Canada [WTB] [GTHA, ON] 2U 12-bay Supermicro cases (or similar)

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New Member
Nov 24, 2013
Burlington, ON, CANADA
Looking to upgrade my storage cluster with a new set of 3x cases for further expandability. For bare cases, something like a Supermicro CSE-826 or similar, ideally with PSUs and the 2-bay 2.5" hotswap is a bonus. Not sure who else makes "just a case" except Supermicro, but I'd be willing to entertain other options if I could get the PSUs from my old Chenbro 2U 8-bay cases to fit.

Also willing to consider full systems with the right case spec, but only from Dell or Cisco (no HPE or IBM) and only of Sandy Bridge or newer vintage, assuming the price is reasonable.

Located around Hamilton, Ontario and local pickup much preferred. Payment methods flexible. Budget relatively flexibly but no more than ~$1500 CAD (what I'd pay for 3x CSE-826s shipped from UnixSurplus).