1. S

    EU Got everything, no longer WTB 3x 5m qsfp cable, 3x 20m qsfp cable, 2x cx354a pcie, ship to NL

    As posted in the title I'm looking for gear to convert my home network to 40gbit. Main purpose is sharing storage over rdma, my internet connection is only 100mbit, so ipoib seems like it would be fine for that. Even the second line I'm considering would keep the combined bandwidth at max...
  2. I

    [WTB] 64ddr3 lrdimm( 60 units), small sata ssds, 2697v2

    We are extending our cluster and need some hardware: * 60 units of 64GB ddr3 lrdimm (total of 3840GB, if the price is good we might buy more) * 15 units sata ssds (enterprise, 90% or better smart) 400GB or better ( not willing to pay extra for much larger drives, this is intended for boot drive)...
  3. R

    WTB: U-Nas 810 or 810A w/ power

    Want to buy a new or lightly used U-Nas NSC-810 or NSC-810A with power supply. Shipping would be to 20009 zip code. Let me know! Thanks
  4. SychoSly

    WTB: 8TB, 7TB or 6TB Sata drives

    Looking for a few higher capacity 3.5" sata drives. I would be looking for up to 5 or so, depending on cost. Located in the Chicago area. Thank you
  5. M

    WTB 3 or 4 8tb 3.5inch drives

    Hi I'm in search of 8tb drives for a good price. I was looking at Unixsurplus on ebay and was thinking of getting 3 or 4 of their HGST drives for 99 a piece, but I'd prefer to buy from someone on the forum if possible. Thanks, and I hope everyone is safe.
  6. I

    WTB 1.6TB-4TB ssd (large qty) , and few AIC 250GB+

    looking for a good price for decent ssds, sas\sata 2.5' looking for : 24-30 UNITS each 4TB (sas\sata 2.5' drives) 48-50 2TB drives (sas\sata 2.5' drives) 48-50 1.6TB drives (sas\sata 2.5' drives) 3-5 units AIC (240GB+) any decent brand bought first lot, looking for another lot of...
  7. R

    [WTB] Brocade ICX 6450

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for (a) reasonably priced Brocade ICX 6450 (2 x 24 port w/ at least 1 having PoE, or 1 x 48 port w/ PoE) switch(es) to start my home lab. I just bought an old Dell PowerEdge R210 ii to build a router and I now need a switch. I'm located in the northern California...
  8. A

    WTB: SuperMicro X11SSH/X11SSL motherboard + RAM

    Looking for X11SSH-CTF or X11SSL-CF preferably, but I'll consider other variants as well. I'm looking for compatible RAM compatible with Xeon E3-1275 V6, ECC DDR4, at-least 32 GB. Willing to pay local cash (I'm in San Francisco, CA) or Paypal. Thanks!
  9. A

    EU UK - WTB E3-1240v3, E3-1270v3

    As in title, please pm if you have requested or similar processor.
  10. N

    Chenbro rails for RM235 Series

    Looking for 84H311610-082 for this: Chenbro - Products
  11. djbon2112

    Canada WTB - 1 or 2 C6100 nodes (of L5520 or better variety)

    Looking to buy one (or possibly two for the right price) C6100 nodes. I've been running with 3 for some time having bricked one when I first got the system in 2013, but now I find myself needing the fourth (and a spare)! It will compliment three existing L5520-based ones (not AMD) in a TY3...
  12. M

    Canada WTB: Dual LGA2011 Motherboard

    I purchased an S2600CP4 a few months ago and just recently tried to put it into production after acquiring a case, memory, dual E5-2670's, etc but believe I have a dud mobo and it's been far too long to claim refund on it. With both CPUs installed and minimal ram, the system either fails to post...
  13. Hjalti Atlason

    WTB: 4 X 8 GB DDR3/DDR3L desktop Ram

    WTB: 4 X 8 GB DDR3/DDR3L desktop ram (2800/2400/2133/1866/1600) Motherboard: Z97 Extreme6 http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z97%20Extreme6/?cat=Memory I have a shipito U.S address in California.
  14. archmagos

    WTB - 2U Rackmount Chassis with SAS/SATA (3.5 Drives)

    Won't take a genius to figure out that Supermicro chassis are a pretty good fit for this list, but let me know what you guys have and how much shipped to Seattle, WA (or if available for pickup if local). Something like a Supermicro SC829, 827, 826 or 825 would fit the bill pretty well...
  15. S

    WTB: v1 / SB-EP Xeon E5-2687W or E5-2690

    Does anyone have one of the following Sandy Bridge-EP v1 Xeon CPUs they'd be willing to sell reasonably cheap (~$300)? C2 stepping preferred, C1 is okay, no ES silicon. Xeon E5-2687W Xeon E5-2690 If so, let me know what you have and how much you want.
  16. S

    Found: X79 motherboard with USB3.0 and Xeon E5 v1 support (CLOSED)

    No longer looking, bought a new C602 board.
  17. nephri

    WTB [EU] : CSE-846 chassis

    Hi, I would like to buy a "used" CSE-846 chassis with: - BPN-SAS2-846EL1 or BPN-SAS-846A backplane - 2x PSU. I would prefer platinium models but it's not mandatory. - trays. - rails kit. I'm living in France, and i would buy it from an EU seller for reduce shipping costs. Don't...