1. J

    Filling Memory slots on Server boards

    I want to use 2 E5 2683 v3 CPU's with the SUPERMICRO MBD-X10DAL-I motherboard. The motherboard has 8 ram slots and supports 2133mhz DDR4. I am thinking about getting a couple sticks of this ram as it may allow for easy expansion to higher amounts of ram. I know with enthusiast grade hardware you...
  2. Larson

    WTB: 32GB ECC DDR4 2133MHz RDIMM Memory

    Need 32GB ECC DDR4 2133MHz RDIMMs for Supermicro X10SDV-7TP4F. Hynix MEM-DR432L-HL01-ER21 preferred.
  3. M

    ECC Register: Non Parity and Parity option?

    This forum made the most sense (to me) to post this topic since one isn't dedicated solely for memory. I have a Lenovo TD340 and purchased 2x8GB Micro sticks. Specs here state the register is parity. I'm now looking at 16GB sticks that, while confirmed are ECC here, state the register is non...
  4. C

    C236 MB for cheap NAS/Server

    Hi, I want to build a little homeserver/NAS and am searching a good but not too expensive Motherboard for this build. Some features I'd like to have on the MB: - C236 Chipset (I'd like to use the iGPU) - 6 SATA III ports at least, better 8 - M.2 port for the system drive and a fast cache - ITX...