1. T

    What MB for low power vSphere ESXi ?

    First post here, I hope someone can offer some advice... :) I'm looking at building a small home lab virtualisation setup. I use ESXi at work so would like to stick to that for home. I'm not too bothered about official support as long as it works and is stable. For now, I've been using my...
  2. V

    Proxmox isolating vm from host, hyper & user (network and volumes)

    Need to run some sketchy applications in a linux or windows vm, let's call it SketchVM. What I want to accomplish: - SketchVM to have access to the internet. -Malware on SketchVM cannot infect proxmox hypervisor -Malware on SketchVM cannot infect other vms or write to their drives -Malware...
  3. N

    New homeserver build

    Hello together, so I’ve just registered here because I’ve the feeling there are quite some users that could give me reasonable input on this. I’m playing with the though of getting my own personal homeserver for quite some time. It should be noted that I’m working in the field of consultation...
  4. D

    Advice for building a home server/workstation

    Hello, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to building servers so please be patient :) Recently I decided to build a server which would be used for storage, but also as a workstation where I would have multiple virtual machines for testing/gaming/audio production. After some research it seems...
  5. Levi

    Hyperconverged Hypervisor options [Discussion]

    I'm currently on a quest to build The Ultimate Off-grid SOHO Server Rack (MegaThread). In order to design the Servers I first need to settle on a hypervisor to run. Current State Discuss --> Plan --> POC/Test --> Implement/Automate --> Backup/Monitor --> Reiterate Goals Hyper-converged - No...
  6. A

    Which direction to take on a multiseat setup // VMWare vs Linux

    I am trying to figure out a way to set up 2 seats on one computer. I know it is possible but I have a really hard time to figure out what is the best way for my use case, what are the benefits or what are the trade-off. Here is what I would like to do: a 2 dynamic attribution of resources seats...
  7. V

    HP ThinClient T620 GX-415GA 4-core (standard/slim, not Plus) -- $25/$35

    Ebay, same seller. 99.9% positive feedback. Both 'variants' come with 8GB RAM & power supply. No OS. No wireless listed. Seller refurbished. With 64GB SSD - $35 shipped (US) HP Thin Client T620 | AMD GX-415GA 1.5GHz | 64GB SSD | 8GB RAM | NO OS | eBay More than 10 available at time of posting...
  8. Z

    New build for a VM server

    Hi There, I'm posting this message in the hope that here I find some opinions, tips, alerts on building a new server. It's a loooong message, so please bear with me, I really need opinions to make an edutated choice. My intention is to build a server for a (very) small company, in order to...
  9. R

    Home server/workstation with virtualization

    Hi and sorry in advance for my bad english. I have a lot of questions because I have no experience in virtual systems ( I only used VirtualBox several times on Windows) and unix just for fun/rooting smartphones, etc. I am in the middle of setup of my home server because I no longer have time to...
  10. M

    AMD Opteron 4386 RVI Support

    Hello, I am considering an upgrade from Opteron 4180 to Opteron 4384 and I was wondering if anyone has experience running a 64-bit VMs inside a nested ESXi on this CPU. In otherwords if it supports AMD Rabit Virtualization Indexing that is required for this.
  11. D

    Windows performance on Proxmox - sanity check

    Hello STH forum, I have a question about running Windows on Proxmox because this is giving me a bad time so far. I'm asking here at STH first because it seems to me there is more technical knowledge on STH than on the Proxmox forums. Some relevant specs of the box I'm running this on: Intel...
  12. Zack Hehmann

    Dell Optiplex 790 support VT-d

    I have Dell Optiplex 790. I bought it for $40. It has an i3-2120, 250 GB HDD, and 2 X 2 Gb of DDR3. I'm planning on using it for an ESXi box for Zoneminder and pfSense. I'm wanting to utilize VT-d so I could pass a network card to pfSense. I am looking at buying an i5-2390T for lower wattage...
  13. A

    Home Virtual Server Advice Request

    Hello STH Forums, I'm in the market for a home (virtualization) server and in need of advice. If this isn't the right sub forum, please let me know and I'll repost. Using the guidelines I've filled out what I think will meet my needs. My main concern is I'm overbuying or perhaps missing some...
  14. U

    Difference between A1SRi-2758F and A1SAi-2750F?

    Hi all, I'd like to buy up a 2nd-hand C2000 board (after checking that it's a newer revision that doesn't suffer from "that" notorious bug, of course). What are the notable differences between the Supermicro A1SRi-2758F and A1SAi-2750F? Requirements: mini-ITX form factor and silent (or...
  15. B

    Budget ITX server recomendations

    I need to build a small linux dev/ssh box and storage server. I have 7"x14" requirement for mobo space the board must support 8 sata drives (4 at sata3) and leave a PCIe slot clear for a 40Gbe card. Now storage servers are typically very low CPU power, but I do computational biology research...
  16. P

    Suggestion on New Virtualization Hardware

    Hello, I'm considering to upgrade (and consolidate) my two Dell C6100 to something more energy efficient and silent (WAF). I'm considering going the DYI route - but please let me know if you have any other recommendations that you can (easily) make silent (enough). I'm thinking of using some...
  17. R

    Help me refine my multi-headed virtualized workstation

    I want to build One Computer To Rule Them All. I plan to have a multiheaded setup, with one pair of monitors, keyboard + mouse each Windows and Linux, running in VMs. Windows will be used for gaming and graphic art projects, Linux for data science/bioinformatics, so performance is important. I...
  18. Patrick

    Intel Optane Memory (m.2) and Linux

    Making a small test notes thread: Test Configuration Notes Testbed: Supermicro X10SDV-F w/ X520-da2 NIC Location: The Intel Optane Memory 16GB m.2 card is in the m.2 slot. Experiments Set Intel Optane Memory as boot device in BIOS - did not work. Install Proxmox VE 5.0 Beta on drive -...
  19. R

    Planning a multiseat, virtualized workstation

    With AMD's Zen around the corner, I am getting ideas about what I might do with a crazy number of CPU cores. I am looking to build a computer for use as a multi-seat workstation. I would like to have my host be some very stripped down OS (as close to "bare metal" as possible), and exclusively do...
  20. RandyC

    vSphere 6.5 released.

    VMware Announces General Availability of vSphere 6.5 - VMware vSphere Blog