1. R

    VMWare VM Migration 5.1 to 6.5

    Hello Gang, I'm implementing a new ESXi infrastructure at work, and I'm running into a little bit of a quandary with migrating VMs between different environments. I'll give you an overview of the environment to make this question easier to follow. Current Infrastructure: - 3 ESXi 5.1 hosts in...
  2. fossxplorer

    EU Dell PowerEdge R510, R910, PowerVault MD1200, 512GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 2TB/3TB WD RE4/Seagate disks

    I've the following for sale: Dell PowerEdge R510 €590 without disks: - Dual Socket Xeon E5620, 24GB DDR3 ECC RAM - 12 x 3.5" LFF bays with 2TB of Seagte SATA HDDs. You get a raw total of 44TB of storage. Add €200 to the price for disks. - PERC H700 Integrated with BBC - PERC H800 with BBC for...
  3. Z

    RAM and CPU Question

    Hey everbody, I‘ve come into the next round of Planing my personal NAS. As i Mentioned in previous threads i want to use FreeNAS with ZFS (RAID-Z2) for the storage of my movies and music and photos. Maybe i want to stream mkv files (movies) - but only for myself (which means that there a few...
  4. G

    ZFS server - hard/software components

    Hallo again, I changed some of my components for my personal NAS due to some space problems in my room. I now have the follow Hardware-list for my FreeNAS device: RAM: 2x Samsung DIMM 32GB, DDR4-2400, CL17-17-17, reg ECC Cache-SSD: 2x Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB HDD: 8x Seagate IronWolf NAS HDD...
  5. G

    Devices "available" for ZFS

    Hello Everybody, Like I mentioned in a previous thread I want to use ZFS for my personal storage. I found a cheap deal for a Hard drive storage which supports JBOD. My question, Does this JBOD storage have to support ZFS or not. technically it should not matter, I think.
  6. Deslok

    Lexar everything is being clearanced out

    Micron closed lexar a few months ago and after announcing the purchase of the brand by longsys most lexar stock is being cleared out. I'd include prices but they're all over the board. I reveiwed some of their gear as a writer for a small technical website here Lexar Archives - Pocketables It's...
  7. realtomatoes

    Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2017

    Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2017 i always enjoy reading these, dunno why.
  8. P

    All flash storage server

    I am in the process of building a storage server with the following components: Intel 2u chassis Intel S2600GL motherboard 2 x E5-2660 128gb ram 18 x 500gb dual port NetApp sm1625 Chelsio T580-CR connected to Cisco 3064 3 x Intel dual port backplane X x Hba's as I would like to avoid using the...
  9. O

    FS: 10(unopened)+1(opened) SanDisk Model: TXA2E2 1.6TB 2.5” Enterprise Grade Optimus ECO SAS Drives

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get rid of these SAS drives that have never been used for anything. I'm looking for about $400 each which would include shipping to the US.
  10. K

    Shared Multi-Host Storage for Docker and Data Volumes

    Hi! I'm trying to come up with a design for a initially small-medium infrastructure that uses docker and shared multi-host storage, but I'm not entirely sure which option would suite best or be the most feasible... I apologise if this is not the right forum for this thread, and if it should...
  11. J

    Looking for a recommendation 10G and QSFP+ Uplink

    So I'm speccing out an IT upgrade for the company I work at. We're a film production and we're thinking about making the move to 10G and part of that is figuring out kind of switch will actually work. One of the things I've been hammering home is that the connection from the Storage system to...
  12. marcoi

    Need help brainstorming home storage

    Well due to the Great deals section, I just got 4 x 8TB hard drives which is now making me think of how to set it up in my home environment. I don't have a lot of content to store. Most of my home files are stored in VM WS2012r2 Essentials server with two 6TB drives. One hdd is used for content...
  13. marcoi

    Storage ideas for dell r720 w/8 2.5 hdd slots

    I'm trying to figure out a cost effective solution to populating my dell r720 server with storage. I have esxi 6.5 installed on it, and I plan to move my developed VMs on it from my dev esxi node. Most times the VMs will sit unused. I plan to access the VMs on it to do testing, or demoing etc...
  14. O

    Valid alternative to C2000 ?

    i try to change replace my avoton C2750 mainboard that work how proxmox 4.x hypervisor any suggestion? possibly mini-itx because my case are mini. i monitoring model /J1900/N3150/N3170 etc CPU because is interesting TDP but have less performance respect C2000. (cpu passmark comparison) I'm...
  15. F

    EU FS: EMC² VNXe 3150, Dual SP, 6x 3,5" 600GB SAS, 6x 3,5" 2TB NL-SAS

    EMC² VNXe 3150, Dual SP, 6x 3,5" 600GB SAS, 6x 3,5" 2TB NL-SAS Datasheet: Dual Storage Processors 6x 600GB...
  16. C

    How can I improve disk performance for my ESXi build?

    I've been playing around with ESXi for almost a month now. My first hurdle was getting my GPU to successfully passthrough and while a bit bumpy, I managed to get that fully working which was exciting. Then, when working through setting up my VMs I started to notice that I had pretty mediocre...
  17. J

    Workstation Storage Question

    Hey all, I'm currently working out a new build for a home workstation that I use to work with my racks and also for pleasure. My current rig is going to be sold and I want to avoid some of the issues I was having with my Samsung Pro NVMe. My Questions: What is the fastest storage device...
  18. T

    For Sale: Intel R2308GZ 2U Server

    Hi all - I'm with The IT Mart, an online store for server/workstation hardware. While we've been around for over 20+ years, the website itself is a new face for us. As our introduction on STH, we're offering a 15% discount on the below server for forum members (with Patrick's pre-approval)...
  19. S

    Expand Drobo5N units, or migrate to new storage plan?

    Stick with what works, or get a bit more ambitious? I have x3 Drobo 5N NAS boxes with 3TB WD Red drives in each. It amounts to about 10.8TB each. I use them exclusively for serving up media to several Kodi playback devices (bluray backsups, DVDs, music, photos, etc). Nothing fancy, not...
  20. K

    Promise Vtrak E610f 16-Bay RAID Storage Arrays

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet These are Promise Vtrak E610f 16-Bay RAID Storage Array with drives (Products - VTrak Ex10 | SAS/SATA RAID Storage | PROMISE Technology) All are in very good shape, most are filled with 500gb drives, but a few are 256gb. I don’t have a full...