EU Got everything, no longer WTB 3x 5m qsfp cable, 3x 20m qsfp cable, 2x cx354a pcie, ship to NL

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Apr 1, 2021
As posted in the title I'm looking for gear to convert my home network to 40gbit. Main purpose is sharing storage over rdma, my internet connection is only 100mbit, so ipoib seems like it would be fine for that. Even the second line I'm considering would keep the combined bandwidth at max 700mbit.

The list is the result of my research into the subject, I'm no expert, so if I've listed something stupid, I apologize and would love to be enlightened.

To reiterate:
1x qsfp switch, I was thinking a mellanox is5022 as it is small and power consumption is tolerable. (obviously will need a fan mod to make sound acceptable)
3x 5m qsfp cables, passive is fine
3x 20m qsfp cables, active obviously
2x mellanox cx354a-qcbt (that's the 40gbit one I think, fdr spec would be fine too as I understand it)

Anyone who has, preferably all of this in one place, available would have to deal with the hassle of shipping to the netherlands, as that is where I'm located.

Reason I'm asking here is because prices in the US appear to be so much lower than everywhere else on e-bay that it seems like it would make economic sense even including VAT and import tariffs.

edit: have made an arrangement for some cards and an is5022, still looking for the rest
edit 2: have everything on order, this can now sink to the bottom
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