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    Need help fixing a RMS25CB080 stuck in recovery mode

    I have a RMS25CB080 that I flashed to try and use IT mode, it errored with something about a "card revision mismatch" but now it is no longer showing up as an option rom, and not working. The storage light on the front of my server is also solidly lit. I have an Intel S2600GZ with a LSI 2208...
  2. Z

    New Mobo: Foreign drives cannot be imported as they don't form a complete configuration

    I had my 9266-8i working perfectly as I think Raid 6 with 4 qty 3TB Red drives and 1 2TB SATA caching drive on my x299 motherboard. This weekend; I upgraded to a W709E-SAGE workstation board. All I did was transplant the controller card onto the new motherboard. The system an 850W PSU and I...
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    LSI 9362-8i in a Thunderbolt enclosure + Windows = no go?

    Hello everyone, Hope I'm posting in the right place, as I was literally pulling my hair on this dilemma and really hope someone could point me to the right direction... -------Lengthy post alert...---------- Bought an OWC Thunderbay Flex 8 last year and been using their SoftRaid, with a...
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    Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-H8iR Stopped working overnight

    I have a Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-H8iR Raid controller. It's running in an ASRock 970m pro3 w/Win7 and until last Saturday ran fine. Suddenly the drive isn't showing up in windows, and when I try to open Megaraid the local drive isn't coming up. In the logs, there's an entry from megasas that...
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    MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i - what is "Large IO Support"

    We have some servers with a MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i, and I'm going through some settings, making sure they're identical between boxes. I noticed the setting "Large IO Support", but I cannot find any documentation on what exactly it is, and what it does. The best I've came across is from this page...
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    LSI 9260-8i Terrible CacheCade Performance

    I have a 9260-8i with Samsung 840 Pro as the CacheCade drive. I have never noticed any performance increase for writes with Write Back or Write Through, in fact it may be negatively impacting. Does anyone have any experience with RAID controllers with CacheCade/SSDs?
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    Avago LSI MegaRaid 9260-8i cannot import foreign config

    Hello, After a HBA failure I've replaced it with the identical model I had. When booted up it presented me the screen to import a foreign config. Nothing unexpected so far, however the problem began when it failed to import that foreign config. Booting into Windows and using MSM, given me the...
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    LSI Megaraid 9260-4i - card disappears when computer sleeps

    I've been using the 9260-4i happily in a Windows 7 Dell Precision box for about a year. I just upgraded to Windows 10 on a nearly identical Dell Precision, moved the card and drives over, and everything appeared to work fine at first glance. However, when the machine goes to sleep, the card...
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    EU FS: HBAs 9305-16i, 9305-24i, SAS 9361-16i, 9405W-16e

    Hi, I have a few HBAs for sale, all are brand new sealed in original boxes. 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9305-16i Broadcom link - 210€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9305-24i Broadcom link - 290€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9361-16i Broadcom link - 480€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) HBA...
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    MEGARAID SAS 9271-4I with cachevault

    Hello, I have a 1u server chassis 813MTQ-441CB and the remote hands technician couldn't install the parts: MEGARAID SAS 9271-4I LSI00297 / LSICVM01 (LSI MegaRAID CacheVault Accessory Kit) we used a riser card for the RAID card but according to the documentation we need a remote mount board for...
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    LSI Megaraid 9266-4i Inconsistent write speeds

    I have an LSI Megaraid 9266-4i card with 22 1TB 7200 RPM drives attached as well as two 120GB SSD attached and for the life of me no matter what the configuration is I cannot get the performance to be consistent. When copying a large file it will start out at roughly 500MB/s then proceed to drop...
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    MegaRAID RAID-1 consistency check issues

    I have a few RAID-1 volumes on a MegaRAID 9270-8i that has been solid for 2 years. I just set up a new RAID-1 array a few days ago with two 1 TB Samsung SSD 850 Pro SSDs. A few days later I started noticing that some data I had just copied onto the virtual drive didn't match the original. I...