Install additional RAID Controller for TrueNas Dell R720


New Member
Jan 12, 2021

I already have a built-in H310 mini controller that came with the Dell R720 server. It was flashed in IT mode and working as expected.
Now I wish to install TrueNas VM using proxmox and I can't pass this as is because I have my SSDs connected to it as well which form the ZFS pool for VMs.

Therefore, I think I need to install another RAID controller in the PCI slots and connect one of the server's backplanes to it. This PCI card then could be passthrough to the TrueNas VM.

Or I should create ZFS pools within proxmox and somehow pass those as VDEVs to TrueNas VM?
The purpose of TrueNas VM is just for storage and shares such as iscsi, NFS, CIFS etc.

Any recommendations on how to achieve it would be highly appreciated.