1. U

    Your thoughts on storage solution for Hypervisor (U2 vs SAS)

    So i am building a new system but not sure what to use for storage. What i am looking for: 6 - 8tb usable space min 250k iops read & write, preferably ~400k under 40w for all drives (and hba if required) 1 drive parity / redundancy 1pb+ endurance per drive one pcie x16 3.0 slot for connection...
  2. A

    SSD version of Supermicro 5-in-3 JBOD enclosure?

    I have a pair of this enclosure and I'm currently using adapters to mount ten 2.5" SSDs into 3.5" drive bays. Does anyone know if there exists a higher density version of these enclosures purpose built for 2.5" disks?
  3. E

    [W] [US-TN] Dell MD3620F or comparable SFF SAN

    I'm looking for a Dell MD3620F or comparable 24x 2.5" SFF fiber channel SAN for my lab. Ideally something with dual controllers but can live nicely in a 2U form factor with the ability to add additional disk shelves. The MD3620Fs will pop up from time to time on ebay for $800, so looking to...
  4. A

    projeKt NV24Me

    Build Name: projekt NV24Me Operating System/ Storage Platform: Chassis: SuperMicro SC216BA-xxxxx Backplane: Supermicro BPN-NVMe3-216N-S4 24-port 2U (SC216/219) NVMe direct-attach Power Supply: SuperMicro CPU: AMD EPYC 7F52 CPU processor 16c|32t Motherboard: ASRock Rack ROMED16QM3 Memory: 16x...
  5. A

    Cables: SFF-8643 | Oculink | Slim-SAS... etc.

    Where/how/who is a great source for all the various "SFF-xxxx" storage cables? Not interested in cheap shiny fakes!
  6. A

    Backup storage question recommendation!

    I have a 36 drive chassis - Use case #1: store vm backup's use case #2: send backups to cloud (e.g. Wasabi etc) Looking for an o/s recommendation. - o/s or app must have a gui so I can manage the backup's ingested. - o/s or app must have...
  7. G

    My new OSNexus QuantaStor HA SAN

    So I have always wanted a ZFS HA SAN for the house, and a project at work introduced me to OSNexus QuantaStor, as well as their amazing CEO/CTO Steven Umbehocker who ended up handling my sales call during December a year or so ago while his sales staff was I guess doing holiday stuff. After...
  8. M

    NVMe options for homelab

    So I recently acquired a new server for my lab, now I'm debating on storage options. I'm looking for around 2TB, also nothing mission critical is planned on this machine, hence a single SSD would be enough for now. Since price difference between SATA and NVME is negligible and SAS (12G) is...
  9. Alfa147x

    WTB: USA - M.2 SATA 256GB+ [Old]

    Hi all - I just learned that my PCIe NVMe's are not compatible with a system. I'm looking for a cheap deal on a m.2 sata drive between 256 and 1tb for a lab/test system I have a ADATA XPG SX6000 Pro M.2 SSD 256 GB nvme that I can trade. Please provide prices including shipping to US-CA. Thanks!
  10. G

    Symlinking pools is a bad idea (or is it?). But why?

    So to preface. I'm not going to do this. I'm not running zfs even (maybe yet , maybe ever). I was going trough the basics and I have questions my regular hangout couldn't answer in a way that wasn't "that's just dumb" . So you're supposed to size your pools and vdevs according to your loss...
  11. AveryFreeman

    ESXi: Do you use NFSv4 or iSCSI for your multipath datastores? What's your stack look like?

    Hey, So I'm wanting to set up some MPIO datastores for ESXi. They'd be for several different workloads: General file storage, video recording on VMs, and the VMs themselves. I looked long and hard at several cluster file systems, but let's face it: Ceph is complicated, OCFS2 is obscure and...
  12. 9

    SOLD: Western Digital Data102 JBOD Enclosure $200 + Shipping

    Final EDIT: Unit has been sold, thanks for everyone's interest. I have a Western Digital Data102 JBOD Enclosure I'm looking to sell with no drives; everything pictured here. Have powered the unit up and did communication with the SAS channels; but we did not have enough drives (needs to be...
  13. F

    Supermicro NAS Upgrade

    So the time has finally come to increase the storage on my current ESXi/NAS AIO. Current specs are: Fractal Node 804 case Supermicro X10SL7 MB, onboard LSI2308 flashed to IT mode. Intel Xeon E3-1220 v3 32GB RAM 6x 3TB Toshiba DT01ACA3 SATA HDDs - General storage in RAIDZ2 2x 250GB Samsung...
  14. J

    Why mount zfs dataset?

    The Oracle Docs illustrate mounting a zfs dataset under /export/dataset.... I might be missing something, but, why mount it? If you're doing an NFS export, why not just export /pool/dataset?
  15. A

    How NVMe servers deliver PCI to the drives?

    How do the servers like this 7232P with 24x NVME(each is 4x pci) and 1 CPU, connect the drives to the CPU? Do they use some kind of breakout boards for nvme? It it possible to assembly DIY >16 disk all-nvme storage right now and what cards may i need...
  16. T

    Low Power Storage Solution

    I have a number of LP Dell R630 machines with 2.5" disk slots. I would like to have some shared storage based on the lowest power possible using high capacity spinning drives. My idea was to start with 4 x 2 TB or 4 x 3TB drives since I can't see initial requirement being over this (home lab...
  17. J

    Donated Equipment - Data Centre

    I work with a group of Radio Astronomers EAARO.ORG.UK and am about to start some projects (SETI, Satellite Ground Station and others) which will have quite heavy storage and processing requirements, we have been very lucky and been donated some equipment and racks (its quite old but free) - I...
  18. D

    SHOW STH: Flexi Raid - A flexible storage solution on a Linux distro, using off the shelf tools

    I have finished a quick guide on how to make a home-made flexible raid solution, something like a commercial vendor would ship: This particular solution has been in operation at several of my clients for years - 4-5 years at minimum. Stable, fast and easy to support. Please let...
  19. A

    NVMe storage server on a budget

    I'm looking to build/buy a high-performance NVMe storage server for virtualization purposes. I need a server with at least 8 hot-swappable nvme (or with storage, adaptable to nvme drives, u.2 maybe?) that does not break the bank(prefferably, under $10K without the drives) Plain nvme...
  20. BeTeP

    NetApp 4486 for ~$280 shipped

    I was browsing ebay looking to pick up another cheap DS4243 disk shelf for an upcoming project when I stumbled upon this abomination Netapp DS4486 Shelf (diskless, trays included), 2x IOM6, Rails | eBay Honestly I did not know it existed. Probably because it was usually priced out of my...