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    IBM x3650 M3 Rackserver - What configuration for VMHost

    Hi community I need a Server for hosting several virtual machines. I want to run 3-5 Linux systems (mostly Debian) VMs for webserver, database, GitLab, ldap and also a fileserver. I can choose between these two servers: 1. IBM x3650 M3 Rackserver 1x Intel Xeon E5645 Hexa Core 2.40GHz 64GB...
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    Home lab build Xeon-D

    I would like to finally build a home lab this year, and I have some thoughts and doubts, probably somebody can give me advice. I want to build a lab for tinkering, I don't have a right project in mind, but things such as KVM, Vmware, Xen,Proxmox,Openstack fit quite well. Being said that, here...