1. G

    CPU Selection - MooseFS (MASTER Server)

    Is there somebody who has experience with CPU selection in a MooseFS MASTER server in a 40G/100G environment? MASTER server processes are single-threaded and core count does not matter as such. Therefore I would like to know from your experience how single-thread performance of a CPU scales...
  2. Z

    ECC RAM in AMD Ryzen Laptops?

    AMD Ryzen processors have support for ECC RAM by default. However, I can't seem to find any AMD laptops that specifically support ECC RAM. Currently the only laptops with ECC support look to be Xeon-based ones - Top 10 Laptops with Intel Xeon processor | Reinis Fischer These Xeon laptops are...
  3. Z

    US - WTB: DDR4 ECC - 2666 or better 32GB dimms

    Looking for 1-2TB+ of 32GB DRR4 ECC 2666 or better. DM what you got and prices. Please have 128gb or more available, bulk if possible. Shipping to Michigan - 49002 zip.
  4. S

    No longer available

    No longer available
  5. U

    Looking for efficient CPU+MB

    Hi, so i am looking for a cpu/mb for over two weeks now, but there is just so much to choose from and i dont want to buy sth i regret when its too late. I am currently planing a home server that will handle everything that needs to be on 24/7 (cctv, nextcloud, HA) to be able to switch my main...
  6. T

    Where are the DDR5 ECC UDIMMs?

    I am keenly waiting on Zen 4 to be launched to build some workstations. W680 platform with DDR5 ECC UDIMM support has launched as well. What is extremely disappointing is the complete lack of DDR5 ECC UDIMMs. There have been several paper launches, but nothing that I can actually buy. To...
  7. S

    Trying to build my new server, should I wait?

    I have dual E5-2697 v2 now but the single core performance just too low and multiple core adds up the power consumption is worst than A single i9-12900K, and unfortunately my case single core performance is significant, so I am wondering if there is something will go terribly wrong that I don’t...
  8. E


  9. E

    EU FS:Micron 32gb Ecc Ddr4-2666mhz RAM

    I have x10 sticks of Micron MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G6D1SG 32GB (1x32GB) 2Rx4 PC4-21300V DDR4-2666Mhz which left from unused project. All tested and working. Asking 90€ + Shipping for 1 stick. Shipping price to EU max ~10 EUR (no matter 1 or 10 sticks). Discount and priority to bulk purchase Paypal accepted
  10. E

    Trying to locate ECC Memory for Supermicro X11SSL

    I am hoping someone here can help give me a lead on what memory to purchase for my supermicro X11SSL based NAS. I am trying to find a 64Gb kit and coming up empty. I am scowering the internet (eBay, PCPP) but the only kits I have found are fully buffered, out of stock, or extremely expensive...
  11. P

    Looking for advice: NUC-sized server or mainboard with ECC RAM support

    I am looking to build a very small and unassuming secure linux server and have been searching in vain for a NUC-sized server or mainboard with ECC RAM support. Are any out there? The only one I've found that is close to my needs is Supermicro X12STL-IF (X12STL-IF | Motherboards | Products |...
  12. I

    (FS) DDR3 RDIMMs

    (16) 8GB 2RX4 PC3L-10600R $10/stick + shipping (4) 16GB 2RX4 PC3L-12800R $24/stick + shipping PayPal invoice
  13. J

    [WTB][US-MD] 4x 16GB or 4x32GB DDR4 2666Mhz ECC UDIMMs

    I am looking for either four (4) 16GB or 4 x 32GB DDR4 ECC ram modules that are preferably on the motherboard's QVL list so Samsung M391A4G43MB1 / M391A2K43DB1 or Kingston KSM26ED8. I'd prefer local (Baltimore/Washington Area) but certainly also open to have them shipped here. If anyone has a...
  14. sfbayzfs

    The (hopefully) final word on which 115x Intel CPUs actually support ECC RAM

    Hello fellow price conscious system builders, The 115X single Xeon C2xx platforms are hobbyist favorites, not only because they come in micro ATX, and even ITX form factors now, but because you can get started with a cheap Celeron, Pentium, or i3 with full ECC memory support, and upgrade later...
  15. N

    ECC & Non-ECC

    Hello everyone. You guys here have already given me more detailed answers, that allowed me to learn than any other forum I've used in the past to learn about servers. Thank you so much! Now I have a new question. I'm in the process on deciding on hardware to use in my server. It will have 2...
  16. Jeff Robertson

    SOLD: Crucial 32GB DDR4 RDIMMs

    *SOLD* I have 8 2400Mhz DDR4 RDIMMs for sale. Worked flawlessly in an x10 and an Epyc Rome system, no memory errors reported. Asking $75 each plus shipping (conus), buy 7 get the 8th free.
  17. Z

    WTB: 32GB DDR4 ECC Reg RAM

    Looking for another 1-12 sticks of 32GB DDR4 ECC Regs RAM for a Dell Power edge. Let me know what you have!
  18. Y

    WTB - US: Defective (!) DDR4 ECC Unbuffered

    Not kidding, for a finder's fee and shipping I am looking for a stick of DDR4 ECC Unbuffered, any size, that has at least single-bit errors. "Goldilocks" would be a stick that throws errors in production, but still allows the machine to boot. It'll be used in a SuperMicro X11SSH-F to test IPMI...
  19. Y

    SuperMicro IPMI alerts - do they alert on ECC error?

    Hello STH folx! I've read the IPMI guide and searched the Interwebs, and I am not finding the answer to this question: When I configure alerts in IPMI, email, but let's also consider SNMP Trap, will the IPMI alert me when a DIMM has recoverable or unrecoverable errors? I am assuming the answer...
  20. Z

    WTB: DDR4 (32GB x 8) Reg ECC 2133 or better

    I have a Kingston kit KVR21R15D4K4/128 and looking to add another 8x dimms. Must be DDR4 Reg Ecc of 2133 or better 1.2v DM prices what you have! Thanks