raid controller

  1. L

    Assistance with disc enclosure to R630/MD1400

    Hello, I was able to get an R630 last yea & have been having fun with it. Throughout the year I've been able to get various pieces to connect to an external disk array. I got a PERC H830 RAID card direct from Dell on sale. After some less the scrupulous sellers on Ebay sold me a "new in box"...
  2. G

    New NAS build - is M1015 still king?

    Is the M1015 still the best bang for buck for NAS builds? In 2014 I purchased and still use an M1015, now that I am building a second NAS while keeping the original still online I am wondering if I should buy yet another M1015 or if there may be something better/newer? My use case: Linux...
  3. F

    Install additional RAID Controller for TrueNas Dell R720

    Hi, I already have a built-in H310 mini controller that came with the Dell R720 server. It was flashed in IT mode and working as expected. Now I wish to install TrueNas VM using proxmox and I can't pass this as is because I have my SSDs connected to it as well which form the ZFS pool for VMs...
  4. AveryFreeman

    Microsemi / Adaptec SmartHBA 2100?

    Hey, I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this HBA. Its datasheet makes it look really cool, but I can't find any reviews or anecdotes in forums from people who own them. Positives: SAS3 - but much cheaper than most other SAS3 cards In the ESXi 7.0U1 HCL ESXi, MAAS and OpenStack...
  5. B

    Getting Disk Activity LEDs

    Hi everyone, hope you will have some clarification on this. I have a supermicro SC846 chassis with BPN-SAS-846TQ rev 3.1 back plane (the one with a separate connector for each drive) and a few dell h310's flashed to the latest lsi 9211-8i firmware and bios. I have a few wd reds connected to...
  6. D

    Performance advice (3x Slow-drives - RAID5) on LSI RAID for ESXI

    Hi, I have a small ESXI host in my homelab which runs a few hours a day for experimental work. The parts of the machine are chosen to be either low cost or low power usage: 2x E52650L on an ZTSYSTEM ACADIA12 board 128 GB DDR3 ECC 1x SSD Boot drive connected to the onboard Sata-Port 3x 3TB Sata...
  7. P

    Controller for 12xHHD

    Hi all, I have a Chenbro RM23612 so I have to handle with 12xHDD. I'm completely new in this field, so I ask advices to you. I need a controller in IT mode, to handle the HDD by the OS (through mdadm). Which controller I need? I see a lot of person use a LSI 9211-8i.
  8. M

    [Help] ServeRaid M5210 no longer working after firmware upgrade

    Hi All, After years of no issues I decided to check for a firmware upgrade and stumbled upon: Version: 24.12.0-0039 , 09/01/2017 and figured hey it's a recent one. Went over here: IBM Support and downloaded the .exe Ran the .exe and selected 'update'; two minutes after pressing update it...
  9. T

    For Sale: H220 LSI 9205-8i Controllers

    Happy 2017! I’m with The IT Mart. Our first post on the Intel 2U servers has been very well received, so I’m back with another special. (Here’s the Intel server if you’re interested). We just got a bunch of H220 controllers. These are HP branded 9205-8i LSI cards, SAS 2308. STH forum members...
  10. fossxplorer

    SW or HW RAID6?

    Reading Software vs hardware RAID performance and cache usage confuses me. Today i'm running Linux md RAID10 with 4 x Hitachi 4TB NAS drives. As i only have 8TB avaiable space, i'm planning for the future and RAID6 based on 5x 6TB disks seems good to me space wise. I will then be able to get...
  11. E

    Hot Swap

    I'm building a file server for a client which will have four data drives in a RAID 10. I'm trying to select the RAID card I’m going to use. We have been using RocketRAID cards, but my boss would like to see about using LSI; however, no matter which card I use it must support hot swap, but I’m...
  12. b3nz0n8

    $145 Free Ship - 726738-001 / 749974-B21 HP P440AR/2GB FBWC 12G SAS Int RAID Controller

    $145 Free Ship - 726738-001 / 749974-B21 HP P440AR/2GB FBWC 12G SAS Int RAID Controller, Seller Refurb 12 available... Product Info Link Data Sheet/Documents Link Technical Support / Manuals Link Quick Specs Link This may, or may not, be useful to the STH crew...
  13. F

    RAID controllers power consumption

    Hi, I own a standard PC, with linux software RAID-5, running Debian Jessie. I am currently planning to build a virtualization home server. I am used to ESXi, but it requires a hardware RAID controller (no support for software RAID) and I did not find any real alternative (do not want to go...
  14. J

    What is perc controller and why i need perc controller to configure raid?

    Dear Friends, We planned to buy one dell power edge server. In the quote of the server i seen this perc controller. I don't know what is perc controller, and why it need to configure raid. Please share your knowledge guys. Thanks, Junior admin.
  15. M

    Raid with 3x internal ports, battery. Please recommend

    I have a Lenovo TD340 with 8 drives and want to cram another 4 in the case. The onboard raid controller only has two SAS ports. I'm looking for a controller that will have 3 internal SAS ports and a battery would probably be a good idea as well. I've found some that are less than $50 but only...
  16. S

    DIY Home lab SAN Storage

    Hi guys, As I have two unused devices, I got the idea to try to make a starting point for a small DIY scalable SAN, so I need your help to find out the best way to achieve that: ASRock machine CPU: Celeron J1900 @ 1.99GHz Chipset: Motherboard: ASRock Q1900DC-ITX including...