Quanta LB4M - Configuration incl. VLANs

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New Member
Aug 3, 2017
Good morning,

I recently got a Quanta LB4M 48Port GiB switch and would like to set up this (including VLAN etc.).

Unfortunately, the Switch is not quite right and annoys me ...

Follow the previous config of the switch:

  • Flashing the firmware lb4m. (L3 routing firmware)

  • Set up the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway of the switch and the management port

  • Set up the VLANs including IP and subnet mask

    In this case, the first problem emerges: There is no IP and subnet mask for a VLAN in which the IP of the switch (default VLAN "1") or of the management port management VLAN "20" are located. ,
    Does anyone have a Die / reason why this is so?
    This behavior I know of my other L3 switches not so far ...

  • Establish the routing between the VLAN using
    vlan routing <vlanid>
    Again, it is funny that the routes between the VLANs are not displayed in the Route table... (???)

  • At last I have tried to assign the ports to the VLANs, but I do not get it to set individual ports to tagged ....

So far as my current status.

And now the question:
Can someone help me with the above mentioned problems or give hints?
I would like to get the switch in operation - but afterwards it does not look up to date ... 
Maybe someone has got this Switch in the fingers and can support me in the points ...

I thank you ever!

Best regards,