1. S

    Making a 10G SFP+ switch Nbase-T capable?

    Dear All, I was reading the "SFP+ to 10Gbase-T Adapter Module Buyers Guide" with quite some interest, as I have an existing CAT6a network, but could gate fairly cheap business 10G switches with SFP+ ports. As I need Nbase-T capabilities and most of the 10G SFP+ switches I'm currently watching...
  2. E

    Altice Fiber With Own (PFSense) Router (Idea)

    Hi All, Altice just rolled out fiber in my area (NJ) and I have been searching for a way around using their crap ONT/Gateway AIO. From what i've read, you need to keep the provided hardware and double NAT the network.. This isn't an optimum *pun intended* solution for me. So here is what I am...
  3. L

    Hoping for a low cost switch with strong backplane, 4x1Gb, 4x10Gb and decent LACP handling

    New member. Love the YouTube videos. Hoping this is a good place for me to ask this question: I'm really in need of a lower cost 4x 1000BASE-T + 4x 10Gb (at least two SPF+) switch with decent backplane and good LACP handling. I'm having trouble searching the web for a a lower cost switch, so...
  4. J

    HP 656089-001 using QSFP+ breakout cable with x4 SFP+ to HP NC523SFP cards?

    Hi all! I'm attempting to use these apparently coveted (and cheap) HP/Mellanox cards for a switchless, high-speed homelab configuration. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I ordered everything... however, I'm just now realizing after purchasing the equipment that it may not...
  5. Y

    [Sold-out] G8264CS switch (48xSFP+ and 4xQSFP+) - $130.00 free shipping

    Basically I know nothing about this product. It seems to be nice only because of the ports for this price. There were few posts talking about similar model: G8264 of IBM, such as this thread. Lenovo bought this product line from IBM few years ago. For sure, this switch is heavy, noisy (maybe)...
  6. S

    2Gbps FttH with ISP Router 1Gbps Ethernet...!?

    Ok.... First up... this is literally 1st world problems... but I would appreciate some advice. I have a 2Gbps FttH internet connection here in France coming from Orange. However, their router only has 4x 1Gbps Ethernet ports, and doesn't support link aggregation (LACP). So this is good for...
  7. J

    Cheap 8+ ports sfp+ - low noise

    Whats the cheapest 10gig sfp+ switch you can get these days? Needs 8 ports minimum, low noise. Can be a stupid non-manageable switch. Will only be used for iscsi network. -Jannis
  8. mattlach

    How Picky are MikroTik Switches About SFP+ Transcievers?

    Hey all, I am looking at expanding my network at home. I have a big honking loud Aruba 48 port switch with 4 SFP+ ports in my basement which I have been using with Finisar FTLX8574D3BCL transceivers. When I bought this switch, I bought the Finisar transceivers in a lot of 6 on eBay at a...
  9. B

    Good and cheap 10GbE Network infrastructure

    Hi there, I was wondering wich cards should I buy. Stumbled across a pair of Mellanox ConnectX-2 on the ebay for 99€. My goal ist using them with my Windows 10 Workstation (Threadripper 1900X, MSI X399 Carbon AC build) and my Homeserver (Xeon E5-2620v3 on SuperMicro X10SRi-F). Just a single P2P...
  10. L

    10Gb SFP+ card for PC to switch, Sonnet Presto Solo reviews?

    I would like to connect my PC RAID server to US-16-XG Ubiquiti 10Gb switch using SFP+. I would prefer only a single port, and would like it to be PICe3.0 X4, so as to not to unduly burden my expansion slot requirements. PCIe X8 just isn't needed for a single-port card on PCIe3.0. But if the...
  11. C

    Connecting 10gb - choosing cable and modules question

    My question is regarding connecting a few ConnectX-3 devices (SFP+). For my home lab, I am looking to upgrade the connections on 3 systems, all linux. They are already connected at 1gb ethernet and I would like to get them all to 5gb or 10gb if possible. I mention 5gb first because I am not...
  12. M

    [EU] Looking for cheap SFP+ switches and QSFP+ backbone switch

    I have a few ConnectX-3 cards with dual QSFP+ ports on each and I'd like to have their capacity available for a local LAN party (36 total 1G ports required) without breaking the bank. The problem is the QSFP+ enabled switches common in the US are either much more expensive in the EU or just...
  13. S

    Connecting Quanta LB8 (48x10G SPF+) to 1G Network (or simple sfp+ to sfp?)

    Hi everyone, i just got a Quanta LB8 Switch with 48 SFP+ Ports. The Problem is that my whole network is currently 1G copper (but i have 4 SFP uplinks on my switch). I need a simple way to integrate my "new" 10G Switch into my network. I thought SFP modules would work in a SFP+ port but i seems...
  14. J

    10Gbe Home Fibre Network

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to setup a home fibre network today however I have encountered a problem. The network looks like this: Chelsio N320-E --》Ubiquiti MMU SFP+ Tranciever --》 SC - LC MM Fibre Cable -- HPE 5406zl(J8436A - SC X2 transciever) The problem I've got is I can't establish a...
  15. E

    DAC compatible with Cisco P81E VIC and Ubiquiti US-16-XG

    I ordered some SFP-H10GB-CU3M compatible (supposedly) DACs from fs.com, and although they're nice and thin, and work with my Mellanox Connectx-3 cards in my NAS', they are not compatible with my P81E 10GbE cards in my UCS servers. Can anyone recommend a good DAC in 3-5m distances to connect my...
  16. L

    10gbe IPoIB (Infiniband) bridge

    Hello all, I was thinking, for my living room where I have quite a few servers running (silent !), to do a custom 10gbe IPoIB setup. In my lab room I could use the Voltaire 4036 (non-E version unfortunately) which I still need to find a way to silence. It's way too noisy even for the server...
  17. G

    SFP compatibility on SFP+ nic?

    Hi, I need to build a server with a port to connect a 1Gbps single mode fiber. There seems to be little PCI-e cards available that offer 2 ports (i'm looking for either 2 or 4 ports for expansion) SFP cages where I can use any optics. Question is, will a 10GbE nic work with SFP optics (instead...
  18. A

    Compatible active FS SFP+ DAC for Mellanox Connectx-2/3 and possibly TP-Link switch

    Hi! I need a 10 meter active SFP+ DAC to connect my workstation peer to peer to a server with Mellanox Connectx-2 cards. I might get a TP Link SFP+ enabled switch in the future... so compatibility would be nice to have. Since the cables run for 81 USD new, which ones should be the most...
  19. cheezehead

    10GB+ ethernet workstation heat

    For those running server 10/40GB Ethernet adapters in their desktop/workstation setups designed for low airflow, how did you choose to cool these cards designed for high airflow cases? PCI slot coolers? oversized heatsinks? Re-purposed CPU coolers? water cooling?
  20. J

    Planning DIY NAS for 2-node vsphere cluster - advice needed

    Hey! I am in the process of getting a proper 10gbit vaai supported storage solution for my home lab. I am considering the QNAP TS-831X, as it has 2x sfp+ built-in, and vaai support + vsphere plugin. Not sure if the performance will be good enough though. So, I found some hardware I might...