Looking for efficient CPU+MB

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Aug 28, 2022
so i am looking for a cpu/mb for over two weeks now, but there is just so much to choose from and i dont want to buy sth i regret when its too late.
I am currently planing a home server that will handle everything that needs to be on 24/7 (cctv, nextcloud, HA) to be able to switch my main server off during the night to safe power and be able to run those things off battery during power outages.

What should be running:
- Proxmox as OS
- docker - 15 low usage containers (pihole, unifi controller, nextcloud, HA......)
- TrueNas VM thats going to handle storage for said containers
- 3-4 Linux VMs also no heavy usage

- ~70w at avg (with ~25% usage) & not more than 50w idle, system from wall, but the lower the better
- cpu & mb around 400€/$
- ecc support
- min 2 pcle x8 slots
- min 6 sata
- sfp+ 10g Port (alternativ +1 pcle x4)

Components i already decided/bought:
Case: Intertech 40255 4u (should fit basically anything)
Storage: 5x Crucial mx500 1tb (i know consumer but with my avg TBW/year i should be good to go for 4-5 years)

If you were building the above, what would you go with?

What i have looked into so far:

- Supermicro/AsRock Xeon D Soc like the X10SDV-7TP4F
Pro: has basically all features i want
Neg: Cant upgrade cpu, super expensive for the performance (1000€+ with the 8c), 4c is probably to weak, not sure and still 600€

- Ryzen like 4650g or 5600
Pro: cheap, high performance, upgradable
Neg: ecc support only udimm one bit, power consumption

- Other Xeon (v4,v5,v6, scalable)
So much to choose from but regarding real power consumption i couldnt find much besides tdp which doesnt really say much about idle.
But flexibility so if you find a xeon platform that meets the requirements that would be my favorite.
thx for reading :)
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