1. H

    Quanta LB6M Networking Issue, Access not working?

    Hello, I recently got the Quanta LB6M but it seems to have an issue as it will connect to the internet (IE get an IP address), but I can't seem to connect to that address at all. I have tried connecting through Putty using that IP but it didn't work, I have also tried just connecting through...
  2. Z

    Quanta T3048-LY2 No Firmware

    Hello, I know there was similar post already, but it seem kinda dead. I got Quanta switch for tests, tried to update firmware, because Web UI didn't worked at all. Switch seemed kinda messy, cause it was used. I wanted to start from 0, so I erased flash, and now I don't have idea how to install...
  3. T

    LACP configuration

    Hello friends! I am trying to configure LACP between my Juniper SRX240 (JunOS 12.3) and Quanta LB6M. So far, I'm stuck. Let me show you my current configuration on both devices. Quanta LB6M configuration interface 0/25 addport 1/1 exit interface 0/26 addport 1/1 exit interface 0/27 addport...
  4. B

    EXPIRED QuantaMesh BMS T4048-IX8 - Broadcom oem variant 6 x 100/ 48 x 25gbe switch for sub 600$

    I've been hunting for 100gbe switch for a while just to play with. And i have managed to find this switch. The person below sells it for a fraction of the original retail price. Quanta IX8 BES-53248A1-G1-16E1 System 8 Bit Port Network Switch 115200 Baud Rate | eBay I purchesed the same switch...
  5. D

    Quanta LB6M Stacking question

    Hi, I have 3 Quanta LB6M with firmware (FastPath). Right now they are daisy-chained with LACP on ports on the same switch. Has anyone been able to stack these servers to achieve redundant LACP? I'm thinking of updating the firmware, but cant afford bricking it. Any help would be...
  6. S

    Quanta D51B-2U - BIOS and BMC firmware

    Hello, Does anyone know if Quanta provide BIOS and BMC firmware upon request since it is not available to download? Is there any other place to get the firmware with release notes? I don't know why Quanta removed them at the first place. Currently I've 3.38 / S2B_3A21 version. Thanks
  7. Sniper_X

    FS: QUANTA T41S-2U gear - blowout of spare parts...

    I have tons of spares for Quanta T412-2U components and spare parts. Will accept PayPal or ZELLE Shipping would be from 30043 USA, GA Asking $1200 (negotiable) - I do not want to sell pieces in small bits because that has not been moving this stuff out I need it all gone ASAP Also i'm offering...
  8. D

    10G LACP fails, Ubuntu 18.04, Mellanox ConnectX-2, Quanta LB8/LB4m

    Hello Lovely internet land. I'm currently configuring: Dell R510, Ubuntu 18.04 with a Mellanox ConnectX-2 (2x SFP+) || (SFP+) LB8 || (SFP+) LB4m ---[Cat5e]--- WiFi AP ->) (<- Laptop | (Cat5e) Router I have my Internet coming into a port on a LB4m which goes into a Bonded Pair of SFP+ which...
  9. S

    Connecting Quanta LB8 (48x10G SPF+) to 1G Network (or simple sfp+ to sfp?)

    Hi everyone, i just got a Quanta LB8 Switch with 48 SFP+ Ports. The Problem is that my whole network is currently 1G copper (but i have 4 SFP uplinks on my switch). I need a simple way to integrate my "new" 10G Switch into my network. I thought SFP modules would work in a SFP+ port but i seems...
  10. A

    Quanta LB6M dead console until reboot

    So I've been running this Quanta LB6M I got on eBay for the last 2 years with no problems except when I want to plug another device into the switch. Unless the ports are in use they won't work until I reboot the switch. It has zero configurations. I literally turned it on to make sure it was...
  11. T

    So.. need help getting into a Quanta Windmill in 2018 :-P

    So i'm hoping to finally join the ranks of Quanta Windmill owners. I know the last year or so i've seemed a little waffly, asking alot of diverse questions in different directions, and not yet jumping on deals offered by others - cash wasn't yet available during the struggle to get into...
  12. fohdeesha

    Turbocharge your Quanta LB6M - Flash To Brocade TurboIron - Big Update!

    UPDATE 7/11/2018 - It's been discovered that the version 8 Brocade firmware originally on the site was an internal-use only, untested beta version. It has been removed from the guide and replaced with the latest v7 mainstream release which is rock stable, well tested and has had a few more...
  13. Patrick

    The Quanta LB6M Deal Thread

    Hey guys, just as a heads-up since I know we are all looking at 10GbE gear. I was at UnixSurplus earlier today and picked up/ got to see their Quanta LB6M switches. They have these new sealed in box. Ship date on the pallets was in 2016 and they are from Amazon. Amazon was apparently using two...
  14. C

    Quanta LB4M - Configuration incl. VLANs

    Good morning, I recently got a Quanta LB4M 48Port GiB switch and would like to set up this (including VLAN etc.). Unfortunately, the Switch is not quite right and annoys me ... Follow the previous config of the switch: Flashing the firmware lb4m. (L3 routing firmware) Set up...
  15. N

    WTB - Rack Ears for Quanta LB4M/LB6M

    Looking for the following Rack Ears for Quanta LB4M/LB6M 2U Socket 2011 narrow ILM heatsinks
  16. G

    FS: Lot of 6TB & 8TB Red HDDs, Quanta Server, Synology Diskstations, & More

    I’m doing some summer cleaning of my home lab and I’m retiring some great equipment that has severed me well. Everything that I’m selling is in perfect, working condition and has come from a smoke-free, home environment. I’m giving everybody at ServeTheHome first grabs before I put these on...
  17. K

    Quanta M4600H PSU Voltage

    Hey guys, I was told this would be a good place to ask this question so here it goes: I have a Quanta m4600H chassis with redundant PSU's (DPS-1200MB-1 C REV S2F) but the input is geared for 200-240V and I am in the states where we only have 110v. After searching around, looks like I could...
  18. T

    Open Compute rack rails..

    We have a bunch of the Quanta 2 node open compute nodes. I saw that there is a company that sells rack mount solutions for these. Has anybody had experience with them? OCP Solutions - Racks | RackSolutions
  19. G

    What are the differences & which is better?

    Hi, i'm new member to the forum but im an every day guest im planning to enter the 10G network World and i want to buy a 1G 48 port w/ 10G uplinks switch and a (minimum) 24 port 10G switch and found two for each switches but i dont know which to choose i would like to know your opinions about...
  20. X

    Network design help.

    Hi all, I have been browsing for a while and posting an answer here and there, but I am to the point in my new lab/network build out that I need a bit of help. I have a 2gbps fiber loop being installed at the end of January and I decided to start getting everything ready for it. Until this...