseboards

    Hey folks, Total beginner / noob here and have a few really basic questions: 1) is a baseboard the same as a motherboard? I read somewhere that servers now come with 4 baseboards per server (up from 2 back in 2014), and this might increase further as data traffic continues to grow - anyone...